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Force Of Nature Download ¶ 5 Ü Librarian’s note This is a previously published edition of Kindle ASIN B005GSYZBONE OF LIBRARY JOURNAL'S BEST MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR In 1995 Nate Romanowski was in a Special Forces unit abroad when his commander John Nemecek did something terrible Now the high ranking government official and cold blooded sociopath is detE high ranking government official and cold blooded sociopath is determined to eliminate anyone who knows about it like Nate who’s hidden himself away in Wyoming’s Bighorn Mountains And he knows exactly how Nemecek will do it by targeting Nate's frien. I am very glad to have come across this series This was my first book by CJ Box and in the Joe Picket series This book stood on its own and made me want to read in this seriesEven though the story is set in Wyoming and follows a game warden it is not anything like the Walt Longmire series I enjoyed it very much it was original informative and had great characters that I'm looking forward to getting to know betterDavid Handler did an excellent job with the narration I have listened to him before but this is his niche his voice fits Joe Picket perfectly

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Librarian’s note This is a previously published edition of Kindle ASIN B005GSYZBONE OF LIBRARY JOURNAL'S BEST MYSTERIES OF THE YEAR In 1995 Nate Romanowski was in a Special Forces unit abroad when his commander John Nemecek did something terrible Now th. I was kind of afraid to read this I love the Joe Pickett books so much and I've always found Nate Romanowski's character fascinating but did I want to read a whole book about him Yes yes I did It's excellentThe plots If you haven't read the entire Joe Pickett series start at the beginning and linger over my other favorites Free Fire and Nowhere to Run Then when you get to this book you will really appreciate the characters their history together the complex relationships etc that make this such a spectacular story Nate's been in hiding for years and what he's been hiding from is coming for him in his WY hideaway He's forced to take offensive action and the story never lets down from there Joe's still there along with his family although in a supporting role this time but he never lets me down My thoughts I think I already shared those Read all these books Even if you don't think you are interested in a series with a MC who works as a Wyoming game warden there is a real universal appeal to these stories because of the human element You get to know Joe his wife his daughters his mother in law and his friendsand the relationships are all realistic and nuanced and complicated I also learn things about the state of WY through these booksits landscape its mysteries its tendency to attract the loners and the rebels Plus every book contains an excellent mystery too Highly recommended

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Force Of NatureDs to draw him out That includes his friend game warden Joe Pickett and Pickett’s entire family The only way to fight back is outside the law Nate knows he can do it but he isn't sure about his straight arrow friend And all their lives could depend on i. PROTAGONIST Nate Romanowski and Joe PickettSETTING Wyoming and IdahoSERIES #12 of 12RATING 45Joe Pickett is a game warden in Wyoming who has taken on just about every threat imaginable over the course of twelve books He is a moral family man who has often been aided by his off the grid friend Nate Romanowski Nate has been an enigmatic character throughout the series and FORCE OF NATURE is a book that is dedicated to telling his storyAt one time Nate was in a Special Forces unit in Central Asia He was hand picked to join this group by the commanding lieutenant and master falconer John Nemecek who had heard of Nate’s falconry skills Nate joined the secret unit known as “The Five” At times Nemecek ordered them to do uestionable things To this day Nate regrets going along with some of these orders Nemecek is on a mission to eliminate anyone who knew about the worst of these activities and has sent a group to terminate Nate Nemecek is not the least bit hesitant about doing whatever is necessary to catch his prey much like the falcons that he trains including going after the families of Nate’s friends one of whom is Game Warden Joe PickettNate goes to ground and begins to seek out some of his closest Special Forces friends finding some of them dead or in grave danger Meanwhile Joe is training a new warden Luke Brueggemann and trying to aid Nate surreptitiously Joe has a strong moral code and finds it difficult to cover for his friend He does an admirable job of it despite the fact that Nemecek has threatened his family and they are planning to vacate to California for a while Nate Romanowski has long been an enigma and Box does a great job of revealing Nate’s past and his motivations It’s essential to understand the art of falconry in order to really know Nate; the fact that he is able to kill without remorse is not a sign that he is a sociopath; instead he has a falcon’s way of looking at things This outlook may be tough for the sueamish reader to handle I did find it odd that Nate confided deep dark secrets to a female he met along the way; he is normally an extremely wary man and doesn’t trust anyone easily I also had a hard time with the “big secret” part of the plot; it was an anticlimax to finally have it revealed and it wasn’t very believable Despite that I found FORCE OF NATURE to be an excellent read I was pleased to see a deeper level of development of one of the major characters of the series as well as the depth of friendship and loyalty between Nate and JoeIt hardly seems possible that FORCE OF NATURE is the twelfth book in the Joe Pickett series The first book OPEN SEASON was published in 2001 I remember how much I delighted in reading it It’s great to find that my enthusiasm for this series has failed to wane in all this time