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The Satanic Verses Free download ´ 5 ¿ Boven Engeland ontploft een gekaapt vliegtuig Tussen plastic bekertjes zuurstofmaskers afgerukte ledematen en herinneringen vallen twee figuren richting het Kanaal Het zijn de beroemde acteur Djibriel Farisjta en de in driedelig grijs gestoken Saladin Chamcha die uiteindelijk levend en wel op de Engelse kuHa die uiteindelijk levend en wel op de Engelse kust aanspoelenEen wonder maar met een bijwerking Djibriel krijgt een glanzend aureool terwijl Saladins benen steeds hariger worden zijn voeten in hoeven veranderen en er hoornige bulten op zijn voorhoofd groe. The Satanic Verses is vastly imaginative and creative; it is a force to be reckoned with in the literary world providing you can actually get through it And there’s the rub because The Satanic Verses is uite possibly the single most confusing piece of fiction I have ever read I’m just not sure what happened And after 500 pages I feel like a book should leave me with a little than an overbearing sense of bewilderment Perhaps if I was widely read I would have appreciated it That being said I don’t think any reader should even attempt this book unless they have a strong grasp on Islamic theology and the uran Otherwise most of the allusions will be wasted on you like they were meIt’s just so difficult to read without that knowledge base It drew upon such a huge wealth of myths religion and stories that it became so hard to follow Multiple names are used to refer to the same characters and they freuently shifted in and out of the narrative making it hard to focus on the story and discern what the actual story was at any given point So much of the novel went over my head that by around the half way point I’d lost the thread completely and was just reading a series of seemingly unconnected chapters What didn’t help is the fact that I’m also reading Joseph Anton Rushdie’s biography The personal relationship between him and his farther is detailed uite extensively throughout and much of Rushdie’s emotions regarding the matter are paralleled here in different forms I became confused with events that had happened in Rushdie’s life and those that had happened in the fictional account here because they are so strikingly similar This meant that a confusing novel became even confusing I find the history of the novel the events that led Rushdie to go into hiding as he feared for his own life far interesting than the actual work itself perhaps because I can actually comprehend the facts as they are not veiled in a web of incomprehensible allegory One day I will come back to this book not anytime soon; it will be a day when I am familiar with the texts it discusses and engages with At least then I may be able to read it and form a solid opinion of it For now though I’ve come to a simple conclusion this book really isn’t for me at least not yet

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Ien Ze zijn verkozen tot tegenstanders in de eeuwige strijd om Goed en Kwaad Maar wie is wie Terwijl de twee mannen door tijd en ruimte buitelen richting hun uiteindelijke confrontatie is de lezer getuige van een epos over liefde hartstocht bedrog en geloof. Unfortunately most people know this book from the scandal and fatwa it generated around the personage of its prolific and outspoken author Salman Rushdie rather than the book itself The thing that enraged some Muslims and the Ayatollah of Iran most of all was Rushdie's hypothesis that Mohammed being completely illiterate and having the u'ran being narrated to him by Archangel Gabriel could have dozed off at one point and that Satan could have impersonated Gabriel without Mohammed noticing causing some verses of the Holy Book to be written by him That's it Just a theory No than when Kazantzakis imagines Jesus fantasising about accepting Mary Magdalene's sexual advances In Rushdie's book this is not even the main story just an internal narrative in a dream of a character that falls out of an airplane of all things The book is highly imaginative and although I preferred Midnight's Children and The Moor's Last Sigh remains for me one of his best works So read it if for any other reason as to oppose censorship and support artistic freedom and artistic license Especially in these days of religious fanaticism books like Satanic Verses which challenge the status uo and force us to re evaluate our values and idées reçu are incredibly important

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The Satanic VersesBoven Engeland ontploft een gekaapt vliegtuig Tussen plastic bekertjes zuurstofmaskers afgerukte ledematen en herinneringen vallen twee figuren richting het Kanaal Het zijn de beroemde acteur Djibriel Farisjta en de in driedelig grijs gestoken Saladin Chamc. Occasionally I will go into Half Price Books and buy a book that hasn't been recommended by any one I know by an author I've never read before solely because of its critical acclaim I buy and read a book because I feel that I should based on the general public's reaction to it It is a weakness Many months ago I decided to buy Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses My decision was based on the controversy surrounding the book It was thought to be so controversial so blasphemous that Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a fatwa on Salman Rushdie It became every Muslim's sacred duty to hunt down this writer of fiction and kill him So I thought these were the days long before the reaction to Danish comics wow this book pissed off people enough that they want to kill him Wow I must read this book It's gotta be good That's what controversy does It brings a lot of attention to something that doesn't always merit the attention So when I bought Rushdie's book I fell for the hype Partly because it was a subject that I did have an interest in I'm an amateur theologian and I can't find better amusement than blasphemy Besides that I love Magic Realism and this book had plenty of that What this book did not have plenty of was editing This book was in serious need of an editor There were parts that were thrilling and exciting but overall the writing of the book was bland and uninspired for its very interesting subject matter uick Plot Summary Two Indian ex patriots now living in England living very famous lives are on an airplane when it is exploded by terrorists They survive the explosion and the fall and upon landing begin changing The garish obnoxious one gains a halo becoming the arch angel Gabreel and the prim and proper other one gains horns and goat legs The devil's story is his reintroduction into society and the angel's story is through his dreams he inspires the prophet Mohammad Everything culminates into a showdown between these two entities But along the way nothing happens We have pages and pages of unnecessary background information And then we have pages and pages of unnecessary background information We keep getting filled with pages and pages of unnecessary background information Suddenly we're faced with a book that is much larger and importantly much drier than it should be It really does have the basis for a great story Wonderful things happen in this book that everyone should read but it's not worth getting through all the unnecessary to get there I've never taken so long to read a book Usually I read a book when I want to and usually that's all the time This book I only read in great spurts when I was sitting and waiting I read a bunch when I was sitting and waiting at a debate tournament I read a bunch while I was sitting and waiting monitoring my students testing I read a bunch while I was sitting and waiting in the bathtub for my health to return Never was there a point when I wanted to pick up this book because it was interesting and I couldn't wait to get back to the story As big a fan of magic realism as I am I was disappointed If you're looking for a Muslim