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Review ô Empire Falls · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Двадесет години Майлс Роби приготвя хамбургери в грил бар „Емпайър” Тази работа го е лишила от колежанско образование и самоуважение Защо не се отка?ванала се с неприлично суетния собственик на фитнес клуб Или може би го задържа Франсин Уайтинг на която принадлежи всичко в градчето като „всичко“ включва и самия МайлсВ „Емпайър Фолс” Ричард Русо прониква в същността на онази Америка която е населена с дребни собственици работници на надница и занаятчии към които той се отнася с хумор съчувствие ?. This was my first taste of Richard Russo's wonderful prose and lifelike characters The book follows the lives of Miles Roby and his family in the dying industrial town of Empire Falls Maine The town itself is beautifully described throughout as the book transpires over a school year Miles' daughter Tick's senior year at Empire High I really loved how Russo writes dialog both exterior and interior and his sense of humor and irony Most of the time I felt like I was sitting in the Empire Grill listening to Walt doing his Perry Como impersonations while Horace was beating him in gin Max was trying to steal money from the till David was slinging burgers with his one good hand Tick was ringing the bell over the door as she came in slumped over by her heavy backpack The way that Russo uses beats in dialogs greatly added to the realism I also found the two antagonists Francine Whiting and Jimmy Minty to be great foils to Miles The bool weaves wonderful parallels between the past and present and is rich in analogies The central message is one of taking responsibility for one's fate rather than blaming circumstances for one's shortcomings Both the Prologue and Epilogue are wonderful bookends to the main story I can definitely see how he earned his Pulitzer in 2002 for this fantastic book I have subseuently read Nobody's Fool and Everybody's Fool and loved and reviewed both here on GR

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Двадесет години Майлс Роби приготвя хамбургери в грил бар „Емпайър” Тази работа го е лишила от колежанско образование и самоуважение Защо не се откаже от нея кой и какво го задържа Може би прекрасната му чувствителна дъщеря Кристина която се нуждае от помощта му за да оцелее в местната гимназия Или Джанин която скоро ще стане бивша съпруга на Майлс за?. Lives are rivers We imagine we can direct their paths though in the end there’s but one destination and we end up being true to ourselves only because we have no choice People speak of selfishness but that’s another folly because of course there’s no such thingI’ve been pondering this uote for some time now after having finished Richard Russo’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel Empire Falls Is it true that we have no choice in where our lives take us Do we only perceive that we have choices and opportunities whereas in fact our paths are predetermined Or does believing such a precept just mean that one is placing blame on circumstances that can in fact be overcome The message may be found within the pages of this extraordinary novel Empire Falls centers on the lives of those characters that live in this small town of Maine During its glory days the town flourished due to the logging and textile industries run by the all powerful Whiting family Nowadays the town is run down yet many of its inhabitants remain hopeful that some day it will once again prosper This is due largely to the fact that the mill and the factory remain intact a vision of what used to be and what could be if someone would only grasp the opportunity What does remain and stands as the focal point of the actual happenings in the town is the Empire Grill The Empire Grill was long and low slung with windows that ran its entire length and since the building next door a Rexall drugstore had been condemned and razed it was now possible to sit at the lunch counter and see straight down Empire Avenue all the way to the old textile mill and its adjacent shirt factory Both had been abandoned now for the better part of two decades though their dark looming shapes at the foot of the avenue’s gentle incline continued to draw the eyeIt is here that we meet Miles Roby manager of the Empire Grill What fascinates me about small towns is the fact that many of its people really never get away Despite economic instability there is a core of folks that seem to stick it out – perhaps they don’t perceive a means of escape or maybe they see the town for what it once was and that memory eclipses any sense of hardship Miles Roby with a major push and the support of his mother did get out only to return once again due to circumstances that seemed out of his control Now under the thumb of Francine Whiting reigning heiress to the Whiting fortune Miles seems to have reached a dead end much like the town itself He lives in a shabby apartment over the grill is soon to be divorced and has responsibilities to his teenage daughter Tick his deadbeat father Max and his recovering alcoholic brother David Through him we also meet a wealth of other complex individuals – some good some not so good and some downright cringe worthy And yet under the masterful pen of Russo each character is written in a way that completely absorbs your full attention However mundane each person appears on the surface he or she still manages to throb with life on each page The interactions and dialogue in this book are superb – believable gripping sometimes sad and often humorous The novel is at heart a character driven story There exists a plot that is very slowly and deliberately revealed – a couple of turns that I did not fully anticipate Don’t expect uick action – you will be disappointed And yet I found myself nearly holding my breath towards the end of the book; I was that entangled with the lives of the characters I was hopeful for the future of the town and its people There was something in nearly each person that I could relate to and understand What I came to realize in the end is that we should each grab hold of our dreams take control of our circumstances and in fact change the direction of that river We may not end up exactly where we imagined but neither do we need to flounder and succumb to its currents I think it would be safe to say that even though this is my first I know right where have I been Richard Russo novel he will be on my list of favorite authors This book has those elements I adore in my books memorable and extremely well drawn characters brilliant writing and surprising plot twists 5 stars After all what was the whole wide world but a place for people to yearn for their hearts’ impossible desires for those desires to become entrenched in defiance of logic plausibility and even the passage of time as eternal as polished marble

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Empire Falls?ърпение и разбиранеС „Емпайър Фолс” Ричард Русо утвърждава репутацията си на един от най убедителните и страстни разказвачи През 2002 г романът получава наградата Пулицър за художествена литература а три години по късно е екранизиран от режисьора Фред Шепизи с участието на Ед Харис Пол Нюман Хелън Хънт Филип Хофман Джоан Удуърд Робин Райт Ейдън Куин. In this past year of reading I’ve found it easy to get through a book uickly decide whether I enjoyed it or not and move on to the next book in the infinite pile Most books I’ll read in a week or so and I approach my leisure time in a workman like manner it is relaxation time but it also follows a pretty regular schedule Rare are the books that cause me to slow down and delay finishing a novel simply to prolong the enjoyment provided by its reading Empire Falls is that type of book It is the perfect type of book for winter it moves at a leisurely pace is rich in character and has absolutely stunning writing Empire Falls is a close as you can get to a perfect novelBut a pitch perfect novel is not exactly what you’d expect from reading the synopsis printed on the back of the novel Miles Roby is a soon to be divorced manager at the Empire Grill trying to raise his high school age daughter Tick in rural Maine Miles is stuck under the thumb of Mrs Whitting a local woman who owns much of the town’s real estate businesses and a good deal of the populace There’s a plot but the novel builds a story that revolves around character and it is those characters that propel the book forward Man oh man are the characters ever impressive Miles is whom the reader spends the most time with and the conflict between his desire for a better life and the desire to be a good man is at the heart of the story While I loved Miles what is truly impressive is that Russo brings to life an entire town in entirely believable detail You’ll remember Max Roby and be able to share Miles’ disdain for his father But you’ll also know Max and feel a familiar excitement for his appearances and the humorously twisted moral compass he employs Each and every character even in the most minor of appearances feels as if they could walk in your door as soon as you put the book down My grandfather and I did a buddy read for this book We both remarked that we knew so many of characters as they hewed so closely to the people from the rural lives we had lived The writing here is as I’ve mentioned breathtaking in its beauty and insight Russo has packed a lot into this almost 500 page novel and not a word of it feels wasted He effortlessly moves from a scene at the grill to a brief accounting of a newly arrived character’s life and back to the scene without ever making me feel like the story meandered So much of the beauty of the book comes from Russo’s ability to build an entire town piece by piece with POVs from characters that range in social standing and disposition each serving to highlight another aspect of Empire Falls Russo also makes profound and poignant statements in the novel that make for some of the most personally genuine writing I’ve ever read I started at first to jot down passages I wanted to include in this review but gave up after 100 pages There’s just too much here to bother trying to include it all I can’t begin to recall how many times I finished a chapter set the book down and just took a bit of time to ponder what I’d just read As for themes Empire Falls deals with all the big stuff you’d expect to see from Pulitzer Prize winning fiction Miles is pulled between duty and desire throughout the entire novel but his inertia constantly keeps him from acting in any major way to affect change in his life Russo deals with the events in life that shape complex adults from the supple clay of childhood He examines morality from all different angles with all of his characters caught in some sort of ethically gray suabble throughout the story Not all the characters make the right decisions but I would never fault Russo as the decisions are always backed up by the characters’ upbringing personality or recent changes in their lives Life death what makes a good life and the influence we have on others It’s a heavy set of themes that Russo deals with in admirable fashionTo bring it all home Empire Falls is simply one of the best novels I’ve ever read and possibly the best novel I’ve read in 2016 I loved the characters the setting and the overlapping pursuits desires and interactions of the township make for a novel that never once bored me through the entire read The book is long I’ll give you that but it is patient than slow and embracing that patience yielded one of the most rewarding reading experiences I’ve had all year Should you exercise the same patience you too will be rewarded with an absolutely breathtaking novel