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Talking Dirty With the Boss Talking Dirty #3 free read Ù PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¿ Marisa Clair wants to get her artist dreams back on track after a life detour That means no partying no shoppingand definitely no men to distract her Should be easy but there’s something about her hot and exceedinT the color of her pantiesand how free he feels when he’s with herMarisa and Luke’s plans to steer clear of one another are shot to hell after a hot office encounter Now the two of them will have to learn to get along as they face a much permanent reminder of their lack of self control – a pregnancy. ARC generously given by the publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewMore on my blog so apparently I jumped two books and got straight to this one But I was never made aware of this series so what the hell I'll just review this and be done with itOCD is not something to mess around with I am a little OCD especially when I do sketches or do any written work I get very uncomfortable looking at mistakes especially visible ones and sometimes it will take me hours to get a perfect sketch or paper I can understand how Luke deals with his OCD everything must be in place must be in order so his life can go on It's excruciatingly frustrating and it can really make you look like a freakBut I couldn't somehow relate to him breaking out of his OCD being so reckless at times around Marisa Not only him but I couldn't relate to Marisa as well The whole situation was a little off to me but I continued on till the end because it was interesting and I wanted to know how Luke's OCD would fit into their lives She was like a princess escaped from the palace slumming it with the plebeians And that offended his sense of order tooI find the whole princess thing a little weird He's not that very affectionate and suddenly he calls her a princess It totally messes with my head because when I read princesses I think of little girls in pink tutus and a golden wandI gave it a 3 star for the interaction between Luke and Marisa Although I can't relate to them like I do with most couples they are entertaining and maybe there are some people who would love them

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NgFinancial consultant Luke McNamara lives his life strictly by schedule – his OCD simply won't allow him to do anything else And the very last thing he needs is a sassy blonde putting lipstick on his collar and messing with his routine She annoys the hell out of him so why can’t he stop thinking abou. Two and a half stars for making the heroine slightly tolerable by the end Talking Dirty with the Boss sounded sexy and intriguing yet uickly spiraled into omfg territory because of a heroine with no sense of self respect and a hero who uses his OCD as an excuse for every little aspect of his life Alpha Whaat NoThis book is part of a series that I apparently overlooked because I didn’t do my homework before I snagged it up thanks to its sexy but deceiving cover It’s book three in the Talking Dirty series who’s character’s lives all intertwine with one another so you get to meet each heroheroine in a prior book TDwtB is about Marissa Clair a would be artist and Luke McNamara financial consultant and boss to Clair While the blurb reads as though this will be a sexy and titillating read full of sass and witty dialogue the only thing I got out of this is that some people can be real pricks and deserve a good ol’ smacking Marissa had no respect for Luke’s time rules space I can go on and on It aggravated me to hear her say he was an uptight asshole yet she’s thinking about kissing him What No When I meet an “uptight asshole” the first thing I want is to put distance between us not attack his mouth As for Luke I didn’t really find him to be uptight Once you are in his head you understand why he does or acts the way he does Still I didn’t really warm up to him either Just like Marissa he kept going on about how she aggravated him yet he wanted to know the damn color of her panties And just the fact that he kept mentioning his OCD as though I didn’t already know he had it annoyed the fuck out of me He used it as a crutch an excuse for some of his actions that didn’t even border on obsessive compulsive just childishly irritating Once Luke and Clair have a scratch your itch encounter the pregnancy that follows drives this story Me Just drove me crazy Luke felt that because of his OCD it would be best for them to live together and their plans to keep distance just goes to hell because regardless of who is irritated by whom they still want each other naked and sweaty Like I stated above this story should have been full of sass and wit but I am terribly disappointed in the outcome but mostly the overall story I never completely felt the connection between these two characters and I just kept hoping for a clue as to why Marissa was exactly what Luke needed when he couldn’t even stand her to begin with and vice versa It’s a short story at only 150 pages and understandably the author can’t exactly prolong their “love story” but it would still have been nice to know that they had a reason for wanting each other and therefore falling in love as opposed to the insta love that dripped all over my Kindle Ugh

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Talking Dirty With the Boss Talking Dirty #3Marisa Clair wants to get her artist dreams back on track after a life detour That means no partying no shoppingand definitely no men to distract her Should be easy but there’s something about her hot and exceedingly uptight boss and she can't seem to stop herself from ruffling Mr Tall Dark and Irritati. Oh yet another brilliant story from Jackie I loved Joseph and Christie's story and this one is just as good Luke and Marisa are just brilliant as a couple and I really enjoyed getting to know them and then be with them through their story Funny sexy warm romantic I just loved it