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Kalbimin Sahibiİki kaybolmuş ruhAltı yılını geçmişten kaçarak son sekiz ayını da geceleri ona rahat vermeyen rüyalarla savaşarak geçiren genç bir adamGerçek aşkın ne olduğunu bu genç adam ona gösterene kadar tüm hayatını umutsuzluk içinde geçiren genç bir kadınAltı sene boyunca boş hırsların ve sahte ilişkilerin dünyasına hapsolan William kırılma noktasına vardığının ve bir yerden parlacağının farkındadır Mad. 5 stars Books like this remind me why I absolutely ADORE reading Books like this that grab me hold me captive envelop me in the story and leave a mark on my heart Once again the phenomenally talented AL Jackson brings us a gorgeously written emotionally charged love story that that was heart wrenching beautiful and upliftingThis book highlights the gut wrenching horrors of abuse the beauty of a second chance of finding the strength to stand up for yourself and for those you love and of the healing power of loveThe dedication at the beginning of the book says it all “Because it shouldn’t hurt to be touched” When William first saw Maggie he felt drawn to her But Maggie has known no kindness in her life Born into an abusive home and now shadowed by an abusive boyfriend Maggie is fragile damaged and feels unworthy of love but at the same time is sweet kind hearted self sacrificing and deserving of so much than life has thrown at her William wants nothing than to help heal her and to save her from the life she’s surrounded by Slowly he gains her trust and in secret they begin a beautiful relationship “I’ll be whatever you need me to be” But on the night when they are supposed to escape together something goes horribly wrong and they are torn apart “Every part of me knew she was forbidden that her heart already belonged to whatever shit she’d been out through in her life but I couldn’t stop myself from wanting her to stay” Now six years later William is feeling trapped by his life – his loveless relationship his stressful job leading to a career he no longer cares about and despite everything he did to try and move on from the pain of that night William can’t get the image of the brown eyed girl he fell in love with back home out of his head The girl who pushed him out of her life The girl he could save because she wouldn’t let him The girl he can’t forgetWhen a situation forces William to return home for the first time since he left he finds the truth behind what happened that night and has to find a way to save the girl he’s always lovedOkay first I just need to gush for a moment over how much I adore AL Jackson’s writing style Seriously she has a true gift for making you feel Her writing style is beautiful evocative and deeply touching She makes you hover at this delicious point almost near tears not necessarily from sadness but just from an overflow of emotions I crave this feeling in books The kind that lets me know I have fully connected on an emotional level with the characters It just compels you to read Love love loveThis story is told in a blend of present day events and flashbacks both from William and Maggie’s POVs putting you right into their minds but with an understanding of the memories that have shaped them and the events that have brought them to where they are todayThe hurt and abuse that Maggie went through made my heart ache Her pain how worthless she was made to feel how strongly she held herself together It was horrific Tragic You can just feel her desperation as she tries to hold it all together and do what she thought was the right thing Sacrificing herself for to save those she loved most It was absolutely heart breaking “Every part of me had William written on it the way I thought and what I sawWhat I desired and where my dreams laidNo I could never have him I’d made too many mistakes I had stayed on the same path that he had tried to save me fromBut I had never stopped wanting himLoving himHe’d fought for meAnd I’d let him go without putting up my own fight” I felt for William so strongly He was just such a good protective guy trying so hard to do the right thing in an impossible situation What do you do when your love is forbidden by the very person you love I was so caught up with his emotions – in the horrible situation of seeing the girl he was in love with trapped in an abusive life she refused to be saved from I ached for him I felt for him I rooted for him For how badly he wanted to help her bring her happiness and save her from the life she clung to “I knew she was broken knew no matter where she ended up in life her past would always be there to haunt her knew she had so much to overcome But I also knew underneath it all she was strong I saw it in her eyes and felt it in her spirit I knew she was kind and good knew she was beautiful And I knew I was never going to stop loving her” As hard as it was to read some of the scenarios I found both William and Maggie’s actions very understandable Its so easy to look in on someone else’s pain from the outside and think that maybe you would have done things differently but situations like these are impossible to judge by anyone except the people living them I felt for their heart ache and for the mistakes they made even as I understood why they were making them Everyone deals with pain differently and all I wanted was to root for them and hope that they would find a way heal the hurt It was a tragic situation to be in and the beauty of this one was that they made a second chance for themselves “I don’t know how to stop loving you” I don’t think there is a single person out there who can claim to have lived their lives always making the right calls Everyone makes mistakes But how you deal with your mistakes and what you do to go about correcting them I think those are the things that define you and it was what defined both Maggie and WilliamI can't tell you how teary the love scenes made me They were just so beautifully written and so strongly charged with heightened emotions The descriptions focus on the emotions rather than the acts but this is still definitely an adult book As the ending built I was just in a frenzy of anticipation My heart beat was erratic I honestly doubt I blinked except maybe to clear the tears I just needed everything to be right so badlyAnd not only was the ending everything I wanted but there was a gorgeous epilogue that beautiful highlighted the healing they went throughThis book has easily made my favorites listAL Jackson is truly one of the reining ueens of second chance love stories I can’t say enough good about her books Everyone absolutely everyone MUST read them 3CASTING see above and belowI'm undecided about William its either this guyor this guyBut to me this is definitely MaggieI'll finalize my casting tomorrowFor of my reviews visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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Die ise kendisini koşulsuz seven bu adam sayesinde karanlıkla geçen ömründe ilk defa bir ışık görür Fakat kurtarıcısı altı sene önce bu karanlığa yenik düşünce Maggie kendini nasıl kaçacağını bilmediği bir hayatın içinde bulurTam altı sene sonra William dönmeyeceğine yemin ettiği tek yere geri dönmek zorunda kalınca yıllar önce tek bir bakışla kalbini çalan kadınla yüz yüze gelir Yıllarca derinlere. Fk this was a tough one to finish I felt my emotions all over the place A tale of lost love heartbreak domestic violence young love older love abuse it had it all Really as I was getting towards the end I really was not sure how it was going to end It's one of those books that has left me with a headache I find if I read a very emotionally charged book I end up with a headache at the end of it I think I need something light to read now

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READ ↠ Kalbimin Sahibi è İki kaybolmuş ruhAltı yılını geçmişten kaçarak son sekiz ayını da geceleri ona rahat vermeyen rüyalarla savaşarak geçiren genç bir adamGerçek aşkın ne olduğunu bu genç adam ona gösterene kadar tüm hayatını umutsuzluk içinde geçiren genç bir kadınAltı sene boyunca boş hırsların ve sahte ilişkilerin dGömdüğü arzularının ve hayatı boyunca sevdiği tek kadınla birlikte bir hayat kurma hayallerinin yeniden gün yüzüne çıkmasıyla William artık ondan altı yıl önce çalınanı geri almak için savaşmaya hazırdırOysa William’ın bu savaşın ona neye mal olacağına dair en ufak bir fikri dahi yokturTutkun ve Son Pişmanlık’ın çok satan yazarı AL Jackson’dan sürükleyici bir aşk öyküsü daha sizlerle buluşuy. That book sucked the life out of meIt is depressingIt has a gloomy tone Of course it would be sad because it involves lots of cases of abuse but the way it is written makes it not only sad but also boring and I thought of dropping it many times After having finished reading it I feel I need therapy or something that would serve as therapy a big chocolate cake or wine or pizza or something like that Maybe a dirty fun book I don't knowI felt both sad and bored and pissed off while reading this book I thought there could have been many ways of an escape from the abuse she endured for so many years but none taken Why not go to the police This is something I will never understandIf you are abused view spoiler beaten raped and threatened with death hide spoiler