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Briars Cowboys Daly Way #5 kindle ´ Ù reflectionslisburnltd ☆ Daly Way Series Book Five Over a decade ago Briar Rhodes’ mother dragged her kicking and screaming from Daly Briar didn’t understand her mother’s sudden hatred of the idyllic town where Briar had lived her entire life With no other choice bL pleasure and sexual satisfaction at their hands all their handsand mouthsand bodies Suddenly she understands why she was taken away to protect her from this ménage lifestyle But she doesn’t want protection; she only wants For Briar and her cowboys the Daly way is the only w “Briar’s Cowboys” is that fun adult fantasy that allows readers to visit a fictional town where women are so out numbered by men that ménages are an accepted way of life As if this didn’t offer enough appeal this town called Daly is in Wyoming and just filled with young strong hot men most of whom are working cowboys These men haven’t succumbed to loneliness as they have adapted their ways to accommodate the circumstances They work AND play hard with each other These fellows just haven’t found a woman to improve what is already working for them So apparently every single woman who comes to town is immediately susceptible to whichever pair or group of guys that can convince her to take them on first In this story one group has an advantage in regards to Briar Working part time as a lawyer Jax seeks her out to inform her of her inheritance of a large ranch When Briar arrives to see the place she immediately runs into Jax and his men who are working the place until further arrangements can be made The men immediately make Briar an offer that she cannot refuse—all four men and her in bedThe sex scenes are unbelievable and I did not expect anything less And all four guys are incredibly attractive Jax a former shy boy who always longed for Briar from afar no longer stands back to watch from the sidelines He is the leader of this group His partner is Ram a former rodeo rider who wants nothing than his lover’s happiness even if it means walking away if Briar wants Jax without him Cannon and Hawk are two college students who put their studies on hold for a year so that they could come out west to be cowboys They are also a couple of guys in love who miss having a woman in bed with them The story does have a few glitches Briar grew up in this town with her mom until she was sixteen years old We are supposed to believe that she lived here for all that time but did not know that polygamy was commonly practiced in the area Why did her mother wait so long to suddenly take her away? Briar’s best friend was already dating two guys and the three of them were already planning a future together so Briar must have had some clue And then there were the mixed messages sent about Ram’s reaction to Briar’s arrival He wants her too before he even meets her because he liked what he saw in a picture Jax showed him He doesn’t want Jax to replace him with Briar He’s willing to leave so Jax and Briar can build a traditional family together Jax is “his eual and his mate” and he cannot let go But Ram’s confusion never is a real issue anyway because Briar knows almost from the beginning that she wants Jax AND Ram and that Cannon and Hawk are welcome on her ranch for as long as they want to stay Her immediate problem is money The ranch comes with only enough money to feed the small herd left and pay the taxes The guys are happy to stay on and work for room and board until the ranch can generate revenue But Briar needs money to buy food and pay daily bills and she will not accept money from her guys She wants to feel like she is doing her share So she secretly takes a job bartending in town and you can imagine the guys are not happy when they find out Things soon work out and everyone finds their place Briar and all of her cowboys get their happy ending by doing things the Day wayRoux's 4 sweet pea review appears at

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Rift in a city so foreign to her it could never be home Now years later Briar is shocked to inherit a ranch from the father she never knew However it’s the foreman Jax and his team Ram Cannon and Hawk who entrance her Stunned by the almost immediate attraction she finds sensua Wow what a menage I can't even imagine being with four other guys at the same time but I'd be willing to give it the good college try While I can't always picture all the logistics in this kind of arrangement it sure makes for some hot readingI read this fifth installment from Brynn Paulin's Daly Way series first for a group read in one of my groups but I definitely will be going back to read the rest

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Briars Cowboys Daly Way #5Daly Way Series Book Five Over a decade ago Briar Rhodes’ mother dragged her kicking and screaming from Daly Briar didn’t understand her mother’s sudden hatred of the idyllic town where Briar had lived her entire life With no other choice but to go she’d found herself ad Refreshing coming back to DalyIs always refreshing after taking a time out of ménage books to come back to the town of Daly where Brynn Paul in bases her Daly Way series The cowboys and ranch hands mechanics and men of many professions and ways of life live in a town with a really low percentage of women population As the ladies keep coming to town the are persuaded to never leaveHow ? You ask What would you do if you car left you in the middle of the woods and three suggest handsome cowboys came to your rescue and and deliciously take you on a journey to discover the amazing way the Daly people live Three men on you giving and taking every amount of sex you have to offer Would there will be love included in the deal? Will you be able to make the decision to stay leaving everything? Your friends have done it yet you want to be discrete about even when so many people live this way of life? Will you go or will you stay? Welcome to Daly Enjoy the ride