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D time forgetting that he helped ruin her wedding all those years ago If Faith can find a minute amidst all her family drama to stop and smell the rosé she just might find a reason to stay at Blue Heronand finish that walk down the aisl. I am so happy that I decided to pick up one of Kristan Higgins books I absolutely adored this story and I cannot wait to read from herThe Best Man is book #1 in the Blue Heron series What I loved most about this story was that the romance between the two main characters was so refreshing to read It was sweet tender sexy and there was just the right amount of angst thrown in too Nothing was overdoneThis is Faith Holland and Levi Cooper’s story Both characters were easy to love Levi was that kind of guy that was imperfect in ways that drew you in and made you swoon like crazy And sweet beautiful Faith She was the perfect match for Levi even if he had a hard time seeing that himselfWith a shared past that had been a bit bumpy Levi and Faith’s lives end up going down paths that wouldn’t cross again until a number of years had passed Both of them have changed in different ways but there was a piece of their past that hadn’t changed There was something that had always simmered just below the surface when they were together and soon enough it would bubble overFaith and Levi’s past involved Levi’s best friend and Faith’s ex fiancé Jeremy When Faith was left broken hearted at the alter nothing could take away the humiliation she felt How did she not know Why didn’t someone say something to her So she did the only thing she could and left Manningsport and headed to San FranciscoThere is something stirring within Faith’s family that brings her back home after a few years She was looking forward to seeing her father John her brother Jack her sisters Honor and Pru her best friend Colleen and lets not forget Goggy and Pops The one person that she wasn’t looking forward to was seeing Levi Faith hadn’t forgotten what happened on her wedding day and her feelings towards Levi hadn’t changed much That’s until she runs into him and realizes that there is a bit of a spark between them This spark sends them both into a passionate tailspin ❤I really enjoyed these two together One minute Levi would be all brooding and the next minute he was being sweet and sexy I loved Faith’s tenacity and her sweetness Their romance was slow building and I’ll admit the sex scenes were not over the top hot and heavy but it really didn’t matter They were sexy in such a tender way that it was rather refreshingThere was so much to this story than just the romance brewing between Faith and Levi Faith needed to come to terms with something that happened when she lost her mom and Levi needed to realize he was so much than that boy from the wrong side of the tracks He deserved to be happy I also enjoyed the side story of Faith and her siblings trying to find a girlfriend for their dad John It was comical Groggy and Pop were a hoot too And everyone needs a best friend like Colleen She was rather entertaining to say the least Oh and Blue What a sweet dog he was That is when he wasn’t humping Levi’s leg

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The Best ManFaith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar Now a little older and wiser she's ready to return to her family's vineyard the Blue Heron Winery to confront the ghosts of her past and maybe enjoy a glass of red After all. 2 Stars BarelyThis is my first read by this author I can see why so many readers love her books Her writing is compelling and witty And while I do admit this book was funny and entertaining at times it basically rubbed me the wrong way Spoilerage Below Rant Ahead Issue No 1 I couldn’t relate to the heroine She is naïve whiny and has low self confidence She blushes all the time needs to be looked after and has to be carried around because she forgets to take her meds and as a result of that has epileptic seizures Further she had a boyfriend for 8 years and although it took their friend one look to see that man was gay she was oblivious But that's not allAfter she was left at the altar she occasionally went on dates The first two men turned out to be gay as well wtf and the third one was married with a child Not to mention she found a potential wife for her father who ended up being a man HoweverThe MOST irritating thing is without doubt her favorite cuss word Oh hemorrhoid Issue No 2 The hero and the heroine are indifferent to each other throughout the book They didn’t like each other in high school and they don’t like each other now This is not love to hate you thing; they simply DON'T LIKE each otherThe hero thinks the heroine is boring and unimportant He gives her disinterested looks and practically ignores her all the time His attitude towards her is condescending He has a low opinion of her He does find her ‘attractive’ in that soft warm milky flesh way but basically he thinks she’s fat “her shirt coming out of her jeans to reveal a patch of creamy flesh Looked like the fitness revolution had passed her by”“The baggy sweatshirt wasn’t doing her any favors—gave her the same shape as a side of beef” Which leads us to issue No 3 Issue No 3 Unlike the heroine the hero's ex wife is drop dead gorgeous The JLo look alike is a badass military pilot She is the woman he adored and wanted to have children with as soon as he saw her She is his first love When she left she broke his heart When she appears out of nowhere at the end of the book yes after he hooked up with the heroine his first thought when he sees her is Gorgeous His second thought is Her ass was the seven wonders of the natural world His further random thoughts She has a sex goddess smile She was the type of woman who could seduce in seconds He even feels un unwilling tug of affection for herOf course the ex wife wants him back She tells him she wants to spend time with him over the weekend to convince him they should get together again He does NOT refuse He says FineAnd then he ignores the heroine FOR DAYS He doesn’t say NO to his ex wife because he doesn’t love her any He says NO because he isn’t sure she won’t vanish againBut you know what pissed me off the mostAt around 90% when the hero’s ex wife announces that she’s leaving and accuses the hero that he never really loved her because they never fought the hero does not agree with her He actually thinks they didn’t fight because they were compatibleWhatever Issue No 4 After the ex wife drama the hero dumps the heroine without a second thought not because he was an ass ignoring her and spending time with his ex wife but because she didn’t tell him she was going away for a month because of her job Issue No 5 After dumping the heroine the hero of course gets lonely After all it’s winter and life in a small town during the winter can be boringSo he decides to reconcile with her He tells her “I love you and that’s all I’ve got” She forgives him No groveling The end I was left with the impression that he did not really love her Hell it didn't even feel like he was in love with herI am not a very demanding reader I can read about cheaters and unreuited love as long as it’s done well But I need a convincing ending Sadly this one didn’t convince me at allUICK REVIEWEnjoyment 25Writing style 45Storyline 25 Hero 155Heroine 25Secondary characters 45 Hotnesssteam 155 Romance 155 Angst 35Darkness level 15Humor 355Depth of the book 35POV third person dualTriggers view spoilerdeath of a parent left at the altar hide spoiler

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The Best Man Read & Download Ë 105 Æ Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar Now a little older and wiser she's ready to return to her family's vineyard the Blue Heron Winery to confront the ghosts of her past and maybe enjoy a glass of red After all there's some great scenery there Like Levi Cooper the local police chief There's some great scenery there Like Levi Cooper the local police chief and best friend of her former fiancéThere's a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed and it's not just those deep green eyes The only catch is she's having a har. I just love Kristan Higgins’ author’s “voice” She could write the phone book and I’m sure I’d read it