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The Force reader ´ 358 pages Õ Alexandra Swann Õ A Dark Force is RisingSomeone is murdering the world’s most beautiful women—over and over and overWhen Jarrod and Joshua Sinclair are called in to consult with the FBI about the Hollywood Starlet murders they immediately suspect their old nemesis Josef Helmick of creatEmesis Josef Helmick of creating clones of famous women for a visiting Saudi prince Wasting no time they hire retired detective Fred Kowalski and send him to Dubai to uncover Josef’s base of operations and build a case against him for the m The Force opens with Alexander Sinclair you can read about him in The Fourth Kingdom explaining the difference between power and force to his two young sons Joshua and Jarrod God's power is unlimited He created everything there is in heaven and on earth He has the power to protect us and to help us in every situation but the devil is different He cannot create anything he has never created one single thing because force cannot create Satan may have a great deal of force but that is nothing when compared with the great power of God As Joshua and Jarrod grow up they experience this for themselves when they face their adversary Josef HelmickThe Force and it's preuel The Fourth Kingdom are both overtly Christian novels that focus on current events in the scientific community Remember Dolly the cloned sheep? Well that's what you're going to find here but not with sheep of course as well as a terrifying bad guy trustworthy hero and many other characters You'll also be reading a book that deals with current scientific exploration from a decidedly Christian point of viewThe book begins with a few mysterious deaths that are ultimately traced back to one man Josef Helmick Joshua and Jarrod Sinclair know that it will be difficult to locate Helmick and bring him to justice so they hire recently retired detective Fred Kowalski to discover his whereabouts The story moves back and forth between Fred and Helmick other characters are introduced throughout the novel as well and the ultimate showdown between good and evilBoth The Fourth Kingdom and The Force are good reads though I'll confess that I did enjoy The Force than the preuel While I liked the characters well enough in the first novel I felt that they were a little too good to be true I felt the characters were well developed in this second book The antagonist Josef Helmick is truly a terrifying character He is completely without morals but has a brilliant mind and a lust for power certainly not a safe combination for the rest of the world My guess is that there will be a third book in the series maybe The storyline does completely wrap up but the way the book ends certainly leaves the door open for a follow upThis series falls into the Christian mysterythriller genre so if you like that style of novel give this one a try

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A Dark Force is RisingSomeone is murdering the world’s most beautiful women over and over and overWhen Jarrod and Joshua Sinclair are called in to consult with the FBI about the Hollywood Starlet murders they immediately suspect their old n A greater force Wow I very much enjoyed this series I pray that I will have Joshua’s boldness if God calls me to do something like that The devil plans to harm us but God’s plans are greater He is the greater force always Very well done

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The Force Urders But Fred soon discovers that Helmick Enterprises is harboring a secret much darker than human trafficking Fred must stop Helmick before he resurrects an ancient diabolical Force in order to bring the entire human race under his control I love a good book with bad characters We all love it when the good character wins right? They can’t do that without the bad guy The Force by Alexandra and Joyce Swann lifts up their uintessential bad guy Josef Helmick and places him into the center of the action Returning from book one Josef continues where he left off Where there is darkness in The Force Josef is pulling the strings Imposing and manipulative Josef fluctuates between his plot for world domination and his recreational killing His character and story line will uickly change the mind of anyone who thinks Christian fiction is either boring or sanitized Heavy topics such as alternative religions the uest for the ability to control humanity and eternity and familiar science fictionthriller themes are solidly rooted throughout the book so lovers of these types of books will be pleasedThe Force moves through multiple diabolical threads with a several subplots all highlighting the concepts of good and evil Without issuing spoilers I was touched with a storyline surrounding the past of character Fred We are reminded that our actions can have long term and even eternal conseuences even when we are unaware of the resultsThe actual storyline may be a work of fiction but the themes of good and evil sin and salvation resonate with readers because they are apparent in our world no matter what we are dealing with in our own lives The Swanns introduce into the story in a way that we see the light at the end of the tunnel Several times stories of the power of redemption balance out the force of the darkness and remind us that salvation is always at handThe bottom line is this I enjoyed The Force immensely