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Summary ✓ Kade Resisting Love #2 Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¶ You met Kade and Nikki in Chase Now it’s time for their storyNikki works hard and plays even harder A fan of no attachment type relationships Nikki is nowhere near ready to settle down or commit to one man What shTo his now fallen best friend Kade swore he would take care of Ashley But what happens when Ashley has an agenda of her own Will Kade let his promise to his best friend ruin things with the love of his lifeRecommended for readers aged 1. Hold on to your knickers girls Coz KADE is about to knock them offWe fell in love with Chase so easily and its about to happen all over again We got a nice insight into Kade and learnt about a couple BIG things of his in Chase so it made me very excited to read this book Nikki and Kade Sometimes you want to slap some sense into these two other times your heart just melts along with them Their story grows from the minute they meet it's a rollercoaster ride of up and downs of laughs and tears and of some raunchy steamy scenesI love Nikki's fiery personality she lives a full on life and isn't afraid to claim what's right and what is hers Kade first got me with his fun personality amazingly good looks love the look a like reference and the way he tries to win Nikkis's heartGreat story line NEVER a dull moment with these two also get to hear about everyone else in the family The story keeps on growing and pulls you in with every wordThanks for giving me the privilege of being able to Beta read this amazing book 3 you guys Amazing authors

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You met Kade and Nikki in Chase Now it’s time for their storyNikki works hard and plays even harder A fan of no attachment type relationships Nikki is nowhere near ready to settle down or commit to one man What she doesn’t expect is. BR with Jo and SammyWhen the first book in the series Chase was read the reader eventually finds out that Kade and Nikki had sex with each other prior to Layla Nikki's best friend who was engaged then later married to Kade's brother Chase moving in with Kade James and Chase in the first book in this series Chase So of course we get all the details in the Prologue in Kade so we find out what exactly happened between Kade and Nikki and learn about what exactly their history with each other is She'd intended for it to be a one night stand and never gave Kade her name never expecting to see him again but then when Layla moved in with Kade James and Chase it ruined her plans of never seeing Kade again Both Kade and Nikki knew they had a connection when they had sex that one night but Nikki chose to ignore it Even when she's stuck seeing Kade all the time when Layla moved in with the brothers in Chase she still tries to deny there was any connection between her and Kade This is going to be awkward It's like a one night stand that just won't go away Anytime I want to visit her he'll probably be there Although Nikki was still determined as ever to ignore her feelings for Kade Kade had other plans Kade wants Nikki but he's also determined to show Nikki that he doesn't want just sex with her he wants a relationship with her tooI always get what I want Nikki remember that He lets me out of his embrace and I uickly retreat As I open his door he whispers I can still remember your smell your tasteBecause of Nikki's history with a man named Ben and how horribly that turned out she is hesitant to get involved with anyone or to be in a serious committed relationshipEventually Kade gets through to Nikki and starts breaking down her walls she's built to protect herself but there is one thing that is constantly causing issues between them in their relationship and her name is AshleyAshley is completely madly in love with Kade but he just doesn't see it He feels like Ashley is a sister to him since she's the sister of his late best friend He feels he needs to be there for Ashley as a friend but Ashley will stop at absolutely nothing to try to create problems between Kade and Nikki Ashley has a history of being a total bitch we learned that when Layla moved in with the guys in Chase but she never really saw Layla as a threat She sees the connection between Kade and Nikki and is threatened by it so she uses any opportunity she can to try to come between them Ashley will act like a total angel when Kade is near but when he's not around bitch Ashley comes out and it's not pleasant for anyone around her No matter what Nikki says Kade just cannot accept or believe that Ashley is as unpleasant as Nikki is making her sound and cannot believe that Ashley would ever do or say anything that Nikki is telling him because he's never seen her as anything but sweet when she's around Everyone else can see how deeply Ashley feels for Kade he's the only one that is blind to her true feelingsThat's all I will tell you about this book You will have to read it to see what happens Will Kade finally see Ashley for who she really is And if he does will Kade see Ashley for who she really is before the damage is done and it's too late for him and Nikki Will Ashley succeed in coming between Nikki and Kade Will Kade and Nikki get their HEA You'll have to read the book to find out that and so much I absolutely loved this book When I read the first book in the series Chase I fell in love with Chase and said I'd found a new book boyfriend in a status update and in my review for it but I always knew just from getting to know Kade in the first book in the series Chase that I was probably going to end up loving Kade just as much as Chase Well now that I've read Kade I can honestly say that I loved Kade in this book and I have found another book boyfriend with Kade because I honestly cannot choose between Kade and Chase that is how much of an impact Kade had on me in this bookI am SO grateful to one of the authors of this book Chantal Fernando for giving our Smexy Bookaholics blog copies of Chase Kade Ryder and the ARC of James I absolutely LOVE the Resisting Love series and would absolutely recommend this series to everyoneSome of my favorite uotes from Kade Every time he's near I want him It's like I can't help myself NikkiI want with you Yes the sex is amazing but I want all of you At the end of the day nothing else matters I want Nikki by my side To go to sleep with wake up with and everything in between I know Nikki is the woman for me now I just need to convince her To get her to let me in let me prove myself Prove my worth It will never be over between Nikki and me KadeKade cups my face in his hands I would never hurt you Nikki You know I love you He says softly in my earOh my godI love you too Kade I whisper back He gives me a hungry kiss suddenly pulling awayThis is forever you know that right he says his eyes searching mineI don't say anything; I just lean in and kiss him showing him exactly how I feel about him Sometimes words just aren't enoughI love you Nikki I want to try again We can make this work I want to have kids with you grow old with you I want you with me forever he says in a gentle voiceNo other woman affects me like you do Nikki No other woman will make do now It has to be you only you I'm going to spend the rest of my life proving to you that I am worthy of you and showing you just how much I love and adore you ARC provided to our Smexy Bookaholics blog by author Chantal Fernando in exchange for an honest review

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Kade Resisting Love #2Kade A one night stand she can’t uite shake Kade is a ladies’ man and the brother in law of her best friend Will she be able to resist him Or will Nikki take a chance on love with a notorious playerAfter making a promise years ago. Reread February 02 2018Reread February 10 2016Read June 19 2013HighlighsHe looks a little like Jax Teller from Sons of Anarchy“Nope now are you gonna take me in there and fuck me or are we gonna stand here all night making small talk”“Oh I’ve had others after you Nikki” I can’t help the pang of hurt I feel with that commentI have never in my life been rejected by a woman before and I find that I don’t like the feeling“Wanna get out of here” she purrs into my ear seductively giving the lobe a little nibble Why the fuck not We jump in a cab because let’s face it; I'm way too drunk to driveHis arms tighten around me “Fuck Nikki” he says in a hoarse voice “Kade come back to bed” a high pitched voice coos from behind us Kade’s fingers dig into my skin and his whole body stiffens“Why the hell is Kade friends with her She'll be back” James mutters “Why the hell did everyone fuck her” I blurt out Like really what the fuckThe things Nikki claims Ashley told her is something I could never believe she'd say She's never been that nasty before ever and I've known her since she was a kid“You going to apologize to Ashley” he asks“You need to say sorry to Ashley she’s a friend of mineHe was the one pursuing me when he hooked up with that Kelly chickOh did I mention I smoke Probably not But yeah I doJust before we pull out Kade yells out the window “Did you know the first penis Layla ever saw was mine And she was impressed”“I’m sorry Nikki I’m gonna take you home okay I better go check on her; she’s all alone in that house Rain check on the movie”We're in the middle of making love and I’m so close Kade is thrusting into me lifting his hips up and panting when his phone rings “Shit” he curses “Ignore it” I mumble through kisses “It’s Ashley something might be wrong”he says pulling out of me Is he fucking serious right now “She can wait ten minutes Kade”“I’m getting so sick of this Kade Ashley and I hate each other and if I tell you anything she says or does you don’t believe me You always take her side I’m so close to just saying choose me or her”The sight before me makes me do a double take Kade and Ashley are in bed together spooning