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In Revenge He's her constant companion as she waits outside Nate Foster's house clutching a gun Every night since Nate's release from prison Alex has tried to work up the courage to exact her own justice on him for the drunk driving ac. I totally didn’t realize this going in but this book is a companion novel to Some uiet Place not a seuel I was disappointed to say the least and sadly I feel like maybe that could have affected my overall judgement of this book My first issue I wanted Fear I loved Fear in the first book Actually he was what made that book for me If you didn’t already know I gave Some uiet Place 45 heartbeats While he had a few small cameos in this one there was basically little to no parts with him in it I’m not basing my opinion of the second book off of that because that wouldn’t be fair but I really do think that Fear was 90% of what made me love the first so much Whatever the case the seuel lacked the magic that the first book hadMy main problem with this was that I didn’t like our main character Alex She was selfish and impulsive and did idiotic and reckless things with no thought to how it would affect the people around her There were times when I wanted to throttle her I felt bad for her aunt and uncle for the way she treated them Actually I didn’t particularly like any of the characters I was really hoping to love Revenge but it just never happened I didn’t care about the relationships either There was a love triangle in there and almost instalove instalust with Forgiveness While I understand the appeal that he has and that Alex’s attraction to him was kind of a double meaning it still annoyed me I thought at some point I would start to feel something for one of the Choices but again it never happened I never chose a side and I didn’t care who Alex chose either I think I was disappointed because neither Revenge nor Forgiveness ever stood out like Fear had Terrible isn’t it I kept expecting to fall in love with one of themThe second major flaw that this book had It was forgettable It didn’t leave an impression on me and within days I’m already I’m forgetting details of the storyWhat I did love though which was what struck me about the first book were the Emotions and Choices as people How awesome is that It was always interesting to see how each Emotion would be interpreted in physical form I also liked the mystery aspect of the story with all the experiments and secrets That was what kept me going when I wasn’t otherwise invested in the storyFavorite uote “The most painful emotions are better than none at all Ironically we make you human”OVERALL ASSESSMENTPlot 355 Premise 55 Writing style 45 Originality 55 Characters 255 Pace 45 Feels 155 Cover 45

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Where Silence Gathers The Other Plane #2Cident that killed her familyBut there's one problem Forgiveness When he appears Alex is faced with a choice moving on or getting even It's impossible to decide with Forgiveness whispering in one ear and Revenge whispering in the other. I need to start with a disclaimer that I was a huge fan of Some uiet Place so my reading experience of this book was all about whether it lived up to that stunning debut Does it succeed On many levels yes it does and in some ways it's an even better novel It doesn't have the same emotional intensity and epic scope of Some uiet Place and I think that makes it a four star rather than a five star read for me But it's structurally tighter and the themes are developed with complexity and sophistication While SP was very much ABOUT the paranormal this book could be read as an allegorical exploration of grief relationships and internal conflict On an intellectual level I appreciated it So let's talk about the romanceview spoiler or lack thereof The author's decision to ditch the epic romance focus of her first novel was audacious and refreshing in this era of formulaic YA literature Yes Alex's passion for both her 'Choices' reeks of Instalove but isn't that the whole point Alex believes she has a star crossed love for Revenge but of course it's mainly a reflection of her own grief and obsession Forgiveness even points it out to her in the end Lust and Longing have been hanging out with them but where's Love And yet there is nevertheless a strangely caring and intense relationship between Alex and both Revenge and Forgiveness I loved the way their relationship is developed despite the fact that it's not the eternal predestined love we expect from Paranormal RomanceThe only gripe I have is that there are a couple of interventions by EmotionsChoices which smack of Deus Ex Machina and detract from the otherwise gritty realism of the events hide spoiler

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review Where Silence Gathers (The Other Plane, #2) ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ In this companion novel to the critically acclaimed Some uiet Place Alex must choose between Revenge and ForgivenessFor as long as she can remember Alexandra Tate has been able to see personified Emotions and she's found a best In this companion novel to the critically acclaimed Some uiet Place Alex must choose between Revenge and ForgivenessFor as long as she can remember Alexandra Tate has been able to see personified Emotions and she's found a best friend. So this wasn't actually a five star book but it wasn't a four star I can't give it 45 stars so I'll just keep it at fiveI really really liked these characters because of the cool bizarre idea that the MC can see personified emotions I absolutely love thatSo I began to hold my breath with hope and yes I had good hopes and the book deliveredWhile many may see this as just a YA novel I do not If someone killed your family you'd want revenge right Well this MC does Revenge befriends her but when she's about to kill the guy Nate Foster she hesitates and so the emotion Forgiveness shows up He begins to befriend her as wellWhile many may see this as just a love story and a paranormal love triangle I see this as the strength of revenge holding on while you have to find strength in letting goYou have choices in life and those choices can and do make youThat is why I really liked this storyI will be sure to read by this author hopefully soon