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The Burning uestionTake one complex scientific discipline Add the future of energy economics and geopolitics Season with human nature The Burning uestion reveals climate change to be the most fascinating scientific political and social puzzle in history It shows that carbon emissions are still accelerating upwards following an exponential curve that goes back centuries. This is a great bookrealistic book on the burnig fossil fuels issueIs a book foccused on the economic politic sociologic faces of the subject than on the climatologic faceThe book analices with detail the different sources of carbon dioxide and of methanethe uantities shared by each source and the carbon footprintsof each industryAs the agreement by the climatologist comunity is not pass the 2º C treshold in mean temperatures for avoid unexpected climate planetary tipping pointsthe authors analiced the politiceconomic and the collective measures we must take against the strong resistance of the fosil fuels lobbyesits misleading information campaings and politic and mass media influenceBetween this measures is that we cant burn all known or unknown reserves of fossil fuels and pass gradually to renovable energiesand the polemic nuclear power stationsalso propose a utilization of soil in order to capture carbon dioxide and exposes the economic issues related with this transitionThey are not optimist in reaching the goal as in spite all efforts the greenhouse gases concentration follow growing exponentially and say that we possibly already tresspased the tresholdThe book also develops a surprising fact the energy efficiency paradoxa energy efficient device almost ever produce a increase in energy consumtionfor example if for a trivial journey our car consume 20 litres of gas instead of 5litres surely we dont make the journey and by that consuming nothingor we have a lot of led bulbes in iluminating a room instead one incandescent bulbe iluminating that roomthis paradoxical rebounds they say are one of the causes of the exponential grow in energy comsumtion and fossil fuels burningAs a explanation because the public is not aware of the problem is that the greenhouse gases dont smell dont are seen and the locally caotic behavior of meteorologyIn the final chapters they briefly recounts the last trench of climate geoengineering and the ways we individually and colectivelly can contribute to alleviate the problem pressing to our liders to take effective neasuresA interestingvaluablerecomendable book

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Summary The Burning uestion ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Take one complex scientific discipline Add the future of energy economics and geopolitics Season with human nature The Burning uestion reveals climate change to be the most fascinating scientific political and social puzzle in history It shows that carbon emissions One reason is that saving energy is like sueezing a balloon reductions in one place lead to increases elsewhere Another reason is that clean energy sources don't in themselves slow the rate of fossil fuel extractionTackling global warming will mean persuading the world to abandon oil coal and gas reserves worth many trillions of dollars at least unt. If I could recommend to everyone one book I’ve read thus far on climate change it would be this one It is accessible yet detailed without becoming overly technical As a master’s student in environmental policy I can attest to the book’s coverage of the relevant areas of the debate It basically covers the entire course outline of a graduate course I took on climate change but is much easier to make sense of than the academic sources we parsed through and which they cite throughout the book And it’s even a uick read If you’re going to read one book on climate change read this oneThis book does an excellent job summarizing the multifaceted issue of climate change including in its asking the pertinent if uncomfortable uestion in the title If global leaders have agreed on the goal to limit global warming to 2ºC an amount many scientists believe already exceeds the safe limit what would it take to give us a reasonable chance of achieving that goal Well even for a 5050 chance we would need to leave 50% of the world’s proven reserves of fossil fuels in the ground Essentially we have already proven the existence of fossil fuels than we can safely burn and the value of these fossil fuels has already been factored into the value of our energy companies This has many ramifications for society and the economy which are discussed in this bookOne area I would have liked to see explored in greater detail what are the philosophical underpinnings for the normative position assumed by the authors Who’s to say we should do anything about climate change Just because we know it’s going to happen doesn’t mean we should necessarily do anything about it The science doesn’t tell us what we should do Science can’t tell us that; that’s for politics to decide For these reasons the book might not be compelling to someone who doesn’t already share the authors’ worldview on what should be done about climate change An explication of the philosophy would strengthen their argumentMy one real criticism which is echoed by other reviewers is the authors’ repeated praise for Allan Savory’s work which suggests that through a certain type of livestock grazing pattern we can turn deserts into grasslands and trap and store sufficient carbon to return the atmosphere to preindustrial levels While the aim is admirable Savory’s claims remain highly contested and have thus far proved unrepeatable And while such ‘natural’ approaches to reversing rising atmospheric CO2 levels deserve attention the science is far from in on whether they might actually work By repeatedly praising Savory’s work before it has been scientifically proven effective the authors somewhat undermine their own credibility on the rest of the claims they make throughout the book which they largely get rightOverall however this book still gets 5 stars for its important contribution to the discussion It does a great job hitting on many of the relevant aspects of that discussion including some of the complicating factors which might explain why action on such an important issue has been slow in the making And it directs attention to the 800 pound gorilla in the room without a global cap on greenhouse gas emissions politicians’ rhetoric about clean energy and even their investments in it rings empty as it is unlikely to prevent rebound effectsDefinitely worth a read

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Il we have the means to put carbon back in the ground The burning uestion is whether that can be done What mix of politics psychology economics and technology might be reuired Are the energy companies massively overvalued and how will carbon cuts affect the global economy Will we wake up to the threat in time And who can do what to make it all happen. The bad nothing of relevanceThe good a book that raises many complex uestions regarding global warming and carbon emissions showing that the issue is not so trivial as just to “reduce emissions” or “use less carbon” Very eye opening and interesting