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The Morning After Download Õ 104 ´ You cannot be allowed to go on ruining lives simply because that body of yours drives men insane Cesar DeSanuez was right about Annie's beauty it had made her into an international supermodel But the only life about to be ruined was Annie's by Cesar In reality she was a shy virgin but Cesar preferred to believe inYou cannot be allowed to go on ruining lives simply because that body of yours drives men insane Cesar DeSanuez was right about Annie's beauty it had made he. Incoherent Rumblings of Yours Truly aka Friends Do Not Let Friends Read Harleuin Romance BooksLet me start with an image of a guy who was on covers of approximately 99% of all romances published in ninetieth to set the right moodThe book is around 130 pages long It took me two weeks to finish it Because it was stupid and boring I mean because I was taking notes trying to memorize the wisdom within its pages As I am all around nice person I will share it with you Pay attention folks this might change your life So without further ado the book's tips on how to woo a woman any woman Taken together they compose an unbeatable strategy♥ You love a woman but she does not love you Slap her face enough times and she will madly fall in love with you♥ She still does not care about your love Have sex with her She will understand your feelings toward her after the first one♥ You touch her and she does not want to have sex with you Continue what you are doing; remember if she says Do not touch me it just means Kiss me first and if she says Stop it it means Do not stop even in case of an earthuake Then he touched her And good grief everything vital inside her went haywire—muscles nerves senses heart all clamoring out of control as his hand cupped gently at her chin lifted it forcing her wary blue gaze to meet the probing expression in his♥ After the first unprotected sex act say that if she gets pregnant her reputation would be ruined but offer to marry her to save the said reputation ♥ If the ungrateful object of your affection refuses to marry you say the following line which never failed being the most romantic marriage proposal ever I will take you here on this rock in broad daylight if I have to And I will go on taking you until you agree to marry me Angelica Lacey♥ Finally if everything else fails and it happens in the most difficult cases imprison her at some uiet place and wait for the Stockholm Syndrome to kick in Oh I almost forgot a tiny little detail It is uite insignificant really For the above to work you need to be tall dark and handsome billionaire millionaire might work too be a CEO of a major company have your own island or two in the Caribbean and have a hobby that makes you millions for pocket expenses Please note if you followed my suggestions and ended up in legal trouble do not blame me All the blame belongs to the author and the publisher I was just passing the wisdom along I am not going to discuss the plot wasting my time take a look at the book cover and you will be able to guess it right from the beginning to the end Characters Other than two main heroes nobody bothered to be on stage for than a couple of minutes The heroine was blond gorgeous and had wet breasts if you do not believe me ask my buddy readers to confirm The hero was tall dark handsome blah blah This is all No other information is provided and I hesitate to call them two dimensional they were too underdeveloped to ualify Writing uality Let me uote a line I found around page 3 the emphasis is mineShe was the present day super sought after supermodel Supergirl anybody After I found this gem I forced myself to stop paying attention to writing uality or to absence of it to be exact Dialogs I saw better written and intelligent ones in porn movies I was watching them for scientific purposes obviously The only reason I gave two stars to this book was the fact that I finished it The only reason I finished it was that I was challenged by my buddy readers to do so In other words they are directly responsible for the rating And now I have to think of a way to make they pay for my suffering Please do not think I hate romances I read uite a few of them both and erotic and not and wrote reviews to prove it I even gasp rated some of them with 5 stars Look at my shelves if you do not believe me PS I mentioned my buddy readers paying for my suffering I just had an idea They have to continue reading the series All 11 remaining books This would be good enough revenge for what I had to endure The Count of Monte Cristo himself would be proud of such an idea

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R into an international supermodel But the only life about to be ruined was Annie's by Cesar In reality she was a shy virgin but Cesar preferred to believe i. Re The Morning After Michelle Reid is the third book of the 1997 HPlandia year and the first book in the Forbidden SeriesWhich means that we are in for a whole 12 books one per month of forced seduction forced to be a mistress tropes with extra tart shaming of pure and virtuous unicorn grooming h's who are sold up the river by a variety of relative related contretemps Be prepared when you read these this series is extremely non pc in most of the books and H nematode slime swillerhood abounds MR kicks us off in style with a virgin supermodel heroine named Annie Annie was raised by her aunt who was really her mother and is the product of an adulterous liaison Annie started with commercials at a young age and it wasn't until her 'aunt' died when she was 19 that she found out the true circumstances of her birthShe went to confront her bio dad and met her half brother after telling them both off after agreeing to not reveal her parentage cause her bio dad had a terminally ill wife Annie finds herself at a crossroadsAnnie goes to a party at the H's apartment and is almost raped by the H's brother in law This unfortunate scene opens the book She hasn't met the H at this point and his sister is all about exacerbating the situation to get a divorce from a husband she hates Annie is branded a harlot by the press and the H's sister's divorce petition her 'nice girl' image is ruined so Annie makes lemonade out of lemons and markets her modeling image as a 'bad girl' instead It catapults her to super stardomThe H Cesar and Annie live's intersect again when Annie's half brother Todd starts dating Susie Cesar's cousin Susie wants to be a supermodel too but she isn't up to the standard so she sleeps with various men and gets Cesar to use his connections to buy herself a modeling career Susie hooks up with Annie's brother Todd cause he has money and is launching a fabulous life styles of the rich and famous magazine Susie gets mad because Annie is a part of Todd's life and after living with Todd for a few months Susie tells Todd that Annie goes or she is off Annie feels a little sorry for Susie because Todd has never explained the relationship between them for his own whatever reasons Susie is a spoilt twit and is soon flaunting herself in front of Todd with another man and Todd is flaunting Annie on his arm to really set Suzy offCesar steps in to kidnap Annie and to really mess up Todd's business life Cesar is a billionaire head of a multi national conglomerate and also the world's most successful jewelry designer Annie is contracted to model his jewelry for the first edition launching of Todd's new magazineCesar decides that Susie will get that honor instead and so after soaking Annie's dress in champagne to get her away from Todd at the party he takes her home and Annie feels a smidgen of attraction as the Lurve Force Mojo kicks inThen Cesar essentially kidnaps Annie by getting her on his private island under the guise of a modeling shoot and proceeds to rape her MR tries to make it a forced seduction but Annie was battered physically and emotionally and you can't call it anything other than rape as Annie clearly said NOCesar is astounded because Annie was virgo intacto and apparently he feels sorta bad as Annie scrubs herself off for an hour in the shower That doesn't stop him from threatening her with repeated rapes slapping her and then promising to lock her up so that he can marry her and keep her seuestered on his island with no escape because she might terminate their possible babyHe then also threatens Todd's magazine launch by telling Annie he will cancel his photo spread of his fabulous jewelry collection Annie caves to the blackmail and Cesar throws in that it only has to be for two weeks For some reason Annie believes him not realizing how psychotically obsessed with her this mullet wearing nematode slime slurper really is As Vintage says he wears a mullet because he likes it No further explanations are really needed for anything he does at this pointAnnie and Cesar marry there is a week of semi forced and eventually mutual lurve club extravaganza's and Annie starts to worry about Todd and the magazine launch To which Cesar tells her that Susie has to have her shot at supermodel stardom and asks Annie to give her contract up in favor of SusieAnnie refuses realizes that Cesar has lied to her and used her the entire time and calls him on it Cesar storms off after another round of lurve clubbing and Annie is stranded on his island for a week because apparently being his forced sex slave that happens to be married to him is supposed to be some kind of huge reward and Annie doesn't appreciate it When Cesar eventually returns we learn that Annie believes she is in love because of the wedding photos taken when they got married they look like people in love or something Her brother Todd is freaking out and all of the sudden Tarty Tramp Susie did not know anything about Cesar's plot to kidnap and abuse AnnieCesar asks Annie to trust him because he has been so aboveboard and honest and all and Annie asks why should she Cesar then explains that he promised Susie she could model his new jewel collection a long time ago and then Susie decided that Todd's new magazine would be the perfect launch for her and Cesar's collection and oh she supposedly really loves Todd too forget about all the other men she runs around with Cesar shows Annie that the other set of pictures is of Susie wearing his collection except for his sapphires that he designed for Annie Cesar offers to let Todd use their wedding pictures for his first edition and Annie refuses Which is great because Cesar was really going to use Susie's anyway and Cesar was just testing Annie again It really is too bad she is a decent person and declines to tell Todd about how Cesar and Susie set her upNow Cesar claims he is in love cause he has been obsessed with Annie for the last four years Ever since the party he threw that he never got to go to where Annie was almost raped Cesar claims he loves her when he doesn't even know her as person and Annie claims she loves him backTodd is told to use Susie's pictures for his big launch but the future is uncertain for him and Susie relationship wise One can only hope that Todd pumps and dumps then throws Susie back on the slag heap and she winds up a B grade porno actress Annie pretends to believe Cesar when he claims Susie didn't help him stage the whole set up and Cesar says his sister is supposedly sorry for crucifying Annie like she did in her divorce Annie isn't pregnant after all and we can leave these two lurvin it up in obsessed Purple Passion solitude Annie can now look forward to enjoying being stuck as second best forever to Cesar's truly slime swilling relatives frantically slithering straight out of the lowest HP sub sewer system for a dubious conclusion to a not very happy HPlandia outing In case you can't tell I despise this book Cesar was the lowest of the low and while not uite scraping the bottom of the barrel compared to some HP H's a piece of bull fertilizer like him showing up in a MR book was uite a shockConsidering that this series is a throwback to the really old skool in terms of consent infidelity and other nefarious romance topics MR did an excellent job writing this It is very much a love it or hate it book Since I don't believe the HEA I personally hate it but there are a lot of readers who love the wrecki drama of it all and it certainly is a very whacktastic trip to HPlandia

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The Morning AfterN her glossy image He passionately believed that she had torn apart his family in the space of a night And now in the cold light of dawn he wanted his reveng. That was so angsty crazy and fucked up I couldn't help but love it Hero was obsessed and in love with the heroine for years He thinks she is having an affair with his sister's husband so he kidnaps her and takes her to a secluded island where he seduces her Heroine hates him with a passion She was so blind and in denial I wanted to slap her She was also the bitchiest heroine I've read lately Still I enjoyed this cause hero was a stalker so obsessed and crazy for her