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Burning Kingdoms The Internment Chronicles #2 free read æ 106 · Danger descends in the second book of The Internment Chronicles from the New York Times bestselling author of The Chemical Garden trilogyAfter escaping Internment Morgan and her fellow fugitives land on the ground to finally learn about the world beneath thDanger descends in the second book of The Internment Chronicles from the New York Times bestselling author of The Chemical Garden trilogyAfter escaping Internment Morgan and her fellow fugitives land on the ground to finally learn about the world beneath their floating island home. 35 starsNobody bores me uite as beautifully as DeStefano She is a very talented writer and her lyrical prose is absolutely mesmerizing Her writing pretty nearly makes up for 300 pages of almost comatose inactivity because it is simply a delight to read her words to see the way she strings sentences together and creates the most beautiful of images almost effortlessly Even after losing the intrigue that made the first book in this series Perfect Ruin a hit with me I was riveted by the way in which DeStefano developed her characters in this one the way she presented this new world and the decisions she made regarding the relationships between the characters Sadly at least for me that still leaves a fairly repetitive and uneventful book that felt like it lasted forever I understand the need to give these characters a chance to develop and become the people they need to be for the next book but uite frankly I was bored with the novel most of the timeThis novel is very different from Perfect Ruin in almost every aspect maybe not in most of its elements but definitely in what they focus on and that made a marked difference in my reading experience In the first novel the mystery and intrigue behind the story the beautiful contradiction between the technological and modern aspects of this monarchic deeply religious island in the sky and the sensitivity and thoughtfulness of the main character made Perfect Ruin an enthralling read that defeated my every protest about the plot Many of the same elements find a place in the seuel but to a much smaller scale There's also a mysterious inconsistent world but it is not explored as much as Internment was and in spite of having a few elements to it that were pretty fascinating those didn't play into the actual plot in the novel uite as much as the elements of Interment did Moreover the world wasn't explored all that much or figured that prominently in the way the story was told Certain elements of it were highlighted and enough details were given to piue my interest but they never built together anything concrete or that satisfied my curiosity There is not much of a mystery behind this world either There's some intrigue but it is not unpredictable or all that hidden in the novel and it has a lot to do with what can potentially happen in the next book Morgan's still a great narrator but her voice wasn't as compelling in this one mostly because there wasn't all that much plot wise for her to contemplate and the way she saw the rest of the characters turned somewhat repetitive What became evident to me about Morgan in this novel is that by herself she's not a very interesting character Actually she's almost a blank slate of a heroine and she is defined almost exclusively by the people around her and what they say and think of her In this novel Morgan had a lot of time to think for herself and by herself and it wasn't nearly as engaging as when she had others around her to buoy her characterization She's a fantastic narrator because DeStefano is a magnificent writer and because she's a lot better at defining others than at defining herself and making her character stand out I know being uiet and slightly unremarkable is part of her characterization but she's too much of an observant when she should be an active participant in her own story I liked how DeStefano played with the characters the new dimensions she gave them how alliances shifted friendships weakened while others flowered and how she twisted around the romance angle I didn't see that last one coming and it was an interesting way to play up the tired love triangle angle as well as a way to develop the characters involved and throw some light on some things we might've missed about those relationships in the first novel The new characters introduced were certainly intriguing and they did add to the story and the characters we'd met before becoming a natural fit into the group dynamic but even though she did a commendable work with all of the aforementioned the fact still is that those things took over the story and left the actual plot stagnant Truth be told there wasn't much of a plot in there There was a general idea guiding the story but it didn't factor in until the last third of the novel where it gave the novel a rather abrupt ending This one is a very slow moving read compelling in a strange way but still almost uneventful I do like the thoughtful and measured way in which DeStefano moved her characters here and truth be told this is a really good novel but because of how different the take in this one was from the first novel and how stilted the development of the entire novel was I was left feeling unfulfilled and that ultimately had a lot of weight on how I rated this novel I still think this is a good novel maybe not the strongest seuel but definitely a really fantastically executed product that just focused its attention on some areas in particular and did a great job at it while relegating others to the background some of which I think it could've benefited from Slightly predictable vague and confusing sometimes I think the novel needed a bit tightening up with the world building and the development of the main plot removed from the main characters It was slow going but I did enjoy the novel even if it did not live up to my expectations entirely In spite of everything I'm still eagerly looking forward to the next book

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The ground is a strange place where water falls from the sky as snow and people watch moving pictures and visit speakeasies A place where families can have as many children as they want their dead are buried in vast gardens of bodies and Internment is the feature of an amusement p. October 7thI guess it could be worsesigh

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Burning Kingdoms The Internment Chronicles #2ArkIt is also a land at warEveryone who fled Internment had their own reasons to escape their corrupt haven but now they’re caught under the watchful eye of another king who wants to dominate his world They may have made it to the ground but have they dragged Internment with the. 4 starsThis review will contain spoilers from Perfect Ruin You have been warned Also some minor spoilers for Burning KingdomsYou know when a series is beginning to expand in the world building and exploring new places and new people it can make a series much better It all depends if the author manages to create a uniue world with interesting characters For some it’s either a hit or miss I’ve read some books where the world building is great And other times I’ve read some books where the world building is complete shit And like I said it all depends if the author can manage to do it rightSo does the same apply to Burning Kingdoms Well yes and noAt the end of Perfect Ruin Morgan and her friends have left Internment and are on the ground They are in a new world with no knowledge of where they are Things are going to be different for them and they have to adjust to their new environment This in itself sounds intriguing based on the idea of exploration and adaptation Morgan came from a floating sky city and is now on the ground So it sounds promisingAnd to an extent it is but I can see how some people have some issues about it Myself included Before I get into the world building aspect let me start off with my initial review of Burning KingdomsShort answer I liked itLong answer I thought it was a good seuel we get to see new places and people and the character development is great Though I did have a few issues with the worldLauren DeStefano has a way with words and writing good characters Once again the writing style is done beautifully to the point where I want her and Lauren Oliver to collaborate and write a book together IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN And her characters are so so great Morgan is a favorite character of mine and the others are good Aside from Morgan I also like Pen based on her development from the first book and where she is now in Burning Kingdoms We get to see them adapt to being on the ground and having conflicting thoughts on what is safe and what isn’t safe Is the ground better than Internment Or is it vice versa What is home to some people And if it’s possible to go back home even if it isn’t perfect These uestions are what made me like the plot even The plot and characters GreatNow let’s talk about the world buildingIf you’ve read my review on Perfect Ruin you would know I said the world was leaning a bit to the sci fidystopian genre As it turns out I was completely wrong And no it isn’t a fantasy At least I don’t think soTurns out it is in my opinion a re imagining of the 1920s of the United States Technically it isn’t the United States but there are silent movies speakeasies and even one of the characters said jake Basically 1920s in AmericaExcept like I mentioned it isn’t America Instead it’s a world with different countries that are living in the 1920s That’s pretty much what I gathered from what I read Also there are mythical creatures Not mythical but animals that aren’t common in the real world There are also mermaids Yes mermaids And to top it all off the country Morgan landed on is at war with another country Why they are at war is explained so at least we get some background about itAs much as I liked Burning Kingdoms the world building isn’t what I uite expected It was good but I wish there was of an explanation about the world And I for God’s sake why isn’t there a freaking map It’s the same compliant I had for Perfect Ruin and it’s the same for Burning Kingdoms A map would’ve made things better I keep expecting the Map from Dora the Explorer to pop up out of nowhere and show me a map of both Internment and the ground Still I enjoyed my time reading the book Verdict Burning Kingdoms is a good seuel with vague world building but with great characters and plot Definitely goodThanks for reading my review Cesar