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Free download Õ Home for Love, An Adult Contemporary Romance ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Seven years ago sexy Bree fled Devil's Peak Alaska disillusioned with her high school romance and with a baby in her belly Now she's back and seeing devilishly handsome Todd again challenges Seven years ago sexy Bree fled Devil's Peak Alaska disillusioned with her high school romance and with a baby in her belly Now she's back and seeing devilishly handsome Todd again challenges her carefully constructed plans for amicable co parentingTodd's delight at Bree's return swi. If I could hug Aneesa right now I would I think I would go as far as kissing her cheek I totally loved this story and found myself falling in love with the characters and not wanting the story to endIt was such a refreshing change from all the angst you get with a third person being involved there was none of that and I’m glad there wasn't This is simply a story about two people dealing with their guilt anger betrayal and falling in love again and I loved every minute of itBree is such a likeable character yes she made a mistake about not telling Todd about his daughter but when she comes back to the town and the people she ran away from she tells Todd straight away about Amber She is a great mum and it takes courage to come back and lay it out to Todd like she does and she takes full responsibility for her mistakeTodd is left shocked by Bree's confession but takes to his role as a father really well and forms a bond with Amber really uickly They both have feelings still for one another which lead to some spicy scenes but Bree can't deal with her feelings and the end up in a big argument When friends and family interfere and Bree faces her problems and she tells Todd what is going on with her he becomes her friend again and their bond becomes stronger I loved the ending it left me feeling all warm inside and Todd is just so romantic I think I might get hubby to read this so he can get some ideas IF you want a sweet and heart warming story then this book is for you I highly recommend it

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Ftly turns to disgust when he discovers her secret and he vows to keep her at arm's length Upon discovering the context behind her secreting their child he decides to give their daughter the love and stable family home he never knew Despite her attraction to Todd Bree has no interes. I really struggled with this book The basic premise was there but I really had some issues and uestions Todd and Bree were high school sweethearts; Bree's parents don't approve understatement because Todd's family isn't the best Todd's father who's been absent most of the time dies and Todd steps up to take care of his siblings because his mother is an alcoholic He leaves and doesn't contact Bree for several months In the meantime Bree learns she's pregnant Her parents force her to leave Alaska and then treat her like dirt forcing her to live in a crummy little dangerous apartment and earn her own way to college even though they could well afford to help her When Bree's parents are killed she returns to Alaska with her seven year old daughter Amber; she springs the news on Todd who is understandably angry Half the town proceeds to try to manipulate Todd and Bree into a relationshipMy uestions and observations Todd's reasons for not contacting Bree for months after his father died were lame; they repeatedly refer to one another as having been best friends but who just leaves and doesn't contact their best friend with whom they are also in love Bree was a legal adult; whyhow could her parents force her to leave Alaska Could she not have just stayed with her grandparents who were much supportive and understanding It's not as if Bree's horrible parents were helping her with the baby or financially or in any other way Why did Bree's parents force her to leave Alaska only to or less abandon her once they moved to the lower 48 Why did we have to spend so much time on Bree's mummy tummy Really After one child And it felt like it went on and on and on Mummy tummy ughI had a difficult time warming up to Amber the daughter It's hard to put my finger on what it was Perhaps she was just a shade too precocious for my liking but I didn't care about her at all and I love childrenFinally and this is the biggie the editing on this book was atrocious I'm very well aware that it's hard to self publish a perfect book; I have yet to do it But some of the things were so awful they simply jumped off the page When I went back three times to read reviews again thinking I was missing something I noticed the author uses an editor who charges for her services; Ms Price needs to reuest a refund My twelve year old daughter could have edited this book accurately How does a professional editor not catch some of these typos misused words grammatical errors and simply wrong words How does a professional editor not catch the phrase she wove at Todd's back WOVE Wove has NEVER been past tense for waveThis could have been a good novella if some of the repetitive rehashing of who was wrong seven years ago had been taken out And it needs a serious proof reading by someone else

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Home for Love An Adult Contemporary RomanceT in rekindling their relationship and is focused on settling into the townBut the town and its match making busy bodies are not willing to allow the lovers to remain apart and test their resolve in a series of planned misadventuresBree is home for good but will she be home for love. Where to start with this one The author created an amazing read that I very much enjoyed I fell in love with this story and I'm so glad I decided to read it The cover had me second guessing my decision because I'm not one for an overly romantic story Since the title includes contemporary romance I gave it a try I'm very happy that I didThe plot runs smoothly and the characters are very loveable Bree is the main character who moves back home to Alaska to be with her family and introduce her daughter Amber to her father Todd Todd has no idea of Amber's existence until Bree moves back home after six years I love how Todd steps up to the plate and fathers Amber the best he can The relationship that grows uickly between Amber and her father is very heartwarming Bree and Todd get's off to a rocky start after a morning of hurtful words are said After reading this scene it showed me that each character has their own flaw and their not perfect which I love Although I guessed the ending I very much enjoyed the read There's a part of me that wishes it was a bit longer so I could see a bit into their lives but every story that has a happy ending needs to end somewhereI strongly recommend this book to those who love a touch of love in their romances without it going overboard