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The Mad Earl's Bride Book ↠ 158 pages ¹ Reflectionslisburnltd Ñ Originally appeared in the print anthology Three Weddings and a Kiss 1995Gwendolyn Adams is about to propose to an earl On his deathbedGwendolyn Adams isn't shocked at being asked to save a handsome earl's dying line even when she learns the pAne She's uite a good nurse after all and her family is famous for producing healthy male children Those stories about his riding the moors half naked on a pale white horse? Extremely intriguing especially after she gets her first look at the gorgeous lunaticThe Earl of Rawnsley wants only to lose The Mad Earl's Bride is the story of Gwendolyn and DorianThis sweet sweet tale has a hero on the brisk of insanity and the heroine that weds him out of curiosity and her own benefit He expects to die just as his mother had she vows to rescue him from the brink of madness He is hopeless she is hopeful He is afraid and she is brave They fall for each other make love make life altering discoveries and the book ends in a hopeful HEATwo minutes into the story we know the diagnosis yet it was SUCH a fun and heartwarming readSafe45

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Originally appeared in the print anthology Three Weddings and a Kiss 1995Gwendolyn Adams is about to propose to an earl On his deathbedGwendolyn Adams isn't shocked at being asked to save a handsome earl's dying line even when she learns the prospective bridegroom is seriously ill and possibly ins 45 stars rounded upI’ve said before that it takes a truly gifted author to turn out a novella which gives the reader the same degree of satisfaction upon finishing as can be found on the completion of a full length novel and I suppose the fact that this one is by Loretta Chase should be recommendation enoughAt the age of twenty seven Dorian Camoys the Earl of Rawnsley is dying plagued by the same illness that killed his mother She died alone in an asylum for the insane and Dorian expects that before long he will begin to exhibit the symptoms of madness He already suffers from the blinding headaches and visual flashes that she endured and knows he doesn’t have long left His remaining relatives however are concerned for the title and have decided that Dorien should marry and beget an heir while he is still able to The duc d’Abbonville the head of the French branch of the Camoys family – and who is also the fiancé of the redoubtable Genevieve Jessica Trent’s grandmother – believes he can persuade Dorian to do his duty by the title and has already selected him a bride Miss Gwendolyn Adams who is another of Genevieve’s granddaughtersLike both her grandmother and her cousin Jessica Gwendolyn is a very formidable young woman She is passionately interested in the medical sciences but as this is a time when formal training was not possible for a woman she has to content herself with studying on her own Marrying the Earl of Rawnsley will give her the funds and influence to enable her to build and run a new hospital and it’s that which is her primary motivation for agreeing to the duc’s proposal – well that and the opportunity to perhaps help Dorian and gain some insight into his illnessDespite his initial reluctance Dorian agrees to the marriage and even though he is determined to maintain a distance from his bride Gwen won’t let him encouraging him to talk about his illness and conducting her own researches into the nature of it To his surprise she treats him as a normal sane and intelligent individual and one over who makes her melt into a puddle of lust “I wish you could see the way you look at me”“Like a lovesick schoolgirl you mean?” she asked“Yes”“Well what do you expect? You are shockingly handsome”He leaned forward his eyes narrowed “I have a brain disease My mind is crumbling to pieces And in a few months I shall be a rotting corpse”After which she basically pats him on the cheek says “there there dear never mind” and changes the subjectI suspect that most readers will be able to work out what is actually wrong with Dorian before Gwen does but she is working without the benefit of current medical knowledge and one of the things that keeps the reader hooked is wondering when Dorian will realise that he doesn’t have one foot in the grave after allBoth Dorian and Gwendolyn are likeable well drawn characters their relationship is beautifully developed and their interactions are by turns funny tender sexy and heart rending Dorian’s desire not to be pitied and to have control over his life for as long as he can is poignant and uite understandable and I loved the way

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The Mad Earl's BrideWhat's left of his mind in peace and privacy But his busybody relatives have saddled him with a surprise bride and orders to sire an heir forthwith And they say he's mad? But with Gwendolyn his health is returning and his resistance crumbling Is it possible that love is the finest madness of all? What a wonderful reminder of why Loretta Chase is one of my favorite authorsShort but better conceived and articulated than books many times this novella's length Perhaps because I love to blind adoring stupidity Lord of Scoundrels I enjoyed the similar chemistry between rational unshakeable Gwendolyn a woman determined to fund a hospital according to her own medical study and beliefs and Dorian the doomed earl who has reluctantly agreed to wed to try to procreate before his debility kills him Gwen reminded me of Jessica; Dorian of Lord Dain T est D est and H est hero of them all Their meeting and sorting out the tangle was funOne of the best of many delightful scenes was Gwen explaining why his horrible decline wouldn't upset her and why marrying him made sense by way of reassuring him that she was a willing bride without any illusions about their marriage