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reader ☆ Into Thin Air A Personal Account of the Mt Everest Disaster Paperback Ñ A bank of clouds was assembling on the not so distant horizon but journalist mountaineer Jon Krakauer standing on the summit of Mt Everest saw nothing that suggested that a murderous storm was bearing down He was wrong Saw nothing that suggested that a murderous storm was bearing down He was wrong The storm which claimed five lives and left countless inc I recently attended the Banff mountain film festival in Canada One of the key speakers was Simone Moro the close friend of Anatoli Boukreev the climber who was killed in an avalanche several years ago on Annapurna and whom Krakauer pretty much vilifies in this book as not having done enough to save the lives of those caught in the blizzard on Mount Everest in May of 1996 Needless to say the vibe in the room was chilly whenever the subject of Krakauer's version of events came up; he was accused of slander and some in the room even claimed that he had not done much himself to save the lives of those in danger during the Everest disaster Nevertheless as a reader of climbing nonfiction I stand by Krakauer I have always found his account of the Everest disaster an intensely moving and thought provoking one Like Joe Simpson's books Into Thin Air reveals its speaker to be a climber with a conscience Kraukauer loves climbing but is completely honest about the fact that such a dangerous sport so often puts one in the agonizing position of having to make life or death decisions under conditions that make clear thinking nearly impossible the cold the lack of oxygen the immense strain on the body at that great elevation One gets the sense while reading that he is trying to make sense of this crazy sport as he writes that this book is his process of figuring out the answer to the uestion with all of the dangers and fatalities that result from climbing Everest why on earth do people actually sign themselves up for this kind of thing? In the years since I first picked up this book I have discovered many other great climbing books in the adventure genre although Krakauer's remains one of my all time favorites For accounts of the Everest disaster see also Boukreev's The Climb and Beck Weather's Left for Dead If you enjoy Krakauer's writing you might also enjoy Nando Parrado's Miracle in the Andes a true account of the narrow escape of some members of a Uruguayan rugby team that survived by any means necessary and I do mean ANY means necessary two grueling months in the Andes after their plane crashed in the mountains on the way home from a game In addition Joe Simpson's Touching the Void is a similarly remarkable story of a climber who survives unlikely odds after breaking his leg on the side of the mountain Siula Grande in Peru There are also movie versions of both Titled Alive and Touching the Void respectively In addition a movie version is due out soon for one of Krakauer's other wilderness adventure books Into The Wild

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Luding Krakauer's in guilt ridden disarray would also provide the impetus for Into Thin Air Krakauer's epic account of the May 1996 disast This is not a review I don’t feel like writing a review for this book but I feel like I should at least say something about it because I did enjoy it I mean it did make me utter “Jesus Christ” out loud than one time and I don’t often talk to myself while I am reading a bookI almost want to post a picture of a LOLcat with a caption that says “This buk wuz gud” but I don’t have oneSoThese are a few things I learned from reading this book1 If a person decides to climb Everest they are likely to encounter dead bodies along the route up to the summit2 Lobuje which is on the way to Everest Base Camp is a place that overflows with human excrement While Krakauer was there in 1996 he wrote Huge stinking piles of human feces lay everywhere; it was impossible not to walk in it Lovely Insert “Want to get away from it all?” commercial here3 Without the assistance of Sherpas it is unlikely that climbers would be able to reach the summit at all Besides schlepping tons of your crap they also know the way and they place climbing ropes and in some instances repair ladders so people will be able to ascend the trickier places The place would also be a lot dirtier without them because they are partially responsible for removing some of the trash that Everest has accumulated over the years One camp reported having around a thousand empty canisters of supplemental oxygen as I said below in a review comment so I might as well stick it in here too4 In 1996 it cost 65000 to be a client on a guided tour climbing Everest5 It is very easy to develop high altitude sicknesses andor hallucinations as a climber gets closer to the summit In fact the every manwoman for himherself attitude that people had whether or not they had to have it in order to survive was than a little disturbing On this particular excursion two climbers got stuck on the mountain during a storm They spent the night at 28000 feet without shelter or supplemental oxygen and were believed to be dead The guide sent to look for them the next day found them barely breathing after chipping off three inches of ice from their faces Believing that they were beyond help he left them there One of the climbers my personal hero woke up from his coma hours later and was lucid enough to get himself back down to one of the camps Sure he lost half an arm his nose and all of the digits on his other hand to frostbite but he's still aliveOh and sure the events that happened on Mt Everest in 1996 were tragic but I do think the people who climb it know what they are risking

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Into Thin Air A Personal Account of the Mt Everest DisasterA bank of clouds was assembling on the not so distant horizon but journalist mountaineer Jon Krakauer standing on the summit of Mt Everest RELEASE THE KRAKAUERseriously it is time to just raze everest and be done with it already i mean it's big and impressive but it is just taking up all this room and killing people so why do we even need it any?? can't we just get over it? really i think it has reached its peak and is all downhill from hereshameless punning asideso this started out as an article that KRAKAUER was asked to write for outside magazine about the commercialization of everest it should embarrass us that something that costs 75000 dollars to even attempt even has the potential to become commercialized for example i just balked at shelling out 717 for the sandwich i am eating and like everest it is kind of crappy how misplaced is our spending? for fifty bucks a toe i will chop yours right off and you can pretend you climbed everest and had a gay old time everyone wins but there are purists who think that there was golden age of everest and everything since then has just been compromised and now everest is a trash heap full of inconvenient dead bodies and empty oxygen bottles and really just anyone can climb everest so it isn't even a challenge anyTHAT IS THE KIND OF ATTITUDE THAT EVEREST WILL FUCKING KILL YOU FOR HAVINGdo not climb everest it is a trapwhen i was making this year's thanksgiving meal i decided to have a little fun and incorporate things i learned from everest into the prep because i had soooo many brussels sprouts to prepare as well as parsnips carrots beets sweet and regular potatoes turnips onions cauliflower etc it was a lot of peeling and i tried to see how many i could peel while holding my breath and what that did to my motor skills all i learned is that i really like to breathe and any activity in which i cannot breathe is not for me by the end i was weeping KRAKAUER wouldn't give up he would chop allllll the brussels sprouts but from everything i have read of everest note two books it is THE WORST all of the reaching of the summit which should be time for celebration is always so anticlimactic you can't stay up there very long because humans need to breathe and all; there is no fireplace and hot cocoa like at the top of the viennese alps and then there is the small matter of DESCENDING all that bullshit and putting up with for ten seconds of experience?? i gave all that up in high school thank you very muchoh shit i have class now i will review laterokay so i went to class i learned some stuff and i don't have much to say about this it is not as action packed as peak and a lot of it reads like KRAKAUER working through his personal demons and dealing with his culpability but it is still interesting i still think everest is unnecessary it is like a hot fourteen year old who needs that kind of temptation right? oh and also thisseriously everest who needs it?come to my blog