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Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor, Vol. 1 Free download ´ 7 ☆ This classic volume introduces the mild mannered Dr Donald Blake and his amazing alter ego Thor the Norse God of Thunder Through the course of these awesome adventures the Asgardian Avenger battles everyone from the Stone Men of Saturn to the Radioactive MD of Thunder Through the course of these awesome adventures the Asgardian Avenger battles everyone from the. Sorry to say I didn't enjoy most of it They were dull and repetitive Thor's love for Jane thoughI'll take a break from this for now but here's hoping it'll be better

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This classic volume introduces the mild mannered Dr Donald Blake and his amazing alter ego Thor the Norse Go. First off I am a fan of the Marvel Masterworks series and generally enjoy the cheesy goodness that Marvel’s early comics bring to the table So it is with a heavy heart that I must saddle poor Thor with one measly star But this was pretty rough Stan Lee and Jack Kirby only teamed up for one of the 18 issues included in this collection and the series suffered in their absence The writing is generally uninspired the plots repetitive and the villains mostly yawn inducing There is a lot of Loki in this collection possibly because the writers were having real trouble coming up with other memorable foes They certainly didn’t strike gold when they rolled out The Rock Men of Saturn“Now wait just a darned minute” you may exclaim “Those losers are from the first issue It gets better from there” First of all calm down But also it really doesn’t If Thor’s not tussling with Loki he’s generally either thumping commies busting two bit hoodlums or defending earth from speedo wearing alien warriorsWhen Thor is not busy saving mankind from these dire threats he is usually trying to sleep with ”get with” his assistant Suffice to say this will they or won’t they tale did not have me on the edge of my seat Really the reason to read this collection is the novelty factor these are the very first Thor stories If you are a fan you will at least find these issues to be interesting if not enthralling Personally I find the whole Thor thing very confusing At least in this first version of the story Thor is “created” when some random guy comes across a magic stick and even this is inconsistentlater it is revealed that only particularly heroic humans receive the gift of immortality and what’s so heroic about fleeing from the stupid rock people Then Odin starts treating Dr Blake AKA Thor as his own son Which in itself is weirdBlake and Thor are clearly the same person sharing the same consciousness and Blake is not Odin’s son so that really makes no sense But even brain blowing is the fact that for all intents and purposes Thor is a god A god In the Marvel Universe it becomes pretty clear to mankind that the Norse pantheon is very very real and that the Scandinavians had it right all along In my opinion that would be about the most massive event to happen on planet earth in some time For one thing it would effectively disprove any religion that maintained there was one and only one godincluding a rather famous religion that starts with a C For another you’d think people would be flabbergasted by this There is a guy running around the city who has all the answers He ascends to heaven regularly But the dullards of the Marvel Universe are only interested in how Thor can help them minimize street crime and take care of petty thugs What a waste And is this really godly behavior Marvel I am willing to suspend belief and accept radioactive spiders and adamantium skeletons and all sorts of crazy shit But I cannot accept that people just putter on business as usual when the curtains are pulled back and the mysteries of the heavens are unveiled Anyway my ravings aside these stories simply aren’t very good I suspect that e

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Marvel Masterworks The Mighty Thor Vol 1Stone Men of Saturn to the Radioactive Man to his own half brother LokiCollects Journey Into Mystery #83 100. According to the introduction back in the early 60s Stan Lee was asked whether the Marvel superheroes were the new mythology Apparently it was this simple uestion that gave him the idea for Thor Many of the early plots center on Thor's encounters with strange creatures multiple altercations with Loki and his alter ego the lame Doctor Don Blake pining for Jane Foster his beautiful nurseThe stories themselves are extremely text heavy and a little too much like early Superman comics Doctor Blake must run off to change into Thor explain his sudden departure from the action and compete with his superhuman self for the love of his lifeAlthough it was interesting to see the introduction of these mythological figures into the Marvel Universe the stories did become repetitive and this collection felt like a very long read