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Free read Megan (Breadcrumbs For The Nasties, #1) ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ç A man and a young girl travel the roads of a post apocalyptic wasteland hunted by monsters and haunted by the past Nothing is what it seems in this ravaged landscape where danger is all encompassing and enemies come in every Assing and enemies come in every form In this world surviving is hell Staying dead is impossible. 45 Stars I struggled with myself about giving this the last half star but decided against it for two reasons the first is that it took 3 solid chapters before I was hooked into the storyline enough to commit to finishing it The second was while the ending is 100% appropriate for this storyline it left me feeling let down I can not say why without it being a spoilerI will encourage all my zombie reading friends to pick this book up and give it a read Once it gets going the story holds your attention into the late night hoursIn the beginning I wasn't sure what to make of the main character Megan but she won me over as she develops into a solid independent youth In fact her transition from innocent to capable survivor was the part of the story that I enjoyed the mostI also enjoyed the diversity of zombies; Howlers Gimps and BitersThe pace of the book was solid with a few slow bonding moments The settings were richly described creating a realistic feelNote This story contains some gore and violence that may not be suitable for young and sensitive readers Other than that I fully recommend this story series to readers of the zombies apocalypse genre

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Aunted by the past Nothing is what it seems in this ravaged landscape where danger is all encomp. This is a cracking good read Some people say its a bit slow to start but that makes it all the better for how the story the characters and the pace develop The various characters were well thought out offering a slight variation on the traditional zombie story On several occasions the story did remind me of the 'The Road' but with action and little twists A good thing all round For me just the right amount of back story was revealed slowly and enticingly and some not at all leaving the reader able to let their imagination do what it should And the ending was neatly finished with the delicious prospect of further books

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Megan Breadcrumbs For The Nasties #1A man and a young girl travel the roads of a post apocalyptic wasteland hunted by monsters and h. I won this book with the goodreads giveaway so I had no prior expectations It sat on my shelf for months never getting around to ready it I started it last night I finished it last night I inhaled this book and cannot wait until Fall of 2014 for the nextIT starts as a normal post apocalyptic book reminded me very much of The Road But then it takes an unusual twist You are immediately pulled in by the unexplained relationship that pops up The whole book you feel like you are right next to them on the journey THe detail the writing style is done so well you can not put the book down I would not call this an adventure book as much as I would call it a survival book What I mean is that its not a gun blazing blood dripping ass kicking book but you can feel the struggle the fear the anticipation that he gives the characters I kept waiting for the day to day detail to become dull or repetitive how many situations can this guy think of and still maintain a good story But Steven does not disappoint I knocked this bad boy out at around 2am and was thrilled that there is to come