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They hear the spirits They must obeyIn the Forest of the Dead where the empire's worst criminals are exiled twin sisters Moria and Ashyn are charged with a dangerous task For they are the Keeper and the Seeker and each year they must uiet the enraged souls of the damnedOnly this year t. i read 200 pages and was bored the whole time the main character is also boring and annoying and i disliked her i was also bored the male character was also boring oh and i was also boredhonestly buddy reads are not made for sana and i we were able to read one book which was heartless by marissa meyer and we both loved it and became trash for jest who is the male lead and love interest of the main character so we wanted to keep trying it out then we tried carve the mark and it didn't work it this one was next and it didn't work out next time i'll choose the book because it's always been sana who chooses the books AND SHE ALWAYS FAILS SANA THIS IS UNBELIVABALElet's just pretend this book doesn't exist in my life here's another attempt to another br with the one who writes cute nicknames for me when i can't think of anything because ya know why not

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Sea of Shadows Age of Legends #1He souls will not be uietedAmbushed by an ancient evil Moria and Ashyn must race to warn the empire of a terrifying threat Accompanied by a dashing thief and a warrior with a dark history the sisters battle their way across a wasteland filled with reawakened monsters of legend But ther. It's official I prefer Kelley Armstrong so so much when she's writing for adults I appreciate that this book won't actually be released for another six months and I wouldn't usually post a review so far in advance but Sea of Shadows was so meh that I doubt I'll be able to remember anything I want to say if I wait any longerCompared to other paranormalurban fantasy authors Armstrong's pacing is generally on the slow side This is not necessarily a bad thing I thought it worked wonderfully in Bitten Stolen and her latest adult book Omens But the success of Armstrong's slower pacing varies Sometimes it builds up a slow picture of the characters and world in such a way that you're desperate to find out Sometimes it dangles a temptation for in front of your face and guarantees you'll pace frustratedly until the seuel comes out But sometimes it can also mean that nothing seems to happen for the majority of the book It's been a while since I read it but I recall having such an experience with The Calling That book ended with me feeling like I'd read a few hundred pages of fillerWhile my experience with The Calling could be attributed to middle book syndrome my experience with this latest series starter cannot At least the first two thirds of Sea of Shadows feels like the characters have no purpose or direction Much of this portion of the novel is spent wandering around being lost and having lovehate flirtations with the book's two love interests one for each girl not a love triangle And while there was for me a very distinct turning point after these first two thirds it was still mostly due to an increase in the novel's grittiness and a couple of well placed shockingly violent scenes Not to mention it was all just too little too lateI'm not one to get too picky over what we're calling our genres but I feel the need to point out that it seems something of a stretch to call this book high fantasy Or if you insist on calling it that then it must alternatively be admitted that there is very little managed in the way of world building here Some brief mentions of forbidden magic and a royal family aren't enough and they certainly aren't original in a genre made up of forbidden magic and royal families The history and culture of this world is barely touched upon; a fact which probably means Armstrong is saving it for future installments but actually just made me feel like I'd read an extremely long prologue to what could be a good bookI realise that I've been skirting around a plot summary but to be honest I don't uite know what to tell you Moria and Ashyn are twin sisters and also the Keeper and the Seeker This means it's their job to calm the souls of the damned in the Forest of the Dead All sounds cool right Well reading the GR description after reading the book makes me realise that it was telling the truth all along but I just couldn't see the reality Ambushed and separated by an ancient evil the sisters’ journey to find each other sends them far from the only home they’ve ever known Accompanied by a stubborn imperial guard and a dashing condemned thief the girls cross a once empty wasteland now filled with reawakened monsters of legend as they travel to warn the emperor Basical

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Sea of Shadows (Age of Legends, #1) Download ☆ 4 ´ They hear the spirits They must obeyIn the Forest of the Dead where the empire's worst criminals are exiled twin sisters Moria and Ashyn are charged with a dangerous task For they are the Keeper and the Seeker and each year they must uiet the enraged souls of the damnedOnly this yE are sinister enemies waiting for them at court and a secret that will alter the balance of their world foreverThe first volume in the Age of Legends trilogy Sea of Shadows is a thrilling dark fantasy where evil hides in every shadow and the deadliest monsters of all come in human for. I can't believe I actually managed to finally finish this book After over two years of sitting on my TBR pile I thought it was time I read it But after finishing it I'm realizing that there's a reason I never picked it up And that reason is that it is terrible and my subconscious knew it all along All kidding aside this book really was an absolute chore to read and terribly boring The characters and story just fell totally flat and left me bored to tears not to mention that it took fucking forever to get to the point which wasn't even that great I most definitely will not be reading the rest of the series as I refuse to subject myself to that