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ePub ´ Bodyguards of Pleasure é Pleasure Montana #8 ✓ reflectionslisburnltd î Siren Ménage Everlasting Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MFM sex toys HEAOverweight computer nerd Brooke Armstrong lives her dream of store ownership When she witnesses a drug deal goneN from two hot bodyguards Gavin Kirkwood and Riley LandonGavin can’t believe how much Brooke entices him He’s drawn to her lush curves and intelligent mind He knows she will make the perfect submissive for him and RileyNever in her wildest dreams did Brooke think the muscular former military man would find her attractive Computer nerd Brooke Armstrong has resolved herself to never having the same appeal to men as her beautiful and social butterfly of a sister Her intelligence weight and socially ineptitude are off putting to most men so she contents herself with running her own computer store – until she witnesses a drug deal gone bad and has to accept Gavin and Riley’s offer of protection against the killer whose intent on making sure she can’t identify him Gavin Kirkwood recently moved to Pleasure and had already met Brooke when he purchased computer supplies from her store but he was too busy setting up his business to act on his attraction to her As luck would have it he happened to be in the sheriff’s office when Brooke’s 911 call came in – and is than happy to be able to offer to let her stay at his home until the killer is caught This is than a ‘nice’ gesture’ however he’s convinced that Brooke would make the perfect submissive for him and his roommate and detective partner Riley Landon What Brooke doesn’t realize is that Gavin and Riley are offering much than a place to stay and protection until things blow over and she and her family are safe They genuinely want her to stay with them permanently but first they need to catch and killer and then they can focus all their attention on Brooke – but then again they have a desirable woman in their home and it appears the attraction goes both ways Even better Brooke longs to be able to relax and not have to constantly be so in control of everything – and Gavin and Riley are very good at making sure the only thing she needs to worry about is pleasing them BODYGUARDS OF PLEASURE kicks off with an intense murder scene and poor Brooke running for her life and while that rest of that drama unfolds throughout the storyline readers are treated to a sizzling and sometimes humorous romantic entanglement between Brooke Gavin and Riley I love that Melody Snow Monroe put some insight into her characters and made her heroine an intelligent full figured woman who’s not afraid to speak her mind Of course Gavin and Riley are sex personified everything you’d expect an alpha male to be which makes them super appealing – either on their own or as a package deal BODYGUARDS OF PLEASURE is a fun intense storyline with plenty of sexual tension and romance to keep readers fully entertained until the very last page – then sends you in search of the other titles in Ms Monroe’s PLEASURE MONTANA series So far there are a total of nine titles in the PLEASURE MONTANA series but don’t worry they can be read in any order since they easily read as stand alone stories The titles in order areCHELSEA’S PLEASURELYDIA’S PASSIONDESTINY’S DESIREBRITTANY’S DESTINYTAMING TAMMYBELLA’S BAD BIKERSLURING ROBINBODYGUARDS OF PLEASURETWO DOMS FOR VICKIThis book was reviewed using a digital galley via NetGalleycourtesy of Romance Junkies

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But when he ties her up and demands her obedience she’s in heavenToo bad the killer won’t let them revel in their passion After a kidnapping gone wrong that ends in a do or die battle the killer is brought to justice How can the men convince Brooke they want her in a permanent ménage relationship?A Siren Erotic Romance ARC provided by NetGalley for honest reviewIf I was to rate this book on plot alone I’d have to give it a three There was not really much to it than the blurb states But then again we all know these Siren reads are not really about an intellectual read Most of us read these for the hot and steamy do not read in public naughty menage sex scenes And Bodyguards of Pleasure is not lacking in that respect The men are hot the sex is smokin’ and the story is interesting enough Brooke witnesses a murder one night when taking out the trash in the alley behind her computer store Fearing for her life Brooke has no choice but to hide away And who better to offer her a place to stay than two new to town bodyguards Immediately the sexual tension is off the charts and even though Brooke wonders why even one of these men would want her seeing as she’s an overweight computer nerd recluse But what’s honorable about Brooke is though she may feel this way about herself she has no problem voicing her concerns to the men And Sasically I mean this girl has no shame She does not hold back When she wants to be tied up she doesn't uiver or act embarrassed Both Gavin and Riley are only too eager to comply There is a minor BDSM dom sub action that happens but nothing real intense A few characters from the earlier books pop up and assist with Brooke's 'problem' The danger and action wasn't magnificent I didn't sit at the edge of my seats biting my nails wondering what would happen nor did I really feel Brooke was in harm’s way at any point at least not with Gavin and Riley around There was of course a Happy Ending Do these books ever end without one??? If they do I've yet to find one It was uick and easy to read but brought all the things you expect from a Siren read Minor story line hot and heavy on the sex with buff ex military men offering the relationship us readers can only dream read about

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Bodyguards of Pleasure Pleasure Montana #8 Siren Ménage Everlasting Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance MFM sex toys HEAOverweight computer nerd Brooke Armstrong lives her dream of store ownership When she witnesses a drug deal gone bad the killer is intent on seeing her dead Scared for her life and that of her family’s she reluctantly accepts protectio Bodyguards of Pleasure Grabs your attention uickly Brooke Armstrong a major computer geek was taking the trash out when she witnesses a gruesome murder in the alley behind her computer store Now a killer wants to silence her New to Pleasure Montana are Gavin Kirkwood and Riley Landon who run a detective agency These two not only share a business and a home they love to share the same woman And they think Nerdy Brooke just might be the perfect woman for them if they can keep her safe Parts of this book have you holding your breath As gruesome as the murder scene was I felt Melody did an amazing job making me feel like I was Brooke witnessing it myself I could also feel her panic when the killer came after her This was a really good read from Melody and had all the right ingredients I wish it would have been a little bit longer in length and the characters knew each other a little 455 starsI received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review