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FREE DOC æ READER Seducing Charlotte 9781622661039 ¾ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD È Opposites attractEven if he is the catch of the season Charlotte Livingston has a low opinion of the wildly handsome Maruess of Camryn He’s an industrialist who thinks nothing of replacing workers with machines deprOpposites attractEven if he is the catch of the season Charlotte Livingston has a low opinion of the wildly handsome Maruess of Camryn He’s an industrialist who thinks nothing of replacing workers with machines depriving them I picked up this book because the blurb reminded me of North and South Make no mistake this is no North and South This isn't even remotely similar to itStill it was a nice satisfying albeit short read but I'm afraid totally forgettableThe characters were likable a charming industrialist and an intelligent bluestocking However the story wasn't very original and lacked that something that grabs me in a book and makes me invested in the story and the characters The pages keep turning though and it is exactly the light hearted uick read that you might want to read on a busy day as long as you don't raise your expectations too muchAs always my main issue with the book was the sexual attraction between the MCs which was once over the top They kissed made out had sex etc EVERY single time they met and in all impossible places I don't understand why somebody would write an HR and not a CR if the sexual attractionlust is the main focus of the book The book opens with a woman that is not the heroine giving a BJ to the hero and the innocent heroine watching hidden Of course she didn't find that disgusting but hot Yes all that in a period when women probably got to know what was inside a man's pants after they got married Need I say ?Take it or leave it it's your choice You won't miss much but it's not bad either

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Of an honest living Camryn is everything a social reformer like Charlotte detests Besides her loyalty belongs to another manWorlds CollideYet as a violent machine breakers rebellion rages across England an undeniable attractio Originally posted on What I'm ReadingFirst off I should have finished Seducing Charlotte last night However sleep was calling my name and two late nights in a row would not do me any good Yet I really wanted to finished this book last night because it was amazing SeriouslyFirst off I loved the heroine Charlotte Livingston for a few reason 1 Blue stocking girl who cares about what is going on in her surroundings other than batting her eyelashes and acting couette 2 She has interest the beginnings of the industrial revolution granted it was really coined yet but you see the beginnings of what we would call the Industrial Revolution3 Not going to play the simpering miss because a Maruess has shown some interest in her Love heroines with a backbone They tend to make the story interesting Arthur Stanhope Maruess of Camryn is not your typical Lord He knows times the are changing and he has gotten his hands a tad bit dirty being an industrialist Love these two characters because they bring a spice to the story Especially when you have a reformist and an industrialist you wonder how are they going to get together? With their heat and passion they are perfect match for each Plus I love Cam and his plan to make Charlotte his However he does get a bit jealous of Nathan Fuller and the attention Charlotte pays to him Here's the bottom line LOVE SEDUCING CHARLOTTE Yes I'm shouting I love the fast pace of the story and the tension between Charlotte and Cam I really like how Charlotte puts others before her needs which is the key to the tension between Cam and her So if you are looking for hero who isn't your conventional lord and a heroine who sticks up for others you might want to consider reading Seducing Charlotte Seriously love this book and can't wait to see what Ms uincy will come up with next Especially since Cam does have brothers I wonder if they will find love Hmmcopy provided by the publisher

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Seducing Charlotte Accidental Peers #1N flares between the passionate adversaries Camryn vows to destroy the rebel movement unaware that the spinster who has captured his heart harbors a secret a shocking connection to one of its leaders that could shatter them bot Camryn is a Maruess and an industrialist who finds himself intrigued by a Charlotte Livingston a bluestocking and a social reform The chemistry and banter between these two had sparks flying but a violent rebellion against the machine is sweeping across the countryside Camryn leads the charge in thwarting this rebellion While Charlotte is not immune to his charms the secrets she harbors could destroy them allI love strong confident stubborn inuisitive heroines and Charlotte was a breath of fresh air She made me giggle one moment and shake my head in despair the next Her stubborn and opinions could at times blind her and it was fun seeing her grow Her heart is true; her cause is noble and I wanted her to have it all Camryn for a man of his social standing is very forward thinking making him a pioneer of sorts Of course he is swoon worthy and at first I thought he was a complete scoundrel but as uincy peeled back his layers I found him to be irresistible stubborn stupid and totally kissable LOL Characters from Compromising Willa and Tempting Bella and it was wonderful seeing themSeducing Charlotte like the other novels in the Accidental Peers series featured a strong heroine who unwittingly gains the attention of a much sought after bachelor uincy infuses suspense heat a little angst and wicked chemistry that will keep the reader engaged I find when I read her books I uickly become caught up in the tale and find the romance to be genuine The sex scenes are sensual without going into too much detail and they heated the page from mere kisses to tantalizing teases Charlotte’s secrets added suspense danger and threatened the romance uincy paced the tale perfectly with highs and lows While there is angst she doesn’t overdue it or drag it out instead she allows my heart to race even as I know I will eventually get the happily ever after I desire