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The Kings DoggeTing the Scots in the West March His initiative wins him a knighthood and turns him into Gloucester’s most prized asset In time Lovell comes to respect Gloucester and a close friendship blossoms each aware of one another’s weaknesses but together able to advance one another’s careers – military and political respectively Lovell’s future is further shaped by Gloucester’s scheming wife Anne Neville whose ambition exceeds that of her husband But when their Machiavellian scheming lead. An interesting take on Richard III from the perspective of one of his henchmenFor a further reviewMy ARC courtesy of NetGalley many thanks

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The Kings Dogge Review È PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ç Just how far will one man go in the name of loyalty Set in an England beset by power wrangling and warfare at the end of the 15th century The King’s Dogge the first of a two book series tells of Francis Lovell’s meteoric rise from humble suire to closest ally of King Richard III HS to the cold blooded murder of the princes in the tower Lovell is forced to weigh his conscience against his sense of duty and ask himself what dark acts he is prepared to carry out in Gloucester’s name The King’s Dogge is a fictional account of the rule of King Richard III as seen from the perspective of his closest adviser Francis Lovell It weaves a story around true events and throws the actions of the king into a new perspective when viewed against the ambition of his wife Anne Nevil. This is the story of Francis Lovell a suire to a lord in the Lancastrian faction in the Wars of the Roses who became a loyal supporter of the future King Richard IIIThere is much to recommend this novel Green has done his background research and knows his subject His knowledge and interest in battles and battle tactics weapons and strategy shines and he gives the reader detailed information on the life of Francis LovellHowever there are problems that overshadow the narrative The author has added annotations in the way you would with non fiction numbering notes that are listed at the end As well as being out of place in a novel many are unnecessary as a few paragraphs after the passage concerned he will explain it perfectly adeuately as part of the storyline One or two of the notes bizarrely are corrections such as ‘Lovell makes a mistake with the title here’ I assume that the author has used a primary source for this account of Lovell’s life but does not reference it leaving the reader somewhat perplexedAnother issue for the novel is a lack of characterisation Having read the book to the end I am unable to describe any character in depth There are no physical descriptions beyond the occasional reference to hair and eye colour One example Lovell’s relationship with Richard of Gloucester We are told it is close but have not witnessed anything between the two characters within the narrative to demonstrate thisThis novel has potential Green’s historical knowledge is excellent but his writing style for a novel needs some mentoring — he needs to show the characters he has in his head and let them leap off the page However readers who prefer the intimate detail of fact over fiction will probably enjoy the read

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Just how far will one man go in the name of loyalty Set in an England beset by power wrangling and warfare at the end of the 15th century The King’s Dogge the first of a two book series tells of Francis Lovell’s meteoric rise from humble suire to closest ally of King Richard III Having courageously fought at Barnet for the great noble the Earl of Warwick Lovell is introduced to Richard of Gloucester Impressed by Lovell’s military acumen Gloucester assigns him the unenviable task of figh. I really like reading historical fiction The main reason I don't read is that I'm uite often disappointed They are historical romance than historical fiction or they feel a bit mushy due to lack of pace or vim or the characterization of the protagonist is a bit off If the protagonist is someone like Elizabeth I who is incredibly well known but also somewhat enigmatic any historical fiction treatment has got to be completely up to scratch or the entire book won't work On the other hand if the protagonist is a hypothetical unknown then their interactions with the well known characters has to be credible and they have to be real rounded complete people in their own right Well for me this one provided by the publisher through netgalley absolutely got it right on all 3 countsRight from the start we're thrown into the pointless violence and twisted loyalties of the tussle for power during the pre Tudor era It's an unpleasant subject but necessary Victory on the battlefield was how crowns were won But this book manages to convey the horror without going overboard and with a detail and description of the battle tactics which I found absolutely fascinating The battle stuff has got to be accessible for me to maintain my interest and it is here We get the full sense of being pushed around on the battlefield when the trickiest part wasn't actually fighting but simply staying on your feetThe choice of protagonist was also excellent Francis Lovell was a real person and influential at the time but not well known now We don't really get a full impression of him which actually works since it's written from his point of view but we get to understand himThe whole story is written with restraint The author just lets the action and people speak for themselves and lets the story unfold It's written from the point of view of a reasonable but highly partial individual We get to see what the world really looked like from his perspectiveOne issue I did have was with the character development of Richard of Gloucester and his wife Anne Their ambition is subtle at the beginning but it becomes too obvious too uickly I would have preferred the subtle approach throughout and their behavior degenerated into screaming matches towards the end I appreciate their desperation as they tried to cling on to what they had stolen but they were also royal and I struggle to believe this was how majesty generally behavedAnyway very enjoyable 4 stars I really liked it