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Ence had carefully erased three periods of his life from the record But why Filled with fascinating real life characters a mysterious death family secrets and affairs aplenty The Secret Rooms is an enthralling page turning true story that reads like an Agatha Christie nove. Find this and other reviews at 've been bouncing around thoughts on Catherine Bailey's The Secret Rooms for a couple of weeks now vainly trying to convince myself that I don't know what I want to say when in reality I've just been putting off a review I wasn't in the mood to write Something about wanting to like a book than I did having to rectify deflated expectations against the reality of experience call me crazy but it just doesn't insight much enthusiasm Now before I get too far ahead of myself I want to say I love the mystery Bailey uncovered at Belvoir Castle I think it a genuinely authentic intrigue that says a lot about the family's dynamics society in the early twentieth century etc and so on Honestly if The Secret Rooms were streamlined exclusively to the mystery surrounding John Henry Montagu Manners 9th Duke of Rutland and restructured to follow a chronological timeline of his movements I'd be giving this book four stars if not five but that's not Bailey's style No Bailey skips back and forth over the established timeline making it necessary for the reader to piece together events from a chaotic hodgepodge of information and often follows random tangents about flowers sunlight or minor characters for pages before returning to her central story She also tends to make mountains out of mole hills routinely overemphasizing events that are only loosely related to her primary subject and finally her penchant for repeating herself ad nauseam is than a little annoying Could I overlook the mechanics of the text and focus on Bailey's thesis Of course but I can't say I'm particularly inclined to do so Why Probably because I felt the same way about Bailey's 2008 release Black Diamonds Bailey has a nose for unearthing provocatively alluring material but superior subject matter aside her haphazard construction and irregular formatting make her books somewhat tedious and at times frustratingly incoherent

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The Secret RoomsWhen the 9th Duke of Rutland died alone in the cramped family archives on April 21 1940 his son and heir Charles ordered the room sealed Sixty years later Catherine Bailey became one of the first historians allowed inside What she discovered when she began reading through. There is a saying More money problems After reading this book I think there should be an addendum for nobility More titles drama The Secret Rooms is the story of the 9th Duke of Rutland John Henry Montagu Manners and the family secrets he tried to hide Before John died of pneumonia in April 1940 he locked himself into his archive rooms at Belvoir Castle and would not come out working ceaselessly on a mysterious project even against his doctor's orders to rest After John died his son closed the rooms and no one was allowed in them for nearly 60 yearsJohn's obsession with collecting struck me as pathological The pursuit and ordering of objects appeared to lie at the core of his personality It seemed to go far beyond mere interest it was all consuming a compulsion It looked as if these collections represented some sort of refuge a form of escape into a private world But what had he wanted to escape fromIn 2008 writer Catherine Bailey was working on a book about World War I and was one of the few who was granted access to the closeted archives called the Muniment Rooms While going through family letters and papers she found several gaps in the collection as if John had deliberately removed correspondence to try and hide something Bailey got on the trail and ended up writing a very different kind of book than what she started What she found was a lot of family drama a scandalous coverup and at the heart of it a deeply unhappy child At one point my heart broke for sweet little John and I wished I could have given him a hugview spoilerI won't give away all of the details but the missing correspondence involves three different things the death of a child a bitter fight over an inheritance and a suspicious absence during the war hide spoiler

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Summary õ The Secret Rooms 109 ¼ When the 9th Duke of Rutland died alone in the cramped family archives on April 21 1940 his son and heir Charles ordered the room sealed Sixty years later Catherine Bailey became one of the first historians allowed inside What she discovered when she began reading through the duke's letters was a mystery involving oneThe duke's letters was a mystery involving one of the most powerful families in British society in the turbulent days leading up to World War I The 9th Duke who had devoted his entire adult life to organizing and cataloging several hundred years' worth of family correspond. The author drags you along for over 600 pages promising revelations secrets revealed mind boggling suspense What you get is a dry history full of a largely unsympathetic main character his aggravating and shrilly selfish mother and the rest of his detestable family One of the main secrets is never actually even explained but constantly brought up throughout the book Excellent reading fodder if you are trapped on a plane with nothing else to do for about eight hours