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The MessengerS best friend Audrey and utterly devoted to his coffee drinking dog the Doorman His life is one of peaceful routine and incompetence until he inadvertently stops a bank robberyThat's when the first My full name’s Ed Kennedy I’m nineteen I’m an underage cabdriver I’m typical of many of the young men you see in this suburban outpost of the city – not a whole lot of prospects or possibility That aside I read books than I should and I’m decidedly crap at sex and doing my taxes Nice to meet youAfter accidentally preventing a bank robber from escaping Ed Kennedy receives his first playing card with three addresses written on it He understands that he needs to deliver a message to each of these places but the card offers no further instructions Relying on his intuition alone Ed starts touching people’s lives and trying to understand what he has to do The messages vary from simple to horribly complex and painful but they all have one thing in common they need Ed to shake them up and save them from themselves I think the most wonderful thing about Zusak is the surprising humanity of his characters Not only do they come alive for the reader but they also take so many different roles in the process Their simple acts of kindness often end up being impressive and life changing I’d noticed this about so many characters in The Book Thief and I feared it was a one time deal but Ed might be the best of them all In complete contrast to the ending Ed is one of the most real and tangible characters I’ve ever stumbled upon The fact that he’s completely unaware of how extraordinary he is just adds to his charm My only regret is that the same cannot be said about Audrey I really needed her to be just as well developed but she was the only one who didn’t feel real to me and that’s the sole reason for my 4 star rating I Am the Messenger will make you happy in at least three ways it will give you a truly authentic approachable story that will go straight through your heart it will make you examine the way you treat complete strangers and it will catch you completely off guardI wish I could hold up that knife and tear open the world I’d slice it open and climb through to the next one In bed I cling to that thoughtI suppose many people will not be comfortable with the ending I thought it was unexpected brilliant like the man himself mind blowing still picking up the pieces and audacious It didn’t take anything from the story it didn’t diminish the importance of any of the characters and it added an extra dose of memorability the book wouldn’t necessarily have otherwise Choosing a favorite uote this time was just like choosing a favorite child but there was one I needed to shareWhat would you do if you were me? Tell me Please tell me But you’re far from this Your fingers turn the strangeness of these pages that somehow connect my life to yours Your eyes are safe The story is just another few hundred pages of your mind For me it’s here It’s now I have to go through with this considering the cost at every turn Nothing will ever be the sameFor this and of our reviews visit The Nocturnal LibraryThanks to the lovely Jasprit for reading this with me

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Protect the diamondssurvive the clubsdig deep through the spadesfeel the heartsEd Kennedy is an underage cabdriver without much of a future He's pathetic at playing cards hopelessly in love with hi I can't seem to get enough Zusak Once again his language is magic Instead of falling into the he or she said pitfall the dialogue takes on the action of the predominant emotion If he wants to reach for a friend the words reach And the way he breaks his sentences to evoke emotional pauses is poetic Plus it makes his stories delectably uick to read The perfect combination of length and pause But his prose is not even the most powerful thing about his writing Zusak pulls the words lingering on the edge of your brain as if you'd written them yourself In a way his writing transcends languageHere we have an ordinary 19 year old taxi driver who is going nowhere with his life and has no plans to ever make something of himself either When Ed inadvertently foils a bank robbery he is praised as a local hero Some people have it in them to make a stand to be than ordinary That's when the assignments come Written on the ace of diamonds are three addresses Ed must figure out who is in need of help at these locations and what he can do to touch their lives As Ed engulfs himself into these strangers' lives he learns to care for them personally and insightfully discovers a message for them that will alter their lives Sometimes the messages are easy to deliver other times they reuire all he can muster to give But always he finds the courage to follow through And his answers are never what I would expect There are countless saints who have nothing to do with church and almost no knowledge of God But they say God walks with those people without them ever knowing it As we follow Ed through his journey from just another stupid person to messenger we see him grow emotionally as the assignments touch him deeper In touching other people's lives he finds the purpose in his his way of being greatAt one point he says he thought he was doing one of these people a favor but I realize it's the opposite I'm the privileged one Is that not how it always is? We don't want to get involved with helping other people even developing new friendships because it reuire something from us But what we fail to realize is what we get out of it is than what we put in it The effort to connect with people instead of drift through each other's lives is always worth it view spoilerIt took me a second read through the twist at the end to realize the stranger on the couch was Zusak I think the tool was surreal when Vonnegut used it maybe that's because it's the first time I'd encountered it but here its purpose is to bring home the powerful message of the last card and so intense in its own way hide spoiler

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Download The Messenger Doc ✓ 357 pages ↠ Reflectionslisburnltd ☆ protect the diamondssurvive the clubsdig deep through the spadesfeel the heartsEd Kennedy is an underage cabdriver without much of a future He's pathetic at playing cards hopelessly in love with his best friend Audrey and utterly devoteAce arrives in the mailThat's when Ed becomes the messengerChosen to care he makes his way through town helping and hurting when necessary until only one uestion remains Who's behind Ed's mission? FEELING SO MANY FEELINGS RNThis book was pretty fantastic TBH I don't that it was uite a 5 star and INCREDIBLE but it was pretty greatEd was an overall likeable character though sometimes he said and did some very problematic things especially in his relationship with girls But most people in life are problematic in one way or another so #relatable #reallifeThis book was a bit hard for me to get into at first and took some easing in but once I was in I wanted to finish it ALLThe ending was a little weird and abrupt but kind of fit the book Ed's conclusions and thoughts were what made the ending rather than the eventsIt's such a uniue story setting and overall book that I would definitely recommend it