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READER ß DOC The Perfect Gift ´ 9781599986616 FREE å MAYA BANKS ß Christmas is a special time A time of good will and cheer andgifts But what is The Perfect Gift? Finding or rediscovering love? Forgiveness? A new beginning? Beloved mate to two wolves Heather lived an idyllic life until hunters Christmas is a special time A time of good will and cheer andgifts But what is The Perfect Gift? Finding or rediscovering love? Forgiveness? A new beginning? Beloved mate to two wolves Heather lived an idyllic life until hunters destroyed their peaceful existence Her mates believe she betrayed them When the truth is revealed can they find forgiveness and ask Heather to I basically read this book for Scott's story He is Brianna's Blind and Half Deaf brother in Blackmailed by Annmarie McKenna I am glad I read this book It is probably one of the tamer samhain books I have ever read I would NOT catagory this as erotica A few of the stories barely have any sexual contact at allBUT this is a VERY romantic book and I enjoyed the message of hope that each story seemed to giveI liked all of the stories in this book Some better than others but all were at least 3 stars Look what Santa Brought by Annmarie McKennaThis is Scott's story from Blackmailed It's been ten years since Brianna entered a relationship with Cole and Tyler Scott is a very successful businessman Not allowing his physical challenges stop him from getting what he wants he is both smart and sexy Unfortunately he has been in love with his sisters best friend Tara forever When he discovers that Tara needs his help with a stalker ex boyfriend he immediately does what he can to help herand to finally let her know how he really feels What he doesn't know is Tara has secretly been in love with him forever but doesn't really think she is good enough for himI wish Scott's story would have been a full length novel It was good but I felt cheated by the shortness is that a word? of it We also re visit Brianna and Tyler from Blackmailed Once again I wonder why she and Tyler didn't marry because Cole isn't around muchdid anyone else feel that way???Home for Christmas by Kate DaviesThis is a best friends turns lovers romance Sophia and Ethan have been through everything together Both surviving the grief of Sophia's husband and Ethan's business partners deaththey have become very attached to one another There relationship has developed into stronger feelings for one another than both are afraid to admit to one another When Sophia decides she needs a new traditon on Christmas and goes on a Christmas CruiseEthan decides to make his move and have this be the best Christmas everI really liked this story Both characters were interesting and I found myself really rooting for Sophia and Ethan to come togetherLove Me Still by Maya BanksThis was the most difficult story for me to read The basis of it is forgivenessand well I really don't know if I would have been as forgiving as the heroine was to her matesHeather has been very happy living in the pack with her two werewolf mates Cael and Riyu The pack has accepted her as one of them even though she is human When Heather her friend Niko and her mate's father Magus is attacked by hunters She is raped and beaten viciously Magnus mortally injured misinterpreted the situtation and blamed Heather for the attack When he reaches the pack he informs Cael and Riyu of her betrayal Niko in the meantime rescues Heather and takes her almost to the village their pack lives in Unable to take her all the way or he will lose the scent of the hunters and not take any revenge he leaves her within walking distance on her own When Heather approaches Cael and Riyu they immediately shun her and refuse to listen to her or take note of the MANY injuries she is suffering They kick her out and leave her to die in the snowfallWhen Niko returns and sees what they have done to Heather he informs them of the truth and they set out to save herI don't think I would have gone back with Cael and RiyuI would have picked Niko and said the hell with the restbut since I didn't write the storylolSecond Chance Christmas by MacKenzie McKadeThis is a very good story about second chances It was also the most sensual story of the book Like Scott's story I wish this would have been a full length novelbut I wasn't invited to the meeting they had to make these decisionsdarn itLori and Dean were childhood sweethearts Four years ago a series of misunderstandings have drove them apart When they run into one another at the local bar sparks fly Will they be able to communicate and find there way back to one another?? I really enjoyed this story I thought that Dean was a very sexy interesing heroand well matched with Lori Is there a story that MacKenzie has written that I didnt' like? She is another must read author by me and she doesn't disappoint with this short story either

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Love Me Still? This Christmas Sophia leaves everything familiar behind but love finds her anyway Even on a cruise ship far from home she discovers with love she is still Home for Christmas Four years ago Lori and Dean lost so much that it drove them apart Can they find it in their hearts to forgive each other and themselves? Will they have a Second Chance Christmas? Sco This anthology contains some very good stories And if you've read Annmarie McKenna's Blackmailed you won't want to miss Look What Santa Brought This is Scotty Wyatt's story

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The Perfect GiftTt already knows what he wants for Christmas and its Tara a woman seeking refuge from an ex Now he just has to convince her to Look What Santa Brought Him Amara is cursed by Saint Nicholas protector of children She must answer a simple uestion to be free but cannot do it on her own Will handsome doctor Nick and his young daughter help Amara find her Miracle at Midnight? My Favorite was Love Me Still by Maya Banks