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The Garden of Evening Mists Read & download ´ 102 À In the highlands of Malaya a woman sets out to build a memorial to her sister killed at the hands of the Japanese during the brutal Occupation of their country Yun Ling's uest leads her to The Garden of Evening Mists and to Aritomo a man of extraordinary skill and reputation once Y Yun Ling's uest leads her to The Garden of Evening Mists and to Aritomo a man of extraordinary skill and reputation once the gardener of the Emperor of Japa. I'm trying to retire from writing reviews write shorter abbreviated ones but the books I've been reading make this very difficult SO THIS IS DIFFICULTThis is another notable epic book I've read this year WONDERFUL Great setting in the lush Malaysian Highlandswith a Male Japanese Gardner and a retired Female Chinese Judge suffering from an illnessat the center of this story The judge Yun Ling asks the gardener Aritomo to the design a garden for her to honor her deceased sister's love of Japanese gardens He refuses but asks her to be his apprentice And the story takes offour journey begins Tan Twan Eng is a gifted writer Sometimes I felt the writing was a little over the top with descriptions but most of it was beautiful This is historical fiction is filled with light dark yingyang character driven friendships love the tragedy of war and everyone trying to recover be it by trying to remember to heal or forget to heal There is a goddess of Memory Mnemosyne;but none of ForgettingYet there should be as they are twin sisters twin powers and walkon either side of us disputing for sovereignty over us and who we are all the way until death RICHARD HOLMESfrom A Meander Through Memory and Forgetting

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N When she accepts his offer to become his apprentice she begins a journey into her past inextricably linked with the secrets of her troubled country's histor. For after the rain when with never a stain The pavilion of Heaven is bareAnd the winds and sunbeams with their convex gleams Build up the blue dome of AirI silently laugh at my own cenotaph And out of the caverns of rainLike a child from the womb like a ghost from the tomb I arise and unbuild it again PB ShelleyThe heron preens itself majestically perched delicately at the edge of the pond having found the familiarity of a home at last after miles of mateless flight Gold flecked koi fishes dart surreptitiously just below the surface disrupting the lotus leaves Wisps of rain bearing clouds and the mountains meld into each other's embrace in a rare moment to become a mist robed goddess and render the vista an acute resemblance with a ukiyo e painting a charming illusion not even a discerning eye can remain immune to Unwilling to pay the dues exacted by aphasia Yun Ling hears the fading whispers of times gone by unspeakable horrors etched across the soft palate of her consciousness she'd dearly like to forget and fond remembrances of the ones who sustained the flame of empathy in their hearts while the symphony of death and devastation reached its crescendo all around the Malay peninsula The beautiful and fragile landscape of Yugiri lies forgotten in the wake of Aritomo's perplexing disappearance but his decrepit untended garden stands as a testimony to his lifelong devotion to a dying art form to his solemn resolve of remaining humane at a time when savagery was the norm One war replaces another as the ruthless Communist guerrillas commence a new reign of terror at the end of the Japanese Occupation Peace remains that idealized mirage in a desert forever out of reach The prospect of succumbing to an acute hatred of the ones who caused her misery tempts but Yun Ling struggles to hold on to her sanity and conscience in the grey abyss trapped between light and dark Her faith in Aritomo wavers time and again but she lets her skin become the last canvass of his horimono art anyway Did Aritomo's loyalty lie with Emperor Hirohito all along Or had he simply ignored the obligations imposed by notions of race gender skin color and nationality to respond to that primordial voice of reason every time it had called out to him to do the right thing Will Yun Ling ever be able to forgive herself for surviving the atrocities that claimed her sister's life Will Yun Hong find the peace and dignity in death that she was denied as a 'comfort woman' at the hands of her Japanese captors In her twilight years Yun Ling realizes that these uestions will continue to ricochet off the walls of her consciousness time and again until the day she breathes her last But she is no longer haunted by their echoes The war had claimed victims on all sides and nearly every one was complicit in the collective barbarity of it all Her festering psychological wounds will never truly heal but she finds contentment in calm acceptance of this baffling duality of life the juxtaposed coexistence of kindness and cruelty love and loathing memory and oblivion the human capacity for creation and destruction Are all of us the same I wonder navigating our lives by interpreting the silences between words spoken analysing the returning echoes of our memory in order to chart the terrain in order to make sense of the world around us Reconciled to history's ironies Yun Ling now knows that the world will forever rotate on its axis of disastrous decisions and terrible conseuences for all The relentless flow of time will weather away all the damage that had seemed indelible once Remembering Aritomo's words she will cling to a greater purpose with every last bit of strength if and when the cycle of madness starts all over again Because nestled in the heart of the mountains in Tanah Rata lies the frayed dream of her refuge from the brutalities of the outside world the slumbering garden of evening mists which patiently waits for her to awaken it to the magical touch of life once again

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The Garden of Evening MistsIn the highlands of Malaya a woman sets out to build a memorial to her sister killed at the hands of the Japanese during the brutal Occupation of their countr. I get why this was nominated for the Booker; I also get why it didn’t win Not that winning the Booker is any kind of indisputable endorsement that a novel is truly first rate and destined to become a classic – I get why The Luminaries was nominated but I’ll never get why it won unless the competition that year was uniformly ordinary and the same is true for me of half a dozen past winners There was so much that was good about this novel and yet while I consistently enjoyed it I never uite loved it I’m still trying to put my finger on why Maybe it’s because there’s just a bit too much going on Maybe because the relentlessly sumptuous prose was sometimes decorative when it might have been revealing I remember one indicative sentence when a man’s touch on a woman’s back was described as like a dragonfly settling on a leaf It’s a picturesue image but essentially meaningless if you stop and think about it In what way is a woman’s back like a leaf And how is the touch of a dragonfly different from say that of a mosuito Sometimes the prose could be just a bit too self consciously pretty The Garden of Evening Mists is essentially a love story which incorporates an awful lot of fascinating historical information about Malaya where its set and especially regarding the Japanese invasion of that country during WW2 The narrator is Supreme Court judge Teoh Yun Ling daughter of a prosperous Chinese Malaysian family and the sole survivor of a Japanese prisoner of war camp One of the mysteries at the heart of the novel is why she was the lone survivor After the war she becomes a merciless prosecutor of war criminals her experiences at the camp have left her loathing everything Japanese Except there’s a problem Her sister who died in the camp harboured an ambition to build a garden after visiting the gardens of Kyoto When Yun Ling discovers the Japanese Emperor’s former gardener Aritomo is living in Malaya and has built a garden there she asks him to build her a garden in memory of her dead sister Yun Ling and Aritomo the two central characters are both morally ambivalent both hiding shaming secrets and at times outright unlikeable which makes them fascinating They are also somewhat humourless which was a shame Aritomo never uite came alive for me It felt like he was a character who has featured in other books – the enigmatic wise solitary ageing artist who has an answer for everything but reserves his wisdom for one entitled visitor He’s also a kind of conduit of many of the mystical facets of Japanese culture – archery the tea ceremony woodcuts tattooing Zen philosophy It’s his task in the novel to redeem the Japanese in the eyes of the harsh and unforgiving Yun Ling One of the novel’s central themes is the precarious relationship between remembering and forgetting This is the novel's greatest triumph There’s a lovely scene where Aritomo takes Yun Ling to a remote ruined temple which a handful of nuns preserve The novel is consistently stressing the importance of preserving memory albeit in unorthodox ways The garden itself is a kind of spirit and memory map It’s also an exciting novel The presence in the country of rebel communist bands means safety can never be taken for granted It works well as a mystery novel too The mysteries building in intensity and artfully revealed at the opportune moments Basically there’s an awful lot to like about The Garden of Evening Mists and Tan Twan Eng is a hugely accomplished and fascinating writer who I will definitely read again In fact I liked it better than The Luminaries so perhaps after all I don't get why it didn't win the Booker