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mobi ´ Les Fiancés de l'hiver ☆ Paperback read ☆ christelle dabos á Sous son écharpe élimée et ses lunettes de myope Ophélie cache des dons singuliers elle peut lire le passé des objets et traverser les miroirs Elle vit paisiblement sur l'Arche d'Anima uand on la fiance à Thorn duIent le jouet d'un complot mortelUne héroïne inoubliable un univers riche et foisonnant une intrigue implacable Découvrez le premier livre d'une grande saga fantastiue et le talent d'un nouvel auteur à l'imaginaire saisissan 425 StarsI really enjoyed this YA debut novel by French author Christelle Dabos It has won numerous awards in Europe so it was no surprise that it has recently finally been translated into English I don't read many translated books and was excited to give this one a go I have read some wonderful reviews about the French version I wanted to see what sort of atmosphere it had It did not disappointIn a uniue universe the world has been smashed up into different arks Ophelia is a young woman living on Anima She has the ability to travel short distances through mirrors and can also read objects histories by touch When against her wishes she is betrothed to a man on another Ark Ophelia has to leave her secure and loving home and travel to a cold and desolate ark to marry him Thorn is a powerful man and has many enemies who will stop at nothing to see his and his future wife's demiseI have read a few reviews commenting on the misogyny A Winter's Promise and its characters While I agree yes there is a lot of it I must say I took it differently than a lot of those reviewers I believe it is a story of a young woman finding her power in such a landscape and navigating her way through it I feel like the story line has a purpose And I feel it will take much than one book to get there The scene is set and yes it's depressing to be a woman in this book especially Ophelia But there are three books coming and I am really excited to see how strong she becomes and how she can change her world for the betterHonestly I didn't find it any misogynistic than 999% of the other YA books I have read The most popular YA franchises generally have the mistreatment of women as a theme  If a YA book can bring this to light I am all for it provided there is an adeuate resolution of the story line and at least permits young readers to recognise the issues and feel inspired to change their own worldIt reminded me a lot of The Selection and The Red ueen series in certain ways but I really disliked those series I don't really like books that deal with competing for a man's love I found The Mirror Visitor to be much encouraging She doesn't even want to be with the 'hero' of the book and has so many other strengths going for her than the love of a man and I think that is made perfectly clearThe author has created such a uniue and expansive world for her characters I absolutely loved reading about the scenery and what on earth she was going to get herself into next It had so many twists and turns I found getting through this book extremely easy completing it in just three sittingsI liked the characters even than I was expecting even Thorn I gradually warmed to slightly by the end even though he was a grump of a character I can't wait to find out about him in subseuent booksIt ends in a MAJOR cliffhanger but I really want to read what happens next Would I Recommend A Winter's PromiseIt was fun Pure YA entertainment Because it was translated from French it had a very uniue vibe to it which I can only imagine is due to the authors background and talent It was eerie and imaginative detailed and the universe was so expansive I thoroughly enjoyed it and imagine most fans of YA will feel the same way Many thanks to Text Publishing for a copy of A Winter's Promise to reviewFor reviews check out myBlogFacebookInstagramTwitter

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Clan des Dragons La jeune fille doit uitter sa famille et le suivre à la Citacielle capitale flottante du Pôle À uelle fin a t elle été choisiePouruoi doit elle dissimuler sa véritable identitéSans le savoir Ophélie dev DNF'd on page 185491Thank you so much to Text Publishing Australia for sending a copy of this to me Unfortunately I just couldn't get into it The first chapter was so promising with so much atmosphere and it had it's own distinct magical vibe that made me think I was going to love this book However as I kept reading I kept encountering and problems For example on page 49 A nanny pushed a pram while blushing at the admiring whistles of workmen up scaffolding Ughhhhh why are we insinuating that this is a normal thing that women should blush when disgusting men do this ALSO I thought this was a children's book so I was super upset that lines like this were used without being challenged but as I read and of the book I realised this is certainly NOT a children's book We have another character calling a woman a slut just because she was sleeping with her brother and we have another character who ugh let me just show you Archibald finally let out a deep sigh I'll admit to you that I'm a little disappointed It would have been frightfully amusing to have Thorn's betrothed at my disposalAnd why's that she asked frowningWell to deflower her of courseLIKE SERIOUSLYI'm just done with this book The storyline itself isn't even interesting enough for me to continue with it and the main characters are EXTREMELY bland SUPER BUMMED

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Les Fiancés de l'hiverSous son écharpe élimée et ses lunettes de myope Ophélie cache des dons singuliers elle peut lire le passé des objets et traverser les miroirs Elle vit paisiblement sur l'Arche d'Anima uand on la fiance à Thorn du puissant A novel that takes place in a world so similar yet different to our own God has gotten angry and smashed the world into little pieces It sees Ophelia travel to a distant ark as these fragments of the world are now called for an arranged marriage to Thorn the Pole ark's treasurer Ophelia has certain gifts just by touching an object she can read the feelings and mindset of people who have previously touched that object and she also has the ability to travel through mirrors Yet others have powerful abilities and she fails to see why someone as insignificant as herself has been reuested as Thorn's wife She finds that people on the Pole ark aren't always as they seem some she trusted will try to betray her but she also finds some unexpected allies What follows is a tale of political intrigue manipulation and secrets as Ophelia finds that the truth is scarier than she first thought and those around her find her stronger than she looksI really enjoyed this book whipping through it in a couple of sessions Christelle Dabos weaves an amazing tale through rich settings and characters This is the first book in The Mirror Visitor series and I'll definitely be on the lookout for the rest of the series as they become available A first rate fantasy bookMy thanks to Text Publishing for a copy to read and review The opinions are all my own