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Pinch Me Suncoast Society #6Laura Spaulding awakes in a hospital following a vicious attack that has stolen her memories of the past All she has to go on are the strong emotions she instinctively feels for close friends and her fiancé RobRob Carlton is than just Laura’s fiancé he’s also her Master But how. Suspense romance about h losing her memory after a vicious stalker attack and feeling her way back into her old life which included a BDSM lifestyle kinky friends with hearts of gold and a loving and loyal fiancé All this time the stalker is still on the loose but in the end he is brought to justiceThis was a second attempt at finishing the book I had DNFed after trying the book last year The book could really have stood to have 100 150 pages cut out; a lot of stuff was repetetive and it killed the pace The main povs were the H and h and it was not fun being in the h's head she was all woe is me and mouthy and alternatively took her frustration on everyone around including the poor H Everyone was so patient with her and understanding except her brother Bill who called her on her BS not sure if that was realistic The poor H he was a saint While being a beta guy who put up with a lot from the headstrong h in daily life it was nice to see H's mildly sadistic Dom side in play it brought some balance to the relationship since the h was a masochistic sub The flashbacks of their past sex scenes were hot and fun and it was nice to revisit Leah and Seth and Tony and other members of the Suncoast societyA 4 star instalment of the series

Characters Pinch Me Suncoast Society #6

Characters ✓ Pinch Me Suncoast Society #6 102 í Laura Spaulding awakes in a hospital following a vicious attack that has stolen her memories of the past All she has to go on are the strong emotions she instinctively feels for close friends and her fiancé RobRob Carlton is than just Laura’s fiancé—he’s also her Master But hoCan he tell her she’s his slave when he has to win her love all over again first And he feels helpless to protect her from a nameless stalker who’s killed before and won’t stop until he finishes the job with LauraAs bits and pieces slowly return Laura struggles to rediscover w. Get your tissues ready Tymber Dalton does it again in PINCH MEI just finished the book this morning and OMG I loved it This book kept me on the edge of my seat 90% of the time and it kept me connected to the characters a connections I felt right away I felt Rob's pain over what happened to Laura but when she woke up and didn't know him his emotions came through in the written word like I was actually sitting there with him And the way Laura kept reaching to her neck for her day collar and not understanding why she was doing so that just broke my heart Her turmoil at needing to remember not just the attack but her life with Rob also made me feel so much for this characterI loved Rob and Laura his commitment to her to staying with her no matter what because he loved her with his whole heart The way she felt that connection with him from the start it didn't matter that she couldn't explain it she felt it This was done in typical Tymber Dalton style by grabbing me by the heart and sueezing every bit of emotion out of me Just when I think I have no left she tightens the screws just a little bit I love that about this author view spoilerThe only part I uestioned was when Laura came face to face with her stalker she was alone in the shop to lock up and secure the boats before an incoming storm Up to this point she'd never been alone in the shop due to this guy who almost killed her and was still stalking her But she sent everyone home really Steve would have left her Carol Sarah That part wasn't plausible whereas the whole book up to that point was carefully written That part just made me go Really hide spoiler

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Ho she was and if she even wants to be that same person again All she knows is there’s something huge missing in her life now and not just memories of the attack She also knows it’ll take than just pinching herself to wake up from her living nightmare and bring a killer to justic. First let me just say that I love reading Tymber Dalton's books and especially this series This book was filled with a lot of emotions like the others Laura was attacked in her home and left with amnesia She had no memory of being in a BDSM relationship with her Dom and husband to be If that isn't enough her attacker is still loose and makes it known that they have unfinished business to take care of All Laura wants is her memory and her live backTymber has taken great pains to make the recovery of Laura and her memory realistic The story flows easily and draws you into the emotions and frustrations as Laura tries hard to rebuild her relationship with Rob and help capture her attacker and because of that it took me 7 days to complete And of course all the others Tony Shayla Leah and Seth and the others were there to help Rob and Laura get through this together I did think that some of the story was a little drawn out but overall good read