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Beware of the White A Concord Chronicles #1 Free read ï 8 ´ As is tradition Terra learns on the Saturday past her twelfth birthday that she is a Natures Spirit It is her legacy to serve in the peaceful underground city of Concord Learning she is named in a prophecy and being threatened by the leader of the death tribethat pNsible for delivering fatalities with a smile and cleaning up after themselves until Blanco recent leader of the Trepidus decides the day of reckoning for his species is coming He begins organizing the creatures and leads them toward an uprising The prophecy says there is one person who can stop him Terra With Spirit of Security Frank protecti. When Terra is awoken in the middle of the night by an elf like creature she learns she is a Nature's Spirit just like her mother She is surprised to hear this but agrees to travel to the underground city of Concord to train and discover her Spirit talent The next surprise comes when a Trepidus a member of the death tribe whose smile delivers death with a single look arrives to warn Terra about Blanco the rogue leader of the Trepidus Blanco believes a prophecy names Terra as the one who will defeat him And that's all on the first night Under the protection of Frank a skilled Spirit of Security Terra must find her talent and pass her Spirit tests all while trying to figure out how to defeat Blanco and save the city of ConcordKai Strand creates a magical world in Beware of the White The Underworld is full of fantastical sights and creatures that children and children at heart will love The real thrust of the story though is with the characters and how they must overcome their personal challenges and the forces outside of their control Although plagued with the typical pre teen insecurities that come with turning twelve Terra faces all her many challenges with bravery She often acts mature for her age but she never acts in a way inconsistent with her character And don't even get me started on how awesome Frank is He is everything Terra needs in a bodyguard friend and older brother type figure I'm just glad Frank is uite a bit older than Terra because it made my fangirl crush on him feel a little less cougary Beware of the White will satisfy your inner child and leave you waiting for the next installment in the Concord Chronicles

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Ng her Terra attempts to complete her training and discover her Spirit talents Together they go on a rogue investigation to learn how to defeat Blanco In the end it comes down to a battle of the minds The future of Concord is at stake Will Blanco the older experienced being win Or will Terra the young new Spirit earn back the peace of the city. This middle grade novel was an entertaining delightful readTerra is a sweet smart girl very close to her mom and not what one might call popular at school In fact she’s often a bit bullied at times She also suffers in silence for the death of her dad years agoThe action begins soon after Terra’s 12th birthday when she receives an unexpected visit from a mysterious Spirit Ambassador who tells Terra she’s a Nature Spirit of the Underworld and who escorts her to the secret underground city of Concord As is the tradition Terra must now begin to learn what talents she possesses and how best to use them in the Underworld cities Thus she embarks on a journey of discovery; she must learn her reason for being there and she must also learn about those she is there to help Soon everybody agrees she’s the Spirit in the prophecy the one being who will fight Blanco the evil leader of the Trepidus and bring back peace to Concord — a daunting uest for one so young especially one who doubts her skills and talentsI thoroughly enjoyed Beware of the White This is the start of an exciting fantasy series The Concord Chronicles for tweens There’s mystery action and adventure and even a hint of romance between Terra and her protector Frank a Security Spirit Author Kai Strand does an excellent job with her world building creating a fascinating original universe that will appeal to young readers Terra is a sympathetic protagonist one who bravely faces her problems in spite of her insecurities Readers will root for her as she embarks on her uest to fulfill the prophecy and find her destiny The writing itself flows beautifully and is very appropriate for the tween audience Strand makes every word count Recommended for fans of fantasy

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Beware of the White A Concord Chronicles #1As is tradition Terra learns on the Saturday past her twelfth birthday that she is a Natures Spirit It is her legacy to serve in the peaceful underground city of Concord Learning she is named in a prophecy and being threatened by the leader of the death tribethat part breaks tradition The Trepidus are the death janitors of the Underworld respo. How did you celebrate your twelfth birthday A party Balloons Cake Ice cream Your best friends singing “Happy Birthday” to you while you blew out twelve candlesIn Kai Strands new fantasy eBook for tween readers BEWARE OF THE WHITE Terra celebrates her twelfth birthday by discovering she’s a Natures Spirit and it’s time for her to learn what her special talents are With her Introguide Hermie Terra enters the Underworld a new world filled with unusual characters some friendly some dangerous In the course of her Underworld studies Terra finds that she is named in a prophecy which could mean her death Frank gorgeous eighteen year old is assigned as her Spirit of Security protector to keep her safeWow So much is going on in this story that you can’t put the book down for wanting to see what happens to Terra and the friends she makes along the way At lease I wanted to keep reading and let everything else go Kai Strand builds a fascinating world of mother love honor respect and danger as secrets about the prophecy are revealed along with secrets Terra’s mother has kept from her daughter Terra is strong and brave She’s also human and not perfect even though she is a Natures Spirit making her a good role model for other twelve year olds especially the way she stands up to the “real” world girls that bully her at schoolBEWARE OF THE WHITE will appeal to young readers that are searching for meaning to their lives which at this age can be uite confusing They may even get a lesson in how to deal with a bully The eBook will make a nice gift for the tweens in your life and for yourself as well as you journey with Terra to a land in need of a heroine like Terra Happy reading###