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Falls under her sparkling spell Who can resist mischief? Josie can't wait for the return of her long absent fiancé If only her beloved sister might find someone too someone like the handsome reserved Colin A gypsy's lov Regency romance author Emily Greenwood makes her debut with a witty series with young ladies who discover a little mischief can make a big differenceThird in the series each story stands aloneA Little Night MischiefGentlemen Prefer MischiefMischief by MoonlightAbout the Story Colin Pearce Earl of Ivorwood loved his history books and spent hours in research for writing He was also best friend to Nicholas Hargrave financed to Colin’s lovely charming and slightly impulsive neighbor Josephine CardworthyNicholas after knowing Josie for six weeks left to war leaving his fiancée in the care of his best friend During the year Nicholas was away Colin had taken his responsibility seriously He also found he enjoyed Josie’s companionship thus he found his way on the path between their homes often than not Even though he wished that Josie might look at him differently he knew that he and she could not be anything but friends But then it became near impossible to keep his hands off her He was unable to control his feelings after that one night having tea with the family at Josie’s home Colin was all about honor and control since he saw how out of control his parents were and how unhappy they were No his relationship had to be in control—just affection and friendship would be ample That would make a marriage of comfortJosie was concerned about her sister six years her elder She wanted to make sure that Josie could find a good match for herself before Nicholas came back and they married She decided that Colin might help her sister with that endeavor by having his aunt sponsor a season in London She had even encouraged Edwina to consider Colin as a suitor but Edwina flatly refused In fact Edwina had ingrained in her by her late father the only thing she had going for her was beauty It’s true Edwina had a sharp tongue with a nasty tone which kept most people from liking her In her defense she pushed people away from her before they could push her away All that was to change when she went to LondonOnce Edwina and Josie got to London neither was ready for the changes that seemed to come over both of them Colin continued to struggle to keep Josie at a distance She enjoyed Colin’s friendship which made it difficult for her to understand why he was warm and personable with her one moment and cold the next Colin was good at covering up how he felt so Josie didn’t understand why the different messages Attending Josie and Edwina became increasingly difficult He was undone the moment that Josie put it into her head to kiss him without thinking anything other than she wanted toMy Thoughts Sisters Josie and Edwina have the same problem although both sisters are very different in demeanor They both think they know what’s best for them in marriage and yet do all to avoid what their heart is telling themThis story was hilariously funny in points because of the way the characters reacted to situations and to each other As Colin and Josie’s relationship changes after the death of Nicholas both begin avoiding each other but not at the same time As one of them is interested in pursuing the relationship the other isn’t Then when the one who wasn’t interested becomes so the first changes their mind This type of situation goes back and forth as they get and frustrated with each other and that much involvedEdwina comes to learn who she is and what she wants and doesn’t want while in London She no longer believes what her father always told her so we experience the real EdwinaBoth women learn to lean on each other and use each other as confidant as the plot unfolds They work together to help their mother kick an addiction no one knew she hadThe story unfolded well paced with adventure and sorrow along the way Emily Greenwood with her usual wit creates an entertaining delightful story Whereas the plot was seemingly simple it became complex and the reader finds layers of stories within the story Both Edwina and Josie have their stories Their mother has her own Even though the tone of the story is light hearted there are some serious emotions that are present and facedI enjoyed Emily Greenwood’s third book as I did the first As far as history there was little but you felt that the story was taking place during the Regency period If you enjoy Regency Romance with men trying to remain honorable and women who explore who they are and what they want in life albeit rashly at times this book is for you

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Mischief By MoonlightE potion gives Josie the chance to matchmake but the wild results reveal her own growing passion for the earl And though fate offers them a chance a steely honor may force him to reject what her reckless heart is offering From the beginning there was a lot missing from Josie's life I'm not saying she was alone uite the opposite She was surrounded by family and a good friend but there was thislonging that just seeped through my tablet screen like she was simply existing instead of really livingColin was somewhere between love and loyalty His affection for Josie was painfully obvious as was the dilemma he was in he couldn't tell her because she was engaged to his best friend Nicholas Colin did his best to be a friend to Josie while Nicholas was off at war but hiding his feelings for her became harder and harder to do the time they spent togetherTrying to take her mind off her own problems Josie turns her attention to her older sister Edwina and Colin Her goal is to get them together A fateful meeting with a gypsy gives Josie the means to accomplish just that a love potion And therein lies the mischief because Josie's matchmaking attempt goes wrong with amusing results But Colin's not meant for Edwina His heart mind body and soul belong to Josie She just doesn't know itThen came news of Nicholas' death that added a twist I'd hoped was coming and was glad that it did From this point on Josie was alive She was aware of herself of the lack of emotion she felt after hearing about Nicholas and of the emotions Colin evoked in herColin and Josie's journey from friendship to lovers is filled with magic moonlight a little bit of madness and a healthy dose of revelations and realizations They found love in each others arms and a happy ending they rightfully deserveReceived from Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley for an honest review

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Mischief By Moonlight kindle ð Mass Market Paperback read Ô reflectionslisburnltd Í With the night so full of romance Colin Pearce the Earl of Ivorwood never dreamed he'd desire another man's fiancée but when his best friend goes off to war and asks Colin to look after the bewitching JosWith the night so full of romance Colin Pearce the Earl of Ivorwood never dreamed he'd desire another man's fiancée but when his best friend goes off to war and asks Colin to look after the bewitching Josie Cardworthy he This is my favorite of the three Emily Greenwood novels I've read This one was good enough that I might consider reading something else by her again