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Emblaze (The Violet Eden Chapters, #3) Free read × 104 ✓ For Violet Eden the decisions between right and wrong are getting harder and harder You'd think as a half angel Grigori warrior she'd automatically be on the side of good But how can she choose between the life of her best friend and the lives of all Grigori Between thFor Violet Eden the decisions between right and wrong are getting harder and harder You'd think as a half angel Grigori warrior she'd automatically be on the side of good But how can she. You know by now that I love these books They're perfection in my eyes and reliving this story was the best decision I've ever made This is my very close second favourite of the series and I adore it so much When I read the books for the first time the first 3 books were out already so I had to wait for book 4 and 5 and let me tell you they were the longest wait ever The cliffhanger on this book made me want to cry thinking about waiting for the next one but boy was the next one even worse I could gush about these books all day Violet and Lincoln's story is spectacular and I just can't get enough I still adore Phoenix especially in this book onwards I love Spence Steph Zoe Salvatore Griffin Onyx Dapper etc all too and I'm just feeling all the feels while reading these books I love them so much

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At if the darkest exiled angel of all Phoenix isn't as bad as she thoughtWith the power to raise a being from the Underworld in her hands Violet only has one chance to make the right choi. This book was so freaking good it was action packed and full of romance which I loved I really enjoy this series and I'm looking forward to reading the next books

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Emblaze The Violet Eden Chapters #3Choose between the life of her best friend and the lives of all Grigori Between the soul crushing need for her training partner Lincoln and her desire to keep him safe at all costs And wh. My ReviewFavorite uotes'Violet' Lincoln said then sighed 'You don't love him This isn't real You know what's real and it's hard and it hurts and we can'tDamn it Vi we're real''I love you so much that I can't trust myself I'd die for you give up all my power for you I'd give you my soul in an instant even if it meant I had to spend eternity in torment just for one moment with you as mine' Favorite Character Lincoln May I direct you to the uotes aboveFirst Line I'm going to give the first line to chapter one as the prologue is from the POV of Violet's mother EvelynSmooth black lines bled from me soul to hand to paper begging or releaseMy Musings Jessica Shirvington has done it again she has created an impossibly well written novel that kept me reeled in the whole time Emblaze was an intense novel not just in the insane plot but also in the decisions that had to be made and the love 'triangle' that we've been watching thus far Shirvington's writing has the ability to plant the reader right in the middle of the action the reader isn't just reading about what happens they are experiencing it right along with the characters In this installment we follow Violet Lincoln and the rest of the crew as they journey to Greece to stop Phoenix from unleashing Lilith from the pits of Tartarus In my opinion this novel had the best and most intense plot of the series thus far There was action on every page they were fighting exiles or Phoenix stops in for a visit there was always something new happening Add in a volcano and the possibility for mass destruction and you've got one of the best book plots in the history of book plots I once again enjoyed Violet as a character She's relatable knows her limits and fights for what she believes in She's willing to sacrifice anything even her own life for those that she loves and that is an ever present thing in this novel Her selflessness is very admirable Lincoln we finally see Lincoln's true feelings AND BOY WAS I HAPPY I had been waiting for this profession for what seems like decades even through I haven't been alive than one For you Lincoln Violet shippers your dreams will come true at the endish of this novel I know mine did Spence is also what of my favorite characters He's noble brave a little on the reckless side but he really cares for Violet friends only and I just really enjoy his comedic relief that he provides over the course of the novel Now Mrs Shirvington I have a bone to pick with you How could you leave us with that ending We have an unexpected character an evil exile and just whattt To all you Aussies out there I totally envy the fact that you have Endless The fact that it doesn't come out over here until late this year is killing me I NEED to know what happens Do you here me I'm DYING to know Okay That is all Emblaze was the epitome of a great novel It had adventure It had fighting It had romance It had everything that you could possibly want in a novel If you have not yet read this wonderful series you really should I can guarantee you that you will not regret it