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Happening Now (Happening, #1) Summary ↠ 8 ´ Raised by a family of men who are famous and overprotective of her Jaci White had no idea what to do when Gray Travis a professional racing driver started to show her attention after one night together With Jaci’s father and two older brothers being professionals in their sporting careers sheOr wants compares to having Jaci in his life He knows that she has secrets and she has a great wall up As he starts to spend all of his free time around her and her friends her walls fall and Gray gets through He gets the girl but on one earth shattering night everything falls apart and he may just loose the love of his life Jaci is trying to make it in the real world by herself by not having to rely on her family money She isn't interested in dating only her career that she loves with everything and her three best friends. Happening Now follows Jaci and Gray An undeniable spark is ignitedbetween them the moment they meet and it soon turns into a flame thatneither can ignore but both have their inhibitions As they stumblealong day by day they are fortunate to be surrounded by friends andfamily rooting for them Gray knows what he wants and is willing tofight to get Jaci all he need is for her to see it's what she wantstoo A perfect read to curl up with on a uiet eveing with a cup ofhot chocolate

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Who are her rocks Jaci doesn’t like people knowing who her family is for fear that they will use her like they use to years ago before she wanted a different lifeGray doesn't know who Jaci’s family is but starts to wonder as she never mentions them has no idea where she lives and well Jaci changes or avoids the topic all together As their relationship progresses Jaci starts to wonder what Gray’s reaction will be when he finds out where she comes from and what her family will say to her seeing another sports professiona. Very good Love having a girl with attitude for the mc who also happens to have a few older brothers trying to look after her Great story Just get it

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Happening Now Happening #1Raised by a family of men who are famous and overprotective of her Jaci White had no idea what to do when Gray Travis a professional racing driver started to show her attention after one night together With Jaci’s father and two older brothers being professionals in their sporting careers she has sworn that those types of men are not for her She’s not interested but as Gray makes friends with her friends she starts to see a different view on her all pros are assholes campaign Gray Travis has got it all but nothing he has. Ok so I have only read the preview but Oh My Goodness Me ‘Jaci What a lovely surprise damn it’s been too long’‘It’s been a while’ His eyes travel up and down my body ‘Don’t even Paul’ I pointed an accusing finger at him Paul I have known for a while he was a client until his wife put her foot down and said he needed to change gym Jealousy is something I see uite often in the gym‘Can’t help it’ he signals for two beers from the bar‘I called the gym the see if you could sueeze me in again Apparently someone is rather popular’ he hands me a beer‘It has been busy We got new euipment and all’He laughs and moves closer brushing his fingers along my arm‘They don’t go the gym for the euipment’‘Paul’ I warned him‘I left Amy’ I looked up at him shocked ‘You love Amy’ He shrugged‘She was to up tight never let me do anything’ he took a mouthful of his beer so did I contemplating the possibilities Paul was good looking and from what I remember he has uite the body to match As if reading my mind Paul pulled my hand and led me towards the door when I ran into a solid chest‘Jaci’ I froze and looked up to find Gray staring at me HOT Following Jaci through a few doors I couldn’t help but notice the sweat that dripped down her lower back making its way to her well defined ass the way her ass moved when she walked even when she was mad I wasn’t the only one that noticed either She wore a top that only covered her breasts revealing her incredible torso and short shorts that revealed and showed off her long legs When I saw those others guys all over her and Jaci touching back I wanted to throw her over my shoulder and carry her out of there I went to the gym thinking that I could score time with her as my personal trainer but she has no openings and a very long waiting list I thought that I can then go the gym and talk to her between clients make sure she knows I’m there and try to figure out why the hell she hates pros Then I saw her laughing having fun I watched her for a while then when I saw her on that guys back and then how she was with her clients jealousy took over especially when she was sitting on that guys knees her legs spread his view of her body I couldn’t stop myself; I just couldn’t let some douche touch what’s mine I definitely didn’t count on her being so stubborn ‘What do you want Gray’ she’s pissed good I think‘What was all that’ I asked pointing my finger towards the door in the direction of the gym‘What was what’‘You and those guys’ I take a deep breath rubbing my face with my hands ‘Those guys were touching you and you wereyou were’ I shake my head at a loss for words‘I was doing my job I am doing my job’ she stated crossing her arms‘Do you have to touch them’Jaci frowns at me ‘It’s my job I’m a personal trainer I need to touch my clients’‘Not like that you don’t and do they have to touch you like that I mean do you have to sit on some guys knees while he does sit ups Is that necessary’‘What are you trying to say’ she’s staring me down and I admit it’s a bit scary‘I don’t like you touching them or them you That’s all’Jaci uncrossed her arms and walks around me to the door opening it; she doesn’t even turn around when she says ‘Don’t tell me what to do or who to do it with’Before she slams the door behind her leaving me in her office alone