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Read & Download ✓ Caballo de Fuego: Congo ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Helping suffering children of the war torn Congo has long been a dream for pediatric surgeon Matilde Martinez When the opportunity arises she must leave Paris—and the recent heartache of love lost—to take itProfessional soldierUst overcome not only the painful secrets that separated them in Paris but the very real and immediate danger of powerful guerrilla groups They must once again fight for their passionWith explosive international intrigue heart pounding danger and aching romance Passion is the second enthralling book in the Year of Fire trilog. THIS IS ACTUALLY THE SECOND TIME READING THE TRILOGY CABALLO DE FUEGO I think Florencia Bonelli is a wonderful writer and she is well documented when she decided to write It is too bad she is not doing it any due to I will not tell you about the book you must read it I am telling you it is amazing

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Helping suffering children of the war torn Congo has long been a dream for pediatric surgeon Matilde Martinez When the opportunity arises she must leave Paris and the recent heartache of love lost to take itProfessional soldier Eliah Al Saud arrives in the Congo with a different goal to take control of a coltan mine a mineral. I felt the same way about this one that I did about the first book There are just too many characters in this book that it is hard to follow Nevertheless the H's utter devotion and obsession for the h was fantastic His feelings are so intense I also loved that the h had other men who wanted her with the same intensity Too many times we see the H being the one with many admirers The h was humble kind and gentle I actually liked her a lot The H does receive pleasure from another woman which made me really angry with him One of the biggest issues I had with this story was that the H and h don't reunite till 50% into the story I really hope there isn't another long separation in the next book I also want sex scenes with the main couple They are so HOT together This is a very well researched and written story This author deserves a huge amount of praise and respect I applaud her for thinking outside the box and giving us such a uniue and real story

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Caballo de Fuego CongoHighly coveted by manufacturers of mobile phones and to acuire all its profitsBut Eliah’s heart has another burning ambition one much important than money or power He vows to win back Matilde the love of his life his very reason for living and breathingIn a land ravaged by violence and cruelty the two star crossed lovers m. I loved the second book of Year of Fire trilogy even then the first installment The author impressed me with the impeccable research and accurate description of the events taking place in the book such as conflict and humanitarian crisis in Congo illegal arm dealings and mercenary organizations The cover of the book does not do the justice to the story It is so much then a mediocre romance The story is full of uniue plots and twists and complex characters and the romance between the main characters Eliah and Matilde is only a part of the story It is an epic story about love war corruption suffering and human spirit I hope we do not have to wait long time for the English translation of the 3d book