CHARACTERS ã Hard to Hold On (Hard to Resist #2)


SUMMARY ´ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD.CO.UK ´ Shanora Williams For the past four months Natalie Carmichael and Nolan Young have been complete Everything still feels right in their passion filled world It still feels natural that is until Nolan's mother passes awayThings begin to turn for the worst for Nolan and his brother Mills After lo. I don't like this title It makes me feel like there is going to be trouble in paradise

SUMMARY Hard to Hold On (Hard to Resist, #2)

CHARACTERS ã Hard to Hold On (Hard to Resist, #2) ´ For the past four months Natalie Carmichael and Nolan Young have been complete Everything still feels right in their passion filled world It still feels natural that is until Nolan's mother passes awayThings begin to turn for the worst for Nolan and his brother Mills After losing Sing their father from previous years before it's a tragedy on top of a tragedy Along with the loss Natalie and Nolan will face obstacles that they aren't so sure they can handle From the NY Times and USA Today bestselling novel Hard to Resist Natalie and Nolan will realize t. 35 stars Continue to story of Natalie Carmichael and Nolan Young and follow them on their journey If you have not read Hard to Resist please don’t read this review why well because it will make absolutely no since to you whatsoever so go read Hard to Resist first than come back and we can talk Nolan Young has experienced a tragedy that will devastate most people and he is no exception After moving back to California to take care of his sick mother things take a drastic turn and he finds himself in a situated where he doesn’t know how to deal with his emotions and ends up hurting the people who love him the most Can Nolan pull himself together and deal with his emotions without pushing Natalie away Or will they get the best of him and ruin the only true relationship he has ever had with a girl and leave him depressed and aloneNatalie Carmichael is young and insecure She loves Nolan with every ounce of her being Is she strong enough to stand by his side and help him through his emotional breakdown or will he push her too far to where she finds herself running into a different set of arms Let’s follow Natalie and Nolan as their relationship experiences ups down tragedy loss heartache heartbreak and distrust Can these 2 put the pieces of their relationship back together and come out stronger on the other side or will life proof to be a bitch and cause the two to say their final goodbyesEna’s ThoughtsLet me start off by saying that I loved Hard to Resist; I thought Shanora did a wonderful job on that book and I loved the storyline I was torn between wanting a second book and maybe just making Hard to Resist a little longer completing the novelI have mixed feelings about Hard to Hold On and it’s NOT because I didn’t like it but because Nolan and Natalie seriously got on my nerves so bad basically throughout the entire book I wanted to spank them both and put them in timeout They are young and stupid and really just don’t know how to communicate with one another and that is true in real life too – I think their ages showed in this bookI liked the storyline but I really wanted to have a heart to heart talk with both Nolan and Natalie and tell them to pull their heads out of their ass and really see life for what it is Shit happen it’s not all hearts and flowers and any relationship that is worth having you have to make work every day Relationships are NOT easy and a part of me thought that maybe especially Natalie thought that if they really loved each other than the relationship should be easy Well HELLO I have been married for 11 years and it’s not easy you have to make it work EVERYDAY But if the person and the love are truly worth it than that’s why you do you make it work and communication is the key and that’s where they lacked “I’m saying that this between us seems like it happened kind of fast Natalie It’s starting to feel like we jumped into it way too uickly You don’t ever sit and think about why Why were we so uick to hop onto one another We were hurt both in need of a healing I thought about it andI just don’t know any” Nolan infuriated me throughout this book with his back and forth I don’t what her but nobody else can have her attitude His emotions were all over the place and one minute he didn’t want to be around her and needed his space and the next minute he would get mad if she didn’t answer her phone or if she was hanging around with another guy Ugh I wanted to slap him and tell him to wake up and uit being so wishy washy and be a man and make a damn decision already I mean I love Nolan but in this book I wanted to be his mom and take him over my knee and give his ass a few spanks “I’ve learned that taking it easy gets you hurt I’m tired of being hurt – can we just do this Isn’t this what you want A uick and carefree ride with me” Now let me address Natalie for a minute I know she is only 19 almost 20 but come on grow up I wanted to put her in timeout for being so childish and such a hypocriteSo it’s not ago for Nolan to do what he wants when you are on your “break” but it’s okay for Natalie too Really she truly did piss me off soooooooo stinking much throughout this book And I felt like she was so naïve about everything and she didn’t take the warning about Tyler as seriously as she should and I wanted to smack her Yes cause bodily harm to her face just to get her to wake up and smell the damn roses “We’ll be mature and actually start acting like adults I don’t want that to happen again Nolan I don’t want us to be torn apart because of temporary emotions” Sweet Baby Jesus thank you Natalie Thank you thank you thank you for FINALLY tell yourself and Nolan that you both need to start acting like adults Praise the lord So see they do start to come around towards the end of the bookI will say this I think Shanora Williams is an amazing and talented author I loved the storyline behind Hard to Resist and Hard to Hold On and I think she did very well with it I like the characters so much better when they were having sex and not fighting because they were very “grown up” while engaged sexually with each other but when they had their disagreements or life got tough the “child” in them came out and I guess that is because of their ages “I want to be the guy you wake up with every single morning and I want my arms to be the only arms you’re between every when you’re feeling down when you’re happy or even when we’re sleeping I want to be your all and I want you to be mine for the rest of my life I want to continue to make music that reuires the inspiration of you I want me and Jordan to sing in his garage about the loves of our lives until our hearts fall out I want to teach the students of my music class the meaning behind music – where it all comes from The heart” Nolan won some brownie points with me at the end because after everything it seems like the 2 grew up Life is hard and nothing that’s worth a damn is easy – you have to work at it and fight for it every day Nobody owes you anything – if you want something you make it happen I think by the end Nolan and Natalie realized that and they were tired of taking the easy road and wanted to actually fight for something that meant the world to them – each other

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Hard to Hold On Hard to Resist #2Hat there is something in their relationship that will have them either wanting to run away or trying to stick through itWill Natalie and Nolan stick together Can they hold on to what they've worked so hard to keep goingLove was found Their only hope is that it never gets los.