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Rubbed RawA Rockstar Romance of a different kindWhile Crystal Atkinson Triple Threat’s bassist is still in love with Giovanni her trysts with Chad only leave her confused The new vocalist they hire sees the sexual attraction between her and Giovanni He assumes they are a couple That gives. This book follows Crystal and her journey in choosing between her best friend Chad and the man she loves GiovanniI really enjoyed book two Again it was another book that I had a hard time putting downHowever I have a few beefs with the book that I have to complain about1 Crystal is the weakest female I have ever read She can't get over anything and can't say no to anything It is amazing that she was even a little likable at the end of the tales based on her actions in the two books2 I can't believe who she chose in the end Not only was it really frustrating as a reader it just took away from the end of this is a way I can't describe3 EXCUSE ME Giovanni hit her literally punched her in the face pushed her and left a huge bruise used sex as a way to punish her and hurt herand she took him back One of the sex scenes was really a rape scene I can't tell you how many women admit to having an orgasm while being raped No means no AND SHE TOOK HIM BACK I don't freaking care how much you love someone Abuse is abuse and it is NOT forgivable Period Some dude ever punched me and he would be a dead man4 Did I say Crystal is the weakest willed woman ever In this book she has sex with so many different people I lost count Someone touches her and she starts suirming and wanting themShe has sex with so many different guys it is almost amazingAt one point in this series it describes her having sex with three different guys in one day Another time she goes from having sex with one guy to having sex with another without them knowing about the other within minutes of each otherShe has sex with basically anyone and doesn't have the will power to say no She is a freaking door mat She is the kind of woman I absolutely HATE Oh baby it's okay that you smacked me aroundI loooovee you GRRRIn one scene she is watching an XXX movie in a theater and decides she is so horny she is going to suck off her friend who is sitting next to her jacking off and then she has sex with him tooBUTI also really enjoyed this book The sex scenes were definitely erotic and fun Sometimes there were things that felt like you were reading a repeat but the author did a good job of spicing things up and changing things aroundThere were two different three some scenes in these stories at least and each scene was different and hot They were described in a way that made it easy to envision exactly what the author was trying to relay Of course that is a good thing You don't read erotica for the story line That is just a bonusAnyhow I recommend this book to just about anyone who likes erotica There is a little bit of everything in this book without really being hardcore by my definition The storyline is good enough that anyone who likes love triangles will really enjoy this book I received this book in exchange for my honest reviewand honestly I am following this author The stories she writes are HOT

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Irection Crystal and Giovanni have decisions to make What’s best for all Can Chad let her go or will he step in the middle and stop things before they go too far What do they do if she can’t chooseWarning For those 18 May not suitable for all readers Prepare for a dose of reali. I found this second book to be a better read than the first I became invested in th characters and the available plot line Crystal the main character is still a slut a traumatized one but a slut just the same The males Character's are for the most part all users eith the exception of Chad and Giovanni To give crystal some credit sh does try to stay faithful to Giovanni though my personal belief is she woul ofdonemuch better ticking with he ChadThis book does have some very steamy erotic and creative sex scences The author left the ending that the book could be considered complete or she could come back and revisit these charaters at a later date

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Rubbed Raw Free read ↠ 4 ✓ A Rockstar Romance of a different kindWhile Crystal Atkinson Triple Threat’s bassist is still in love with Giovanni her trysts with Chad only leave her confused The new vocalist they hire sees the sexual attraction between her and Giovanni He assumes they are a couple That gives her hope and renews her drive to make GiovannHer hope and renews her drive to make Giovanni hersGiovanni Saracino drummer of Triple Threat sees the looks between Chad and Crystal He takes a step back to let them be happy It works until he can’t resist any longer Then all hell breaks looseWith the band heading in the right d. I really hoped Rubbed Raw would be better than Triple Treat but really it was about the same I still couldn’t connect will with the main character Crystal The only thing that seemed to be truly important to her was sex And I really didn’t like Giovanni in this one either He was so controlling and at times down right abusiveSome of his anger was understandable towards the beginning but I felt none of it should have been directed at Crystal Yes she slept with Chad during a time she was actually being faithful to Giovanni But she was on medication from her attack and it was mistakenly mixed with alcohol thanks to Chad So when she was having sex with Chad she thought she was with Giovanni It was dark she heard moaning and forgot Chad was there Of course she assumed it was Giovanni Chad took complete advantage of the moment just so he could be with her againOf course things escalate and Crystal and Giovanni temporarily break up While they're broken up though Crystal pretty much has sex with whoever is available She has sex with Tommy multiple times Jon Phil and Chad of course She does eventually goes back to Giovanni but I felt she was someone who is not really ready for a committed relationshipNow the sex scenes were still amazing but I did have an issue with a couple of them There were a couple of times when Crystal actually said “No” but they still had sex anyways and it didn’t seem to truly bother her Now after being almost raped in the first book that should have had some affect on her And also the fact that she allowed all these guys have sex with while she was asleep was even disturbing I mean wouldn’t this have also brought memories of her attack if she had woken up and found some guy having sex with her And for as much as Crystal and these guys enjoyed sex wouldn't they have enjoyed it if she was actually awake to participateMaybe if Crystal had grown as a character or if Giovanni had been like the nice he seemed in Triple Threat I would have enjoyed this book It also would have been nice to see Chad try and move on a little bit sooner A review copy was provided from the author in exchange for honest review