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read mobi ☆ Wild Swans Three Daughters of China õ Paperback é jung chang ↠ The story of three generations in twentieth century China that blends the intimacy of memoir and the panoramic sweep of eyewitness history—a bestselling classic in thirty languages with than ten million copieUtion Chang was a Red Guard briefly at the age of fourteen then worked as a peasant a “barefoot doctor” a steelworker and an electrician As the story of each generation unfolds Chang captures in gripping moving and ultimately uplifting detail the cycles of violent drama visited on her own family and millions of others caught in the whirlwind of history Simply put “Wild Swans” is a poor man’s Life and Death in Shanghai Reason being that that while the initial chapters about Jung Chang’s grandmother are informative and interesting as it gives us a peek into the life of people in Pre Communist China; as the book progresses Chang’s ignorance as she was a little girl at that time about the events happening around her becomes a permanent annoyance I am not saying that Chang was still ignorant about what happened in China during the “Great Leap Forward” and “The Cultural Revolution” after she grew up; she definitely knows her history but it seems that she has tried her level best to hide that in her book She would write something like My dad was very sad about the things that were happening in China but for me it was very difficult to understand it at that time” And then she would start talking about something else without even clarifying her point Even with the benefit of hindsight it seems that she never really wanted to write in detail about the causes reactions and outcomes of the events like “The Cultural Revolution”Her book is what the title itself suggests about three daughters of China but it is only and only about the three daughters of China and I was expecting it to be a little than that Chang took her time to tell her story 700 odd pages in all so it’s only fair to expect her to write about China’s history but instead she chose to write about the flowers in the garden of the hospital where her father was being treated during the “Cultural Revolution” Even Mme Mao and her “Gang of Four” the main perpetrators of “The Cultural Revolution” gets only a passing mention As a biography Wild Swans is a good book But if you want to read a detailed history of “The Cultural Revolution” and of China at that time read Life and Death in Shanghai by Nien Cheng instead of this book In my opinion “Life and Death in Shanghai” is the best book written on “The Cultural Revolution” and also one of the best autobiographies ever written If you are going to read both the books which I did I suggest you start with “Wild Swans” first which I didn’t because if you read “Life and Death in Shanghai” before reading this book chances are that you might end up appreciating “Wild Swans” much less than what you might have been predicting at the start

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The story of three generations in twentieth century China that blends the intimacy of memoir and the panoramic sweep of eyewitness history a bestselling classic in thirty languages with than ten million copies sold around the world now with a new introduction from the authorAn engrossing record of Mao’s impact on China an unusual window on the female exp “ Father is close Mother is close but neither is as close as Chairman Mao”A fascinating description of one family's experiences of China's political upheavals across the 20th century focusing on Jung Chang’s grandmother mother and then herself Although the family are fairly privileged much of the time they still experience great hardships being a Party member or even Party official was no guarantee of immunity from persecution and sometimes tortureHard to categorise but don’t be dauntedIt's part biographyautobiography and part a historical political psychological exposition of how Communist China came into being and how it maintained its hold on its citizens even during extreme hardship such as famine However it has the readability of a novel eschewing sheer horror and dry history uite an achievementThis book can seem daunting because of its size subject matter and fame but it's actually a riveting read and although some of the content is harrowing the writing style is very easy going It is a complex story but it is not confusingIt's subtitled Three daughters of China but it’s a story for everyone Strong women are in the foreground but one of the most powerfully drawn characters is Jung Chang's father born poor largely self educated who loved literature was a passionate and principled Communist putting Party before family rising to power as an official but who couldn't cope when he saw his beliefs being violated in the name of the PartyContradictions inherent in the system“ They verbally attacked each other with Mao's uotations making cynical use of his guru like elusiveness it was easy to select a uotation of Mao's to suit any situation or even both sides of the same argument”Although I have read uite a few books about China this one gets to the heart of the contradictions of The Party and how to brainwash a vast nation far better than many others When Jung Chang subseuently wrote a biography of Mao she'd already done much of the groundwork in Wild SwansBrutality and hypocrisy of various kinds are described but it's some of the subtler hardships that were especially vivid I find it extraordinary that strong family ties could coexist with couples not allowed to live together and an apparent casualnessresignation of children left to live with wet nurses relatives or in boarding nurseries for years Image Scene from The Red Detachment of Women one of the Eight Model Operas of the Cultural Revolution SourceDuring the Cultural Revolution which began when Jung Chan was a teenager ignorance was glorified even in universities and beautiful artefacts destroyed; the family were expelled from the official compound and sent to live in rooms in an old mansion Beauty was so despised that my family was sent to this lovely house as a punishmentUnexpected levityThere is humour too sending those studying English to a southern port to practise by talking to foreign sailors; not being able to rename a street whose sign was too high and traffic chaos when it was decided that red was a positive colour so oughtn't to mean stop The extraordinary degree of organisation in some aspects of life and none in others aligned with my expectations but also highlighted contradictions such as being sent to learn from the peasants with no guidance as to what was to be learnt nor account of the peasants not wanting extra mouths attached to not very useful handsFlawsThe main problems are minor but nonetheless irritating Although the political history is explained very well because it is also autobiographical important events that didn't affect the family such as the Long March are barely mentioned and this is where its confused identity between biography and political text book are a weakness People refer to others by relationship my mother my father's mother in law etc which is confusing when different characters talk about their relatives without using names Some passages sound clichéd; that is partly because I have read many other books on similar subjects but it is also because at times the writing style actually is somewhat banalNevertheless this is an insightful accessible and enjoyable bookHorror and hopeThere are many horrors in this book though generally not graphically described but I didn't find it depressing the indomitable spirit of many of the people coupled with the fact I know Jung Chang is now happy and successful give an air of hopeFreedom?China's people are still far from free but having read this book and travelled round China in '92 and '08 the transformation is remarkable and ongoing It’s a crowded country but also one of tranuil beautyImage The calm of Shennong Stream a tributary of the Yangtze April 2008

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Wild Swans Three Daughters of ChinaErience in the modern world and an inspiring tale of courage and love Jung Chang describes the extraordinary lives and experiences of her family members her grandmother a warlord’s concubine; her mother’s struggles as a young idealistic Communist; and her parents’ experience as members of the Communist elite and their ordeal during the Cultural Revol One of the most fascinating books I have ever read Not only do I feel I got an honest history of communist China its story plays out like a novel I never wanted to put it down Chang excels at pulling it together for you showing you the differences between her Grandmother's life her mother's life and her own moving chronologically in a manner that makes such good sense I completely followed it despite my absolute dearth of knowledge on the subject of China I wept with her and felt an almost physical pain at the loss of such an ancient culture during the Maoist regime I live in such an easy world with freedoms I don't even consider being thankful for Reading her family's story makes me look with a different perspective at my own life and the community and culture in which I was raised I want to tell everyone about it”