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A Dutch translation of EnvyRoman over de beginperio. Ever stopped to look at a dried up turd in a field I mean really looked at the thing hunkering down to admire the dessicated swirl of it treasuring up the perception as one radiant gift in life's lavish plenitude Um no me either actually But Yuri Olesha apparently has There's an amazing passage in Envy where a character is crossing a vacant lot and listing all the detritus he sees in a mock epic catalogue that takes in among other things a bottle a shoe and a shred of bandage before ending on an ecstatic note with 'the Babylonian turrets of fossilized human defecation' Like wow A majestic metaphor if there ever was one and it's typical of Olesha that he'd bestow it on literally a piece of shitEnvy displays on almost every page a zest for the sualid a zest which is alternately Nabokovian in its finicky precision and Swiftian in its principled disgust Sometimes the two get all mixed up in a delightfully revolting way The widow Prokopovich is old fat and flabby You can sueeze her out like a tube of liver paste In the morning I would stumble upon her as she stood at the sink in the corridor As a rule she wasn't dressed and she smiled at me with a womanly smile By her door on a stool stood a basin with some loose hairs floating on the waterNice Very nice That liver paste That womanly smile Those loose hairs Enough to put you off sex for weeks This widow Prokopovich btw plays a secondary role in the novel but even so deserves an honourable mention as one of the great Elemental Females in literatureAll in all Envy is very much what grumpy old critics call a young man's novel it's smart alecky hopped up and occassionally bored with its own plot devices and schematic characters Still not one young man in a million could write anything nearly so good

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ЗавистьEntypen hun plaats in het leven trachten te bepalen. If it were not for the first 50% of this or less being a normal book and an interesting one too I would have given this 1 star The first 50% 4 stars the last 0 to 1 Perhaps I just don't get Russian literature What's wrong with having an actual narrative What's with this need to make everything absurd to get whatever obscure point you're interested in across I didn't get the point AT ALL There's an obnoxious drunk again Russia what's with the unlikeable main characters a fat and loved man of activity an idealized New Man an uninteresting girl that gets as much substance as the New Man she's just something all the men seem to want to possess because she's young and pretty almost a child in her pink dress blablabla an old widow who actually gets some plus the obligatory beating etc and the machine and the stolovaja or whatever it is Chaos In order to have any clue what this was all about except for the envy that's pretty self explanatory I'd probably need a week of daily classes picking the story apart Not so sure I'd be interested though

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Summary Зависть ã PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ò A Dutch translation of EnvyRoman over de beginperiode van het Sovjet regime waarbij uiteenlopende mensentypen hun plaats in het leven trachten te bepalenDe van het Sovjet regime waarbij uiteenlopende mens. Envy is a social satire published in 1927 during the early years of the Soviet New Economic Policy a confusing time when the Communist society adopted some Capitalistic policies The book shows the strengths and flaws of both the new era and the old era The destitute Nikolai Kavalerov is taken in by the successful businessman Andrei Babichev Kavalerov envies the success and respect that Babichev receives but also feels contempt for him Kavalerov has a poetic soul and wants to have a meaningful existence in a less mechanized world There are six main characters with three representing the new Communist era and the other three holding on to the old era It's a psychological study as well as a political book As the story progresses it becomes rather bizarre with scenes of fantasy The second half of the book is not as strong as the beginning The reader should keep in mind that Olesha was writing at a time when many books were being censored and the feelings of the author are ambiguous This was a strange but interesting book to read in 2017 one hundred years after the Russian Revolution 25 3 stars