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Passion Becomes You Harlequin Presents #1752Couldn't imagine that she'd ever be the one to end the idyll Until she found that her love for Leon was to have a lasting price and it meant having to let him g. I loved this book Great passionate story Basically the hero and heroine have been dating for a few months but it is a a no strings affair Jemma gets pregnant but knowing Leon is against children and marriage she ends their affair 3 months later Leon finds out about the baby he comes back and proposes marriage Jemma accepts cause she is now jobless and has a tough pregnancy but their marriage is fragile and not build on trust so angst ensuesMR is an excellent writer The hero was passionate alpha and strong He adored Jemma and I could feel his love for her Heroine was lovable as well She loved Leon deeply and when she discovered his deception and almost left Greece and his side I was still believing in her love for him which is something I can't tell for other HP heroines I liked Leon's reaction when he found out she is about to leave him I liked that he withheld her passport her ticket and then groveled and confessed his feelings Their HEA was well deserved

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Passion between them was so powerful that she cast her doubts aside and agreed to Leon's demand of a no strings affair Soon Jemma was head over heels in love and. Disappointing and dry early Harley that explores the conseuences of personal responsibility birth control and abortion tossed with half brotherevil stepmotherinheritance daddy issue tropesJemma the up to now ever cool virgin meets Leon the overwhelming Greek lover and is overwhelmed with all reuisite lady parts going into hyper drive She’s held fast against her charming but sleazy boss named josh so succumbing to the alpha romero charms of Leon is a surprise especially when she’s warned off of any real emotion He offers her an open ended affair if she’ll move to New York so they can ride the romance rail until it ends Thanks but no thanks The heroine has a spine thank you very much The hero's persuasive response is roughly “Well don’t expect to manipulate me into marriage” Leon is a hard name for me to take seriously as a hero as college friend had a date with a Leon When he came to pick her up my then big ass hat jerk of a boyfriend kept calling him Noel After that none of us could ever remember whether his name was Leon or Noel Relationship nipped in the bud Perhaps for the best as his hair was suspiciously blonde and there was a suggestion of a gold necklace This was circa ’83 Heck his name may have even been Noel and well never mind Names are importantParalleling the H and h’s sucky love affair is the precautionary tale of Josh the boss and Cassie the woman he is having a sleazy affair with Cassie admits she wants to get married and gets pregnant to trap him The men all decry foul and it is an underhanded trick but it takes two to tango Senor The conseuences of this plot point are ugly unpleasant and far too real life for this reader view spoiler Josh the skeevy boss comes in elated one day as his now ex Cassie has succumbed and had an abortion The h slaps the crap out of him and leaves Ugliness This is a Harleuin and to be perfectly honest I was shocked Rose colored goggles and all I expected the Josh the boss to put aside his rakish ways embrace fatherhood and see lust turn to love The h realizes that she is pregnant and doesn’t want to be tarred by the same gold digging trap brush so says nothing to the H Now it’s just sad and tawdry As readers we decry lack of originality in our Harley romances but sometimes a nice comfortable trope is what is needed to make us feel comfortable hide spoiler

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Read & Download í Passion Becomes You (Harlequin Presents, #1752) í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ì He Wanted Nothing More Than Her Love From their first meeting Jemma had known that forever wasn't in Leon Staphanades's vocabulary She was inexperienced but the passion between them wHe Wanted Nothing More Than Her Love From their first meeting Jemma had known that forever wasn't in Leon Staphanades's vocabulary She was inexperienced but the. Re Passion Becomes You Michelle Reid brings us the tropiest of the tropiest with this little HP exploration of HPlandia rule # 2 All virgin HP heroines will become pregnant upon first contact with the hero's Mighty Club of Love It doesn't matter if the H has been impotent with a negative motilator count for the last 20 years or if the h had certain reproductive organs irreversibly damaged and is on three varieties of birth control if the h is a virgin and the H is a true HP H there will be a stork visit nine months later In fact this rule is so unbreakable and so well understood that fully half of all HP marriages are made just on the suggestion that the h might be looking under leaves in cabbage patches in about 40 weeks even if there is no proof that the H's motilators have scored Of course most H's take it as a given that they have hit the bull's eye first time out their massive egos couldn't settle for anything less So marriage isn't an option it is mandatory cause all their H manly mojo motilators are the tiny euivalent of a thousand marauding Genghis Khans and they WILL collect their spoilsMichelle Reid demonstrates that she understands the HP rule book very well and has our sweet secretary unicorn petting h swept off her feet when she meets the very attractive billionaire Greek H that is doing business with her boss But MR provides a wry little twist to the standard HP day at the office fare of h meets H h and H have bonking mega blast explosions h gets preggers and H demands marriage She very descriptively reminds us that in HPlandia only the unicorn grooming h is worthy of the big diamond ring and a lux life with the uber manly H MR has a secondary romance of the h's womanizing boss and his girlfriend go from the initial stages of love when the boss wants the girlfriend and the girlfriend vows it will all end in marriage to the bitter depths of the worst kind of adult relationship hell when the girlfriend deliberately gets herself up the duff and the womanizing boss has a MAJOR meltdown The h is an innocent bystander as it all ends in mutual hatred and pregnancy termination horror and neither the girlfriend nor the boss come out of in one piece or very happy This very vivid example of HP treatment of non h's is played out in the h's own actions tooThis h doesn't realize she is an h so she believes that the H and she are just a fling and that her unexpected preggerness will result in the same sort of soul destroying choices she just witnessed between her boss and his former girlfriend So she refuses the H's offer of being his live in mistress when he will be out of the country for several months and she doesn't mention that his seeds of love will soon bear fruitIt is left up to the h's harridan of a flatmate to let the H know the very ill h is preggers and her own slime snot of a boyfriend wants to marry her but she doesn't feel good about dumping her friend on her own recognizance The H has reasons of his own that make the h baking his bun a highly desirable opportunity So we are soon swept up in a uickie wedding and a lovely cruise around the Greek Islands on the H's yachtThen the inevitable Thunderbolt of Doom occurs as the h is introduced to the H's father and his second wife and half brother The H uses the h's pregnancy to wrest control of the family firm away from his slime gulping half brother and greedy stepmother the H's father made it a contest between the two men and who ever got a wife and son first wins The H is irked about that cause his gold digging father got that business from his mother and then proceeded to cheat on her with his mistress who is now wife It was a highly dramatic meet the parents moment and the h feels used and betrayed and even furious that the H deliberately found out the sex of the baby when she had dictated that it was supposed to be a surpriseIn the best traditions of wronged HP h's everywhere the h plots her escape from the utterly callous and using H who exploits his own child to secure a business She fails mainly cause the Greek island they are on is small and it takes a few days to get a flight out and the H sails the yacht into the open ocean so the h can't leave himWe get a really decent H is' sorry to be a jerk and loves her madly' speech which leaves the h throwing herself into his arms and declaring her own love back We never do learn the sex of the baby but we are all very assured that the two of them are sailing off to a supremely happy HEA filled with love and devotion for a very satisfying HPlandia outing This is a very well done story It is almost ludicrously simple in plot yet MR manages to infuse each scene with tension and some interesting hints of angst None of the male characters are very likable in regards to their treatment of the ladies But if you ever wanted a brilliant example of how HPlandia treats it's heroines as opposed to other women you can't do better than to hunt down a copy of this