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READER Ý DOC Cat Fear No Evil ↠ 9780061015601 FREE ✓ What's the perfect read for fans of New York Times bestselling mystery authors Lilian Jackson Braun and Rita Mae Brown? This delightful ninth Joe Grey Mystery from award–winning author Shirley Rousseau MurphyWhen antiues and valuables begin to disappear from reAnd Dulcie's closest human friends the pair know that someone much powerful and evil than Azrael's aging human friend is involved And when miles away in San Francisco the cats' friend Kate––a woman with a mysterious troubling secret––is followed by a stranger and robbed the cats dig in their claws and investigate Along with their tattercoat friend Kit they pass clues to the police and under the often sceptical eye of Clyde slowly begin to sniff out the trut an excellent entertaining book

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Wner Clyde's vintage Packard roadster But even a seasoned tomcat like Joe isn't prepared for the return of a yellow–eyed sinister black cat who had terrorized him and his girlfriend Dulcie years before The acid–tongued Azrael had paired with an old crook to loot the town and spread fear among the unsuspecting residents Could Azrael and his partner be connected to this new set of crimes? But when a local waiter dies mysteriously at the art opening of one of Joe This was such a great story I was sewing last night and looked up and saw it was 140 AM I don’t think I have ever done that Shirley Rousseau Murphy writes the absolute best stories This book not only does it include the Celtic tale about the Devil Cat Asriel I think that is the correct spelling but talks about the Celtic Legends the underworld and although I personally am not inclined to believe the tales this book is great The other interesting thing the “bad” guy he is the ultimate thief cheat rotten no good weaselyou get the picture Interesting book Once again my compliments to the author

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Cat Fear No EvilWhat's the perfect read for fans of New York Times bestselling mystery authors Lilian Jackson Braun and Rita Mae Brown? This delightful ninth Joe Grey Mystery from award–winning author Shirley Rousseau MurphyWhen antiues and valuables begin to disappear from residents' homes Joe Grey Feline Detective knows that something is very wrong in sleepy Molena Point California Lost are a five hundred thousand dollar painting a diamond choker and most shocking to Joe his o With each new entry in this series I am getting to know all of the residents of the Pacific coast town of Molena Point California since each book has featured a different character or family I feel like I’m visiting old friends as I read about the familiar faces and places This is home to Joe Grey his lady love Dulcie and their friend Kit They prefer this small town full of culture and boutiues to the larger San Francisco a couple hours north Joe Grey Dulcie and Kit are all sentient cats capable of human speech and excellent at sleuthing where no human can go using their feline talents to help solve the many mysteries that befall this tiny townShirley Rousseau Murphy has a way of making all this so matter of fact yet still special Three talking cats living in town is a fact hidden from all but six residents As a lover of cats myself I find the idea of sentient cats uite charming and not so implausible I think Murphy’s skill in incorporating them into the story makes it that much convincingA mysterious set of burglaries has beset the residents of Molena Point and other towns up and down the California coast Select items of antiues and jewelry are disappearing including Clyde Damon’s lovingly restored Packard leaving absolutely no clues as to how the items disappeared What sort of thief would take the most valuable piece and leave the rest? One out for thrillsA former resident of Molena Point Kate Osborne is living in San Francisco to track down information on her biological parents She finds information on her grandfather who was a building contractor and founded and built the San Francisco Cat Museum When visiting her grandfather’s aging attorney he gives her twelve pieces of uniue jewelry several featuring cats The workmanship is centuries old the gold valuable but the jewels apparently paste She wears one of them to her friend Charlie’s gallery opening featuring her paintings and sketches centered on animals including the three cats The next morning an evil black tomcat known as Azrael snoops in Kate’s suitcase where he steals her safe deposit box key intent on finding the jewelryReturning to San Francisco Kate tries to shake the strong feeling that she is being followed and looks forward to a visit from Kit’s human family 80 year old newlyweds Lucinda and Pedric Greenlaw They’ll be home soon after traveling in their RV but tragedy strikes before they arrive How three sleuthing cats interact with the evil Azrael and all their human companions is the foundation of these mysteries Events that affect one resident touch yet another so all their lives are intertwined Seeing just how much one action leads to another and yet another and following the trail of the conseuences is fascinating and absorbing The solution to the many mysteries examined throughout the book is not expected at the outset yet every clue slowly leads up to the ultimate solution The three cats with some smart deductions from their human companions manage to track down the thieves and reveal the murderer I followed each new twist and turn expectantly and eagerly This is the ninth entry in the Joe Grey series and plenty of information from previous events is woven into the storyline to provide background on the people and their relationships I eagerly await the next cat tail in Molena Point and hope Joe Grey and company keep the residents safe