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Thirteen for DinnerAverie Cooke is bribed to sit in as the fourteenth guest at an exclusive dinner party in order to rescue the other attendees from bad luck But it’s Averie who needs rescuing when all hell begins to break loose Averie Cooke has never set foot on the old Faulkner plantation The macabre history surrounding it is what keeps her away; not to mention everyone says the place is haunted A hundred and fifty years ago Lunar Wilson was hung there His lifeless body dangled in the breeze along with the gray Spanish moss Later that same night the petite southern belle Emily Faulkner wrapped a thick rope around her delicate neck and joined her lover in the after Anachronisims abound in this time travelmysteryromance The author was aiming to send her heroine back in time to 1859 Unfortunately except for the wardrobe she only managed to send her as far as about 1912 Antibellum southern mansions always had a kitchen that was separate from the house Also no gas stovesI don't mind time travel stories as long as there is enough explination of how it works that it at least sounds logical This one does not There was almost no explination of the how or the why; certainly not enough for me to be able to suspend my disbelief and enjoy the storyBesides all this there are problems with the plot that I just couldn't live with Thomas Jefferson may have lived with Sally Hemmings and had children with her but genteel young southern belles DID NOT marry the help I was listening to this on my Kindle otherwise I might never have finished it Really if you're going to write a time travel novel at least get the history right

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Life Legend says all hell broke loose after that Unaware that their only daughter was hanging dead up in the cupola Emily’s parents continued on with their festivities gorging themselves on prime rib and guzzling expensive wine They were pretty drunk by the time the Wilson boys burst inside the house slinging their hatchets vindicating their brother’s murder They decapitated James Faulkner his socialite wife Elizabeth and dismembered all eleven dinner guest The massacre was the bloodiest ever recorded So why does Averie agree to attend a dinner party in the same mansion where the massacre took place She needs the money that’s why But she gets I truly enjoyed the book She lost her mother and had no family but went back into the past and found her a new family

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PDF Ú BOOK Thirteen for Dinner ´ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD ¹ Averie Cooke is bribed to sit in as the fourteenth guest at an exclusive dinner party in order to rescue the other attendees from bad luck But it’s Averie who needs rescuing when all hell begins to break loose Averie Cooke has never set foot on the old FaulknMuch than a paycheck when she and another mysterious guest transports back to the year 1859 exactly one month before the gruesome event Things go from bad to worse when she discovers the only way back home is to stop the murders But can she put her fears aside long enough to change the past and find life in the place she fears the most Thirteen for Dinner is a page turning thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat one minute laughing out loud the next and crying while you contemplate the meaning of life Dealing with issues such as racism slavery hatred and fear you’ll discover the only weapon that has the power to damage them all is lov Grade A LC Ratio 40% Literary 60% CommercialThematic Breakdown30% History20% Romance15% Slavery15% Family10% Time travel10% FriendshipAddictiveness HighMovie Potential 1 Thumb Up good action and interesting characters but I’m not sure who the target audience would be as it straddles the line between young adult historical fiction and murder mysteryRe readability Medium plot twists are well done so it would interesting to read the book again knowing the secrets about the characters ahead of timeI don’t typically read historical fiction or murder mysteries but this book grabbed me from the first chapter and I’m very glad I gave it a shot It’s enthralling all the way through to the last page with many intriguing plot twists and gradually revealed secrets The character development is impressive although at times cliché and the author does a fantastic job of getting the reader invested in the story and the lives of the charactersThe imagery and descriptions of the setting are also great; it’s easy to lose yourself in the world of Thirteen For Dinner Once I started reading I couldn’t put the book down and ended up reading the entire thing in a single day

There are a few noticeable typosformatting issues and some weaker sections of prose but overall it is well written Some plot points could be better elucidated but they do not detract from the high entertainment value of this novel