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Wickeds Scandal The Wickeds #1For the simpering women of the ton and is determined to avoid any entanglements until a chance meeting with the delectable Miss Dunforth changes his mind. Uhmm This book was okayInitially I loved it I'm such a sucker for historical romances that the first few chapters reeled me in right away The characters were awesome; you have the bookish and intelligent Alexandra Dunforth and the exotic and rakish Sutton Satan ReynoldsEven the initial plot idea was great; Alexandra was being forced into a marriage by her odious uncle or he would sell her childhood farm and displacing all it residents on the street Meanwhile Sutton dealt with a horrid stepmother and her twisted cousin in a family riddled with dark secretsSee Amazing pretense and setup rightUnfortunately it didn't really progress and resolve the way I imagined it would The end of the book had so many loose ends and seemed so rushed I nearly pulled my hair out in disbelief view spoiler Seriously the final chapter ends with the hero being stabbed and the villain shot and it suddenly jumps to the epilogue Sorry but that was kind of a really really bad transition Also the author never explains how Sutton managed to escape his being tied to a stone and thrown into the harbor by assassins and was a little too vague when hinting at what happened to Elizabeth hide spoiler

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Read Wickeds Scandal The Wickeds #1 100 æ Alternate cover edition of ASIN B00CKU0NYAlexandra Dunforth a bookish spinster from Hampshire has no desire to marry despite her uncle holding the fate of her beloved family estate over her head Satan Reynolds a wealthy Maruess is possessed of angelic beauty and a scandalous dragon tattoo He doesn't care for tAlternate cover edition of ASIN B00CKU0NYAlexandra Dunforth a bookish spinster from Hampshire has no desire to marry despite her uncle holding the fate o. This almost reached a four star but not uiteThe h is a book learning hopeful heiress to her aunt's estate and is saddled with the worst guardian EVER Loathsome While searching for the ladies room she wanders into a library where it just so happens our hero is trying to ditch a lady love Meet cute He's charmed by the heroine's snippy ways and calls her a little badger She in turns calls him a peacock Did I mention he's as gorgeous as an angel but called Satan for his scandalous ways Well I did now He's intrigued with her sassy ways and is leery he is being set up for a compromising situation where he will be forced to marry herThe h runs from him and winds up meeting his grandmother a powerful Society Dowager The Dowager takes a shine to the little h in a uick case of insta like and invites her to ye olde castle to meet her grand daughter sister to SatanThe loathsome guardian finds the h and introduces her to a potential fiancee who looks to good to be true Wait for it Ah readers we find out not too much later in the book what a horror he really is although it takes the heroine a lot longer poor girl No she's not stupid she is simply a product of her times Well a product of a young girl in any time really as he is one piece of nasty work Bottom line though she does not want to marry but simply wants to get back to her estate and take care of animal husbandry stuff and the family retainersThe H and h proceed to meet cute where he makes it clear he is very attracted to her He commits a big booboo when he offers to take her as his mistress Let's just say it didn't go over well and he regrets the insult as soon as it's out of his mouth but he is one obsessed little Maruis Along the way the meets the H's step mother and she is one evil chick Really evil Really really evil Let me mention that someone is trying to assassinate the H Hmm who could it be The suitor unveils his evil ways to the readers and subtly sets the h on edge while the toad like guardian proceeds to drug her with laudanum tea for her headaches Poor girl At a lecture after the H almost seduces the h in a broom closet it is made clear that the heroine's fiancee is actually the despised cousin of the H's step mother Let's wait while you read that again Yep the evil fiancee is related to the H's family through the Step mom He was involved in a horrible scandal with the family and was disowned by his father Marrying the h will help him get in his father's good graces as well as serve the fiancee's unsavory appetitesSecond confrontation happens at the evil Step mom's birthday The h catches her fiancee beating and well I wouldn't call it making love to a servant in the orangery He then chases the h where the H rescues her kind ofThe H purposely is caught in a compromising situation set up by the Dowager and the couple are married Are the evil fiancee the eually evil Step mom and the disgusting guardian out of the picture Heck noA misunderstanding causes the H to pitch a fit and sail for Macao after saying really mean things This is where it dropped a star for me You have an evil Step mom who wants you dead her evil cousin who was once engaged to your wife and your wife's evil guardian who is in debt to evil fiancee and you leave the country You leave without leaving a full army of body guards for your wife and oh yeah all that honeymoon loving resulted in a little Maruis to be The H didn't know it before he left but come onThis review is getting too long so major drama happens and some tense rather brutal scenes happen Nothing too over the top but there was nail bitingNOTES and kind of a spoilerview spoilerI have read my share of BDSM books I think Cherise Sinclair is awesome and some of Joey Hill as well However the BDSM and focus the evil fiancee brought to the book was than kinky It was scary and gross for me He had a level of malevolence that was disturbing plus there was absolutely nothing consensual about the future relationship between the fiancee and the h He was disgusting and evil hide spoiler

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F her beloved family estate over her head Satan Reynolds a wealthy Maruess is possessed of angelic beauty and a scandalous dragon tattoo He doesn't care. There was so much I loved about this book The hero was a typical man of the Regency period Cocky a man who loved women even as he doesn't have much respect for them Until he meets the heroine She wasn't the typical woman of society and she intrigued him I have to admit I got a bit irritated with him a couple of times because he was a strong man as a result of living outside of society but he didn't hold his own with his evil step mother I had expected from him They're both manipulated by some really evil peopleHis interaction with the heroine is steamy I love that they are so different but both can relate to their struggles to fit into a society neither of them want Their names for each other the peacock and the badger was a fun way to show their impressions of each other names that became pet names They were well matched