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Book Ð Mississippi Blues ´ D'Ann Lindun Five years ago Trey Bouche found his best friend with blood on his hands standing over a body Although Trey wanted to believe in his friend’s innocence he was forced to testify in court and Jace was sent to prison for life Trey returns determined to prove he was right Even if it means As with all D'Ann Lindun's books I do a little happy dance when I hear that she has a new book coming out And when I was offered a chance to read an ARC in return for an honest review I jumped at the chance For those of you familiar with D'Ann's works this book is going to be a little something different Firstly there is not a cowboy in sight That of course doesn't detract from the wonderful story In fact instead of one cowboy we get two home town boys fighting to find the truth and maybe a little love along the way I honestly had a hard time picking a fave male lead between Jace and TreyThis book had me guessing all the way until the end for about three uarters of the book I was sure I knew 'who done it' but then a new element was introduced at the end that had me going in a completely different direction It was definitely hard to put down and I may have read a little during business hours but don't tell my bossOverall this was a thoroughly enjoyable read and other than a few very American specific references that this Aussie had to google to understand I loved this book 5 out of 5

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Download Mississippi Blues Book ´ 334 pages  Five years ago Trey Bouche found his best friend—with blood on his hands—standing over a body Although Trey wanted to believe in his friend’s innocence he was forced to testify in court and Jace was sent to prison for life Trey returns determined to prove he was right Even if it mea Losing the woman he still loves Summer Hill cannot forgive Trey or his father the chief of police for the wrongs she feels they did to her family When her brother escapes from Angola Summer vows to keep her brother safe no matter the cost Falling back in love with Trey again isn’t an Is This Suppose To Be Set In The South?For instance; on page 7 Magnolia trees in bloom with pink blossoms trailing from branches like a veil I am paraphrasing? Where is this author from? Definitely not the South Has this author seen a magnolia tree or bloom? There a huge white flower with velvet soft petals lying up against big hard green waxy leaves There is nothing veil like about them And though there is some rich soil in the low lying areas of the Mississippi Delta most of its blood red dirt I know my Mama soaked enough stains out of my clothes while playing in this dirt during visits to my grandparent's The southern dialect is also uniue and the characters did not sound Southern If your going to write about the South make sure you do your research first When Chief of Police Trey's father was trying to cover up the true murderer's identity he certainly would have found a better solution than shipping his son off to the Marine Corp No small town southern daddy would have his son sacrifice an already awarded football scholarship to Ole Miss Just would not have happened Football in the South is like a religion with a better attendance rate Summer Trey's love interest and the sister of convict Jace works in a small town beauty shop The author makes a statement that men did not freuent the beauty shops What a crock That is exactly where men get their hair cut and yes even highlighted sometimes By this time period barbershops are a rare sight in the south My Uncle was one of the last REAL BARBERS and he has been retired for 15 years or and before he closed he was no longer an exclusive male establishment And the names All girl's in small Mississippi town's are not named Summer Lindy Candy Daisy etc Please if you write a book in the South come and do your research or read a few books by true Southern authors like Mary Alice Monroe Dorethea Benton Frank Mary Kay Andrews Cassandra King Michael Lee West Anne Rivers Siddons Beth Albright etc Just to name a few Please don't insult our intelligence by trying to assume the South is like some bad made for television interpretation This book just made me so angry that by the 5th chapter I decided if I wanted to read a good murder mystery set in the South I should just purchase the new John Grisham latest novel

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Mississippi Blues OptionNow five years later the past begins to unravel Reluctantly thrown together Summer and Trey follow a twisted path that lead them to the truth Jace didn’t kill anyone and an entire town’s ugly secret is unveiled But importantly can Trey and Summer rediscover the love they lost Poor EditingThe story was actually intriguing and kept me interested enough to finish Some of the characters were a little dramatic; however the who done it theme made some of the dramatics bearable I may have enjoyed the book if proofreader had done a better job there were a lot of typos