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The Counterfeit Mistress Download ã 2 µ A refugee from the war in France Marielle Lyon has established herself at the fringes of London society and welcomes the gossip that she is a s py The eyes watching her the better protected she is and the better her chances are at saving her father's life A warrior at heart Gavin Norwood Viscount KendaleEtter protected she is and the better her chances are at saving her father's life A warrior at heart Gavin Norwood Viscount Kendale would still be in uniform if not for his o. This is third in a series and the others are pretty present in this one so it's better to read in order I think Also the others are way better so there's that This story starts off really rocky The first half of the book is pretty much the two of them stalking around being the kind of emotional you'd expect from emo teens in a gothic LARP Kendale is the worst at this as he kidnaps Marielle sorry wants to ask her some uestions a couple of times and oddly enough fails to ask her any useful uestions He does brood a lot With occasional kissing And that's all doubly frustrating as each is the perfect solution to the others' issues Kendale could use someone French to assist in his counter spy activities Marielle could use someone with a little brawn and a can do attitude to assist in her revengerescue fantasy And since their actual obsessions kind of intersect they'd be natural allies if they could spare a moment to talk a bitI get the trust issues involved I mean spies and spying are not exactly trust rich environments But neither of these characters are exactly subtle either really and neither strike me as the kind who'd be any likely to have romantic trysts with someone they don't trust than they'd be to sit down and share their important obsessions So going chapters and chapters in sexy times without bothering to open the obsession ledger just made no sense to meAll of that smoothed out once each chose to take the first steps towards trust It dribbled out slowly from there but since neither is the betraying kind it was a steady progress and that allowed me to immerse better into the story Indeed Kendale is almost sweet once he forgets to brood And I've always had a soft spot for the man of action who can be bothered to care for as well as care about Plus double points for listening to Marielle well enough to alter his plans at her reuest a few times view spoilerincluding talking him into taking her along on a covert mission where it really did make sense to drag her along with them hide spoiler

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Lder brother's untimely death Kenale doesn't trust the French or their femmes fatales He's ready to do what it takes to unmask her even if it means playing a game of seductio. Review posted on Got fiction25 starsI didn't care for this at allMarielle Lyon is a Frenchwoman who has moved to England and carries out many suspect activities She has meetings in dark alleys with smugglers she goes where she pleases without a chaperone she uses her feminine wiles to get her way All these actions are suspect to Viscount Kendale Gavin Norwood a man who’s been watching her for a while and who absolutely believes she’s a French spyMarielle does have secrets many of them in fact but she isn’t about to let Kendale figure them out even if he does save her life Their little game is coming to an end though as the stakes have just been raisedI thought the plot of this book was intriguing and interesting but I didn’t like the hero or the writing very much The hero was very arrogant and holier than thou which I know was to foil Marielle but it served to make him unlikable for me Marielle had so many great ualities and even though the Home Office believed she was a spy they never were able to prove itKendale distrusts the French Marielle especially for several reasons He thinks she’s a spy he doesn’t believe she is who she says she is and she does nothing to dispel the rumors If anything she revels in them Marielle claims to be the daughter of a French aristocrat but she doesn’t live like one Her dresses are decades out of date worn and she has little money Everything about her is suspectShe is working at making and selling political etchings to save her father back in France and it turns out Kendale and she have a common enemy But it takes Kendale a good portion of the book to trust her and Marielle does nothing to make him trust her She continues her lies and tales and constantly keeps him on his toes which should have made for a fun romance but I found it annoying that she never tried to help herself in that respectThis book has the makings of a great plot but I found it slow and a bit of a let downMy copy has the hero’s name listed as Gavin but the Goodreads blurb calls him AlbanARC courtesy of Avon Books and Avon AddictsARC courtesy of Pocket books

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The Counterfeit MistressA refugee from the war in France Marielle Lyon has established herself at the fringes of London society and welcomes the gossip that she is a s py The eyes watching her the b. Originally posted HEREYou know I’m getting really annoyed with some historical romance readers I made the decision a while ago not to read this series because there were uite a few negative reviews and I really wish I had ignored themThe historical romance genre at the moment is beyond bizarre Disney fairy tales based on television shows like The Brady Bunch and House get raving five star reviews across the board while richly detailed historical books that actually capture the location and time period are blasted for being too well for being too everything but fluffBefore its recent revamp Madeline Hunter had a post on her website and I have mentioned it before It discussed how her books are historical romance not historical fiction with romantic elements as if she needed to apologise for her books In America historical romances are popular while in Britain general historical fiction is the one that sellsThe thing is Hunter does write the type of book likely to be enjoyed by British and Australian readers She might see her books as having the emphasis on the romance but when I think of her writing what I think of is how masterfully she weaves historically accurate behaviours into her characters’ day to day activities I think of how she brings Georgian and Regency London to life in a way few authors doI think she’d be better loved by many readers if she did less of this but I’m extremely glad she writes what she does The Counterfeit Mistress is the third book in the Fairbourne uartet and I think the best so far War is brewing and the time period is so exciting I wasn’t expecting Marielle and Gavin to be my favourite pairing in this series but I enjoyed every moment of reading about them In lesser hands their conflict and mixed politics would have led to “cute” antics that would drive me insane Instead Hunter handles them with maturity and senseThis book takes you through all the layers of Georgian society The Regency era is on the horizon The war with Napoleon is on the horizon French aristocrats are fleeing to England Many things are changing So many times I put the book down to do some research of my own Such a fascinating time period and the author researched it superblyWhat didn’t I like I don’t like that the characters use the word snuck ugh – not outside of the US thank you and call their arse their ass And seeing an otherwise well researched book having English characters saying fall instead of autumn Just NO It’s uadruply annoying because of the attention to detail in every other aspect of the book The Counterfeit Mistress is a fantastic book However if you’re on the lookout for a Happy Days or Partridge Family rewrite done in long dresses don’t bother