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Download ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ¼ Chantal Fernando S world upside down through the fierce connection they share When Ryder is given the choice between the past and present he is forced to choose between his career and a woman he has felt something for like no other Will he make the right choice Or spend the rest of his life living with regret Lexi is all alone in the wo. Reread February 03 2018Reread February 9 2016Read August 19 2013 While Layla makes you want to protect her her older sister Tenielle makes you want to hide your valuables and cup your ballsI take a step back when a scantily clad blonde jumps into my arms and fuses her lips to mine I detach her from me as soon as I can but by then the damage is doneNikki isn’t a subject I want to breach I thought that one day when I was ready to settle down she would be mine but I was wrong End of story Life goes on“ueen of hearts” “Your new nickname” he says proudly “How the hell did I get that nickname” I ask confused “It’s a secret” Ryder mock whispers passing me the guitar“Most of all it’s this heart shaped ass It's perfection”Who doesn’t want a bad boy tattooed musician who is tough on the outside but sweet and gentle on the inside“Any woman that takes a cheater back is stupid And I’m not a stupid woman Sax What would happen when you went on tour The trust is gone you can never get that back” I hiss at him“I think we should give this a go Ryder don’t you” Nikki says huskily “I guess we could give us a try or we will always be wondering what if”If Lexi finds out I even attempted a relationship with Nikki that’s another strike against me I've fucked up so bad it’s not even funnyAfter I had left heartbroken Ryder resumed a relationship with Nikki It didn’t matter to him one bit that I was gone I’m not gonna lie – it hurt to hear itDerek undresses himself afterwards his brown eyes connected to mine the entire time I gulp when I take in his muscular body He's ripped  He pushes me back onto the bed and pulls a condom out of his wallet putting it on his aroused cock When he leans over me and slides inside me with one smooth thrust I moan out “Ryder” He instantly stills Oh shit Shit shit shitI storm into Sax’s place without even knocking and I'm shocked when I see him with a chick in his bed She’s on all fours and he’s pounding away behind her I so do not need to see this shit especially when I recognize the girl It’s Payton the bartender from Steele“We were about to have sex for the first time” he tenses “and then when it was about to happen I sort of moaned out your name” He doesn’t say anything but I can feel his chest shaking and when I look up he bursts out laughing

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Read Ryder Resisting Love 107 ´ Ryder Crawford is going places His band ‘Morning Alliance’ has just gotten signed and are now touring with one of the most popular bands in the world When he meets Lexi Raine the timing couldn’t have been worse But like they say love finds you when you aren’t looking for it The stunning blonde manages to turn his world up Rld besides her best friend and partner in crime Tee After traveling around the world drifting from place to place she tries to settle down in Perth the place she grew up in When she meets Ryder he seems almost too good to be true What happens when she finds out that when things seem too good to be true they usually are. I give 45 starsOnly because it too short so the story like in hurry when you read it But I love Ryder

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Ryder Resisting LoveRyder Crawford is going places His band ‘Morning Alliance’ has just gotten signed and are now touring with one of the most popular bands in the world When he meets Lexi Raine the timing couldn’t have been worse But like they say love finds you when you aren’t looking for it The stunning blonde manages to turn hi. BR with Jo and SammyRyder's cousin Tenielle who is the sister of Layla from the first book in this series Chase shows up at Ryder's door one day with her best friend Lexi They are just getting back into town after travelling and need a place to stay until they can find an apartment of their own Of course since Ryder is someone who is always looking out for his family and willing to help them any way he can he lets them stay in his guest roomRyder is in the band 'Morning Alliance' and is well known with the women of course and is a bit of a man whore But from the moment he meets Lexi she is all he wants Lexi feels the same about Ryder There is definitely chemistry between them from the very beginningRyder and Lexi eventually start dating and everything between them seems to be going well Then when Lexi is finally able to make it to one of Ryder's gigs something totally unexpected happens Someone from Lexi's past is there and he happens to be in Ryder's band The person from her past is still in love with her even though it's been years since they were together Because of the way things had ended between them and the circumstances behind their break up this is the absolute last person Lexi wants to run intoWhat will happen when Ryder finds out the his band member was involved with Lexi in the past and it is the woman he never got over What will happen when Ryder learns of the circumstances behind their break up Will this cause problems with the band Will Ryder and Lexi's relationship survive this or will they end up breaking up Will Ryder and Lexi get their HEA You will have to read this novella to find out the answers to those uestions and so much I will say that Ryder drove me absolutely crazy with how he was almost too overprotective of Layla in the first book in the series Chase and I didn't really like him too much when he appeared in the second book in the series Kade because of the situations he was involved in with that book which briefly got brought up in this book as well So I wasn't sure how much I'd like this book since Ryder drove me crazy so often in the previous books because in my mind he's always taken being protective of his family to an extreme and has gotten involved in situations in the past that I felt he had no business even being involved in Well my opinion of Ryder changed a great deal after reading this book He no longer drives me crazy and I've grown to appreciate the fact that he looks out for his family when I've gotten to see things from his point of view I still don't completely approve of everything he's done in the past but I can appreciate Ryder a bit and know now that his motives behind things aren't to be a jerk like he seemed to be in prior books I felt it's just because of his love for his family This isn't my favorite book in the series by far but I did still enjoy it I would definitely recommend this book and this whole series ARC provided to our Smexy Bookaholics blog by author Chantal Fernando in exchange for an honest review