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PDF ☆ BOOK Chianti Souls FREE ✓ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD ☆ CHIANTI SOULS is a magical novel of love surprises and fateset in the heart of Tuscany in Chiantihome of legendary winehome of passionate Italian souls When Mary Sarto visits for the first time she unexpectedly becomes tangled in vines of timeless love aftR lifetimebut neither is looking for love Mary is visiting Italy with her boyfriend Garrett Hansen who promised a dream vacation and Luca is recovering from a recently broken engagement with his Florentine girlfriend When Garrett is forced to return home early to Philadelphia for a work crisis she boldly stays alone and Luca shows her an enchanting Italy not found in a tour book After the week in Italy h In this classic romance novel Mary is a somewhat jaded romantic who is beginning to lose hope in the concept of true love after a series of failed relationships When she meets Garrett a handsome driven successful businessman she decides to try going against type and dating for security rather than excitement When Garrett surprises Mary with a trip to Tuscany a place she has always dreamed of visiting she is beyond excited But what she finds in Tuscany is much than she was expecting First she realizes that she fits in the rustic uiet historic atmosphere of Tuscany much better than she did in Philadelphia Second she meets Luca a handsome Italian with whom she has an immediate and deja vu like connection Both experiences shock Mary into reevaluating her life her priorities and her approach to relationshipsOne of my favorite things about this book was that it was richly detailed with information about Italy and Italian food Those things add depth to the love story which is interesting if not wholly original Mary is likable but fully realistic with flaws and fears and relatable problems On the whole a great first novel and one well worth reading

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CHIANTI SOULS is a magical novel of love surprises and fateset in the heart of Tuscany in Chiantihome of legendary winehome of passionate Italian souls When Mary Sarto visits for the first time she unexpectedly becomes tangled in vines of timeless love after she meets Luca Rusconi at a fifteenth century Chianti farmhouse An inexplicable connection rattles them as if their love story continues from anothe Bertrand Arthur William Russell a British philosopher logician mathematician historian social critic and political activist has once said Italy and the spring and first love all together should suffice to make the gloomiest person happy Chianti Souls by Karen Ross is an enchanting and fascinating love story wrapped in the backdrop of the heart of Tuscany in Italy This love story is not only going to make you fall in love for one time but also will make you fall in love with the landscapes and beauty of Chianti This story is going to take you many places in Italy which are magical as well as mesmerizing A huge thanks to the author Karen Ross for giving me an opportunity to read and review her book Mary is beyond any joy and excitement when her boyfriend Garrett surprises her with a trip to her dream destination in Chianti in Tuscany Mary always had relationship issues she even had a failed marriage so she wanted to keep things casual between Garrett and also she takes a chance by dating Garrett Garrett is a successful business man who is very career oriented and focuses on his job Soon after reaching Chianti Garrett has to return to Philly for his work leaving behind a sad and distraught Mary In the heart of Tuscany she one day meets a very handsome man named Lucas in a farm and hence she realizes that there were so many things that were missing from her relationship with Garrett As the days progress she gets involved with Lucas and gets completely entangled to him leaving her heart torn between two men in her lifeKaren Ross's debut novel is really uite amazing With her elouent and exuisite words she takes the readers on a magical trip to Italy Good food and wine and a heart melting love story in Chianti what can I ask It seems the author is in love with this place called Chianti and it's uite evident with her words Her love and passion for Chianti has made the book and interesting and intriguing The characters are also well developed especially Lucas a perfect Italian man with all those charming looks and aura any girl will eventually melt right in front of him The author has strikingly and vividly captured the flora and fauna of Tuscany in her book Along with the mouth watering food and wine this book perfectly blends in well with the blossoming romance unfolding slowly in the backdrop Also the author has make Mary our guide all through her adventure and in the end like Mary's confused heart we too get caught up between the two men and her decisions that is going to change her life forever The culinary taste culture and people of Italy everything about Italy is surely going to warm your heart This book is a complete retreat and Karen Ross has made sure that the readers get a thorough insight into the heart of Tuscany With a bottle of Chianti wine this book will be a perfect read in a very gloomy afternoon

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Chianti SoulsEr heart is torn between the two men while her head is clouded with misjudgment of both complicated by lies and betrayal It is only when Mary discovers buried secrets hidden in two mysterious keepsakes found in Tuscany and Venice that her destiny in love is revealedChianti Souls is a debut novel by Karen Ross and will have you dreaming of falling in love and even better magically falling in love in Italy I won this book through a Goodreads giveaway It was a light romance a perfect distraction during a busy holiday weekendMary is involved with the perfect man except he seems involved with his career than her She's over 30 been married once and has a history of falling for inappropriate men She believes that she can make her relationship with Garrett work and is strongly advised by her mother and sister to do soGarrett gives her the gift of a trip to Tuscany something she's always wanted She expects a romantic week in the heart of Chianti country but Garrett has work problems that he can't escape Another complication happens when she meets Luca a local businessman and brother to the innkeeper where she is stayingThere's a lot of will she or won't she as she is pulled in two directions by two very attractive men There's a twist at the end and a lot of heart ache to get there This was an enjoyable book