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A Snicker of Magic Read ´ 0 è Introducing an extraordinary new voice a magical debut that will make your skin tingle your eyes glisten and your heart singMidnight Gulch used to be a magical place a town where people could sing up thunderstorms and dance up sunflowers But that was long ago before a curse drove the magic away Twelve year old Felicity knowAt; her nomadic mother is cursed with a wandering heartBut when she arrives in Midnight Gulch Felicity thinks her luck's about to change A word collector Felicity sees words everywhere shining above strangers tucked into church eves and tangled up her dog's floppy ears but Midnight Gulch is the first place she's ever seen the word home And then ther. Felicity is an intense happiness a particular kind of joya wondrous joy and the most fitting name for the charismatic main character of this happy hopeful little tale Having accepted the gypsy life style as her mural painting mom carries her and her young sister Frannie across the country; Felicity was surprised by the tug she felt entering Midnight Gulch Tennessee “A Proper Place to Call Home” Granted she knew this was her mother’s home and that they’d be bunking with her mother’s siblings but it was than thatWhile most townsfolk will say that Midnight Gulch “used to be” a magical place a few insist that a snicker of magic remains A century old curse holds that leftover magic dormant until the riddle that evoked it has been solved That snicker gently tugs at Felicity seemingly soliciting her assistance As she is inexplicably smitten and eager to bring back the Rain Conjurers Shadow Catchers and families that could turn themselves invisible or bake secrets into pies that made senseThe splendiferous town captivated Felicity but The Beedle mesmerized her For half of a century the anonymous do gooder was a local hero covering payments when someone fell behind lifting spirits with kindness and spreading good will When The Beedle reveals himself to her an immediate friendship is formed Awe struck and amazed by all of his good deeds Felicity feels timid because her only talent is “catching poems” As some folks see auras Felicity sees words Whirling around captured in thought bubbles jumbled on top of one and other; she collects the most appealing ones just as someone else may collect marbles or baseball cards Ironically the very thing she treasures the most stays stuck inside of her When she opens her mouth to speak her cherished words betray her Not with Beedle and certainly not when Uncle Jonah played his banjo but still often enough for apprehension to envelop herJoy is uickly replaced by concern Felicity spots the signs that warn her wandering mother isn’t keen on staying Desperate to establish roots Felicity resolves to solve the riddle unleash the magic and make a permanent home Not just because she feels happy here; but her tiny family Florentine with her bag of burdens every single person and the community as a whole would benefit greatly With the sweetest intentions and commendable selflessness Felicity is utterly inspiringMs Lloyd perfectly placed the irresistible Felicity as our narrator and in doing so gleefully snatches the reader from reality straight into the heart of Midnight Gulch The faint tinkling of wind chimes will tease a whiff of sugar wind tantalizes and the bluegrass music taps toes Reading A Snicker of Magic is like visiting the grooviest small town you can think ofnoshing local delicacies dancing “free as a mountain girl” and discovering a secretand my favorite part “It’s possible to have a happy ending even if the ending isn’t what you imagined”While this book is appropriate for and certainly appealing to thirdfourth grade readers it would be than a disservice to limit the audience I can’t imagine the reader regardless of his age that wouldn’t find this delightful inspiring story worthy This review was written for Buried Under Books Blog

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Introducing an extraordinary new voice a magical debut that will make your skin tingle your eyes glisten and your heart singMidnight Gulch used to be a magical place a town where people could sing up thunderstorms and dance up sunflowers But that was long ago before a curse drove the magic away Twelve year old Felicity knows all about things like th. In which I become the Grinch Who Pooh Poohs All Things MagicalThis book is currently #1 on Goodreads' Mock Newbery page Friends I just don't get it I must have read a different book Or my definition of 'distinguished' is waaaaaay different than that of the hoi polloiI've been a children's and young adult librarian for seven years now and there are a few tiresome tropes that have been sneaking their way into kiddie lit over the past few years In what is a feat of unimaginable magnitude Natalie Lloyd has managed to smoosh every trope I despise into a single book She veritably smothers the reader with themTrope That Makes Me Apoplectic #1 Characters With Idiotic NamesNarrator Felicity Juniper Pickle Felicity Juniper PICKLE I mean come onTeacher Miss Divinity Lawson Bus Driver Day GrissomThe Legends of the Town Stone and Berry WeatherlyThe Kinda Antagonist Who Never Really Does Much Toast TerryThe Drifter FlorentineAs a bonus the protagonist's mother drives a van that the family calls the Pickled Jalapeño Because why notAnd one family lives on Chicken Bristle Lane Trope That Makes Me Apoplectic #2 uirky Southern TownI think Sheila Turnage's Three Times Lucky really hammered this nail into the coffin for me But here comes A Snicker of Magic with an even uirkier town populated by see TTMMA#1 There's the guy who just sings Elvis songs on the corner There's the lady who owns a beauty shop that also doubles as an auto shop OF COURSE There's the old lady who became a country star when she was in her late 50s There's the banjo pickin' uncle who just shows up one day It's all here folks More uirky characters than you can count And just when you think you've met everyone in Midnight Gulch Lloyd manages to introduce 72 Honestly you need a town directory to wade through the volumes of characters taking up breathing roomTrope That Makes Me Apoplectic #3 Wanderin' MamaPapaI've taught in public education for 15 years There are definitely tons of crappy parents out there But kiddie lit has suddenly become uber obsessed with the wayward neglectful motherfather Pack the kids up Move to a new town Changed my mind it's rainin' Let's go somewhere else Felicity's mother especially likes to move her kids on the 7th day of the month but only if it's raining This leads me toTrope That Makes Me Apoplectic #4 Precious uotientThe precious uotient in this book is through the roof Just looking at the uirky characters' names and actions is enough proof for that pudding but here are a few examples 1Ice cream that doesn't melt so you can eat it all the time 2 A protagonist who sees wordsJust hangingLike thisHockey puckForlornb e n e f i c i a lMarmaladeIdiotic3 An aunt who makes fairy wings for everyone in the family to wear while they hang out at Snapdragon Pond 4 The word spindiddly used by the protagonist to describe everything Literally everything Like five to ten times a chapter That rocking chair over there Spindiddly Grandma's gooseberry pie Spindiddly The idea you just had Spindiddly That spider on a web Kinda spindiddly But it has 8 legs and it spins a web Okay definitely spindiddly I am not being even remotely hyperbolic If Natalie Lloyd had replaced 'spindiddly' with the word 'great' or 'good' or even 'awesome' any editor in his right mind would be like Listen Nat you gotta find some adjectivesBut not this editor Hey Natalie can you throw in about 4309 'spindiddlies' in this paragraph It's just not spindiddly enoughFellow Goodreads reviewer Rachael put it best with this to the point polemic Be ready to LOLZTrope That Makes Me Apoplectic #5 The Power of StoryI teach a graduate course in storytelling I do not need to be convinced of the magic of a great story nor of the charisma of a storyteller who exceeds at hisher craft The art of storytelling is in a renaissance thanks Moth StoryCorps but the number of children's lit books that have characters begging for a story is inching toward the mi

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A Snicker of MagicE's Jonah a mysterious spiky haired do gooder who shimmers with words Felicity's never seen before words that make Felicity's heart beat a little faster Felicity wants to stay in Midnight Gulch than anything but first she'll need to figure out how to bring back the magic breaking the spell that's been cast over the town and her mother's broken heart. This is such a visual book Throughout the story I kept imagining what a wonderful movie it would be This remote town is filled with eclectic characters Each of them have a bit if magic in their lineage Our heroine sees words When someone is talking the words they don’t say will escape from their ears or float around their heads This is a lovely YA novel that is safe for children to read No violence or hints of sex Just a sweet story of home friendship family and just a touch of magic