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Text í Her First Billionaire Her Billionaires #1 Õ Julia Kent Em smart and interesting he has no problems asking her outThe problem is letting her inDylan and his not uite partner have secrets than their unconventional romantic relationships and this latest snafu is a mixed blessing for both became billionaires overnight after the third in their threesome Jill died With her estate finally settled and Dylan and Mike the recipient of an annual income that gives them enough to buy entire towns in the Midwest the two were left reeling Months after the lawyer explained their new found fortune Dylan still works his regular shifts at the station while Mike remains on the slopes as a ski instructor but with a caveat; now he owns the entire resortBut if they tell Laura everything they risk losing a chance at a new bondTwo problems may have one lush ample solution as Laura meets her first billionaire on her date with Dylan but with a stunning twist at the e I wasn't a fan of this oneor two I do find it funny the picture on the cover I mean Laura is a plus sized girl yet the author chose to have some thin woman instead? Anyways this was a boring one for me There wasn't much of a plot meeting a guy and having sex with him The end The characters were described pretty well but other than that blehWhat exactly was that part at the beginning BEFORE the actual story? At first I thought that maybe this story was a part 2 or something in a series and the author was giving us a recap but it wasn't This is the first in the series Yet the very beginning basically tells a basic fast forward version of who Dylan Jill and Mike were and what happened to them prior to meeting Laura IDK it just seemed kinda weird how the author did thatThe fact the author has the second story in the series after the first I thought was cool But then realizing that it was only half the storyUmyeah So considering these were both really short stories the author actually expects a reader to read half of it 30 pages tops then spend 3 on the rest? Right Some might do that but not me Sorry I never understand how an author can charge the same amount of for a short story as they do for a novel? WhateverHow could the author have used Her First Billionaire as the title? Considering Laura never even knows about Dylan being rich? uestionsCommentsI don't like when author brings up real present day kinda stuff I know there's a term for it but my minds a blank right now For ex using references to Snooki or Kim Kardashian Prince William etcLaura's constantly bringing up her weight issue which seems strange considering she's supposedly comfortable with her body I didn't get that She seriously thought he was only interested in having sex with her because she was basically available? Really?Stupid uestionSo Dylan tells Laura that he has a 24 the following day or something along those lines How does she not know what that means? I mean she seems smart I guess I don't know any firefighters personally but even I knew what he was talking about Laura is in the shower the strands stretching long enough to tickle the top of her sacrum Now I know Laura isn't a doctor so why in the world would the author have used the word 'sacrum'? How did Dylan and Mike end up together? As far as I know that was never explained Technically only when the three of them Dylan Mike and Jill were explained When Laura finds out that Dylan had 'googled her' what exactly was the big deal with that? Just the way the author wrote it trying to make it sound like something really personal or something stupid Yes I can't think of all the times I've described food as being 'luscious' Especially when it's fish hahaWhy does Laura first get scared when her phone vibrates shouting shitthen again when a window pops up on her computer shouting ow? Does she startle that easily?I didn't like the fact that Laura didn't even bother talking to Dylan afterwards She just automatically blocked him from everything? That was just stupid PART 2So Laura and Mike are planning on meeting up after work We know from the ending of Part 1 that she had to get up early for work So how about this afternoon After work? You wanna do lunch0 Why would he have asked about lunch if she'd be at work? I didn't get that And who wants to go hiking right after they get off work? Seriously?I would love for the author to draw a picture of what Laura would look like I mean she basically meets 2 different guys online date both in basically the same day and both are getting raging hard ons for herbefore seeing her fully I don't get it The weird part was her and Mike had been talking making plans Suddenly she's going to shower and masturbate and whatnot But then she's on the computer talking to Mike again saying what was already said before the shower Huh?I swear if in the rest of the 2nd story her and Mike end up making out or having sex while they're hikingpuke

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Download Book ☆ Her First Billionaire Her Billionaires #1 Ì 58 pages µ Reflectionslisburnltd â COULD SHE REALLY FIND THE RIGHT GUY ON THE INTERNET?Hot luscious piece of ass who can suck a golf ball through forty feet of garden hose seeks rippling ab'd firefighter wh COULD SHE REALLY FIND THE RIGHT GUY ON THE INTERNET?Hot luscious piece of ass who can suck a golf ball through forty feet of garden hose seeks rippling ab'd firefighter who has a tongue that thrums like a hummingbird and enjoys painting my toenails and eating Ben Jerry's out of the carton while watching Mad MenLaura Michaels stared at the online dating site's registration screen and frowned That's what she really wanted to write Here was the truthNeedy insecure overweight twenty six year old Business Analyst with three cats a corporate job with pension and no debt seeks Mr Impossible for way than friendship and lots of ice cream I'm desperate for some physical affection and oral sex with a guy who doesn't view it as some sort of favor he's granting me and then expects to be praised like he cleaned my toilet One night stands are better than nothing as long as you brush your teeth So call I don't know why but I got really emotional reading this When Laura sees all the photos of Jill and decides she's just a bit of something different on the side it just hurt my heart I'm hoping that Dylan doesn't let her insecurities stop him from getting what he wantsOn to the next installment

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Her First Billionaire Her Billionaires #1Me maybeSo when hot firefighter Dylan Stanwyck responds and asks her out it's just too good to be true When she searches him online and learns he offers himself up for date nights in bachelor charity auctions she wonders if she's on the right planetBecause what could a guy like that see in a fat girl like her?OR WOULD HE NOT BE WHO HE SEEMED?Trawling through the online dating profiles isn't Dylan's idea of fun but it's been than eighteen months since their lover Jill died and Dylan and his unconventional partner ski instructor Mike Pine need to find a new love While their threesome situation is complicated than a contract from 50 Shades of Grey at least one aspect is simple Laura Michaels the cute soft blond from the online dating site seems like a good fit for at least a first date Soft curves gorgeous hair eyes that light him up from the computer alone and a profile that makes her se it reads really fast but you find yourself annoyed with the main character one minute she is so proud to be a size 18 the next wishes she's was 10% body fat so a hot guy would like her eh accidently started the second book it appears there may be a battle for our main character from two different billionairesdude bro code?? I guess all is fair in sex and online dating