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Free download The Vanishing Throne ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ My name is Lady Aileana Kameron First the fae murdered my mother Then they destroyed my world Now I’m fighting for than revengeAileana took a stand against the Wild Hunt and she lost everything her home her family and her friends Held captive by her enemy aTions left Trying to become part of a society scarred by – and hiding from – the Wild Hunt; trusting that a fragile alliance with the fae will save her; or walking the most dangerous path at all coming in to her own powers as the last of the Falconer. ✓ what the fuck ✓ oh no no no✓ didn't sign up for that ✓ didn't need it in my life ✓ but i'd re read it✓ and most likely complain again ✓ legit gonna be a repetitive cycle read cry complain ✓ but my heart felt like it was shredded into tiny little smol pieces by a Tasmanian Devil ✓ someone call the hospital because i reuire medical assistance✓ i swear feels should be an official disease ✓ hi my name is tweebs and I've been diagnosed with feels since i was a child ✓ symptoms are screaming flailing ugly crying uestioning everything forgot how to breathe ✓ those are the basic symptoms✓ if you suffer from this then you ain't alone buddy✓ gonna go cry now so peace out ✓ also Kiaran is mine ✓ i fight dirty so come at me Review to come

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My name is Lady Aileana Kameron First the fae murdered my mother Then they destroyed my world Now I’m fighting for than revengeAileana took a stand against the Wild Hunt and she lost everything her home her family and her friends Held captive by her en. And that's how a magnificent seuel is done “Death is her burden Wherever she goes it follows I'm the girl whose gift is chaos” Edinburgh is goneThe fae left nothing but blood and ashes because Aileana did not stop them Because she failed Now she is trapped and tortured by Lonnrach losing pieces of herself as days weeks months pass by When she finally escapes with the help of Kiaran's sister she realizes that the war is far from over Lonnrach is searching for the most powerful kind of magic to overthrow the righful Seelie and Unseelie rulers and Aileana must stop him before it is too late Caught between ancient rivalries and fae politics fighting for what's left of humankind torn between her love for Kiaran and the truth about his past looking for a way to unlock the vastness of her powers Aileana Kameron the last Falconer the warrior the liar can either save the world or end it “Perhaps he's my curse Perhaps I'm his weakness Together we left the world in ruins” My words are inadeuate to describe this achingly beautiful and brutal book The Vanishing Throne was one of the most wonderful gut wrenching and riveting reading experiences of my life I cried and cried because my body was not a vessel strong enough to contain the magnitude of the feelings that boiled inside me The love the pain the guilt they were tangible They were portayed so vividly that they broke me piece by piece Elizabeth May tha gaol agam ort le m'uile chridheI love you with my whole heart because yes I found the translation and yes I sobbed ten minutes straight “Somewhere between our hunts and our kills and our kisses he left his mark on my bones” The Vanishing Throne's ambience was gloomy grim Mystical We faced the aftermath of a war the struggles to survive in a place far from friendly and safe We tasted cinder and blood fear and despair The fae lore was enticing and each revelation shocking than the previous Mechanical monsters vampire like fae a mysterious crone and two siblings whose fate was predetermined but refused to accept that A creator and a destroyer Light and darkness compassion and bloodlust an eternal dance of life and death that keeps the world in balance a dance you could not escape not even to take a breath “Aithinne wasn’t hardened by war; she was humanized by it” Aithinne was a remarkable character that could make you laugh and hurt all in the same page Except her sense of humour she Aileana had many things in common They were broken but they survived Aileana wanted to escape from the mostrous savage part of her that relished slaughter and violence She was consumed by remorse and guilt dealt with PTSD and fought for her memories and her soul She grew up And she kept kicking ass “You want to know what you mean to me Kam Every day I wonder when your human life will end and it scares the hell out of me You make me wish I didn’t have for ever” I fell in love with Kiaran in the previous book but in this one I understood him I found out the reasons that made him sullen and brooding the reasons he ran from his past and decided to kill his own kind and my soul ached for him There is so much depth in him shame and anger and regrets but he loves Aileana so fiercely and passionately that he made my heart sing They became one of my all time favorite couples because despite their differences they're connected They're in sync I kept re reading their scenes I relished their moments of vulnerability their touches their whispers their kisses They reminded me of Buffy and Angel and that scares the hell out of me I refuse to believe they're cursed or doomed They're meant to be “Ha There now You're mine Kiaran MacKay” The way he looks at me steals my breath He's gazing up at me like I'm powerful Like I'm magnificent I don't think I've ever felt beautifulThen he breaks my hold and he's whispering against my lips “I am” he tells me “I'm yours” You can imagine my anguish and my sorrow when after this terrible devastating ending I realized I'll have to wait for months until the final book is hereTo every single human out there READ THIS BOOK

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The Vanishing ThroneEmy and tormenting herself over her failure escape seems like only the faintest possibility But when she gets her chance she seizes it to rejoin a world devastated by warThe future is bleak Hunted by the fae running for her life Aileana has only a few op. I am genuinely exhausted right nowthese books are so exhausting I just fought a dozen battles and wielded a sword and nearly died and got yelled at by a pixie who makes nice coats aND FELT THINGS FOR KIARAN and afjskdlafdthis book is an adventure in chaos So obviously I loved it ➸ dude I like faeries I like them a lotAlthough these continue to be a different sort of faeries to the ones I usually read with Cassandra Clare Holly Black and Margaret Rogerson I like it but I also have uestions SO MANY UESTIONS The rules of their power aren't clearly defined so half the time I'm just like ¯ツ¯ But I'm here for the Falconers finding epic power There is war and bloodshed and history and SCOTLAND IN RUINS ➸ Alienna continues to be vulnerable and badass which I LOVEI also appreciated that we had way less of the constrictive 1800s proper society in this one aka No Alienna You can't walk down the hallway without a male escort You delicate flower because well Scotland was BURNED Actually the world was ruined Many were sad It was intense ➸ Also I loved the friendship between Aileana and AithinneTrauma bonding for my girls cries But also Aithinne was kind of mad and emotional and I LOVED HER Also her banterhatelove relationship with her bro Kiaran was also my favourite Bring me dysfunctional siblings I will be here for this ➸ So there's a lot of lore and history to get throughLots of plot twists and uncovering of histories There was a HUGE twist with the Seelie and Unseelie courts that had my heart beating faster I just I do admit I struggled to keep up with a lot of it And also the action scenes just whoost I'm never good at focusing on them but the ending was SO INTENSE ADN EXCELLENT that it made up for a beginning that confused the heck out of me lmaoOverall I am a fan of this series The faerie aspects have caught my heart and the death boy Kiaran vs the chaos girl falconer Aileana are just the best I wanted to write an analytical and careful review about the power struggles the ptsd and trauma rep the careful world building and the intense magic systemsBUT LOOK WHAT YOU GET MY FEELINGS IN A BUCKET you're welcomeAnd you've already seen Kiaran who is Leaving Kiaran interrupts briskly My threshold for human tolerance is now exceeded Send the pixie for me in the event I get to stab somethingThe truth is we're both running from whatever fate has been decided for us He is the faery whose gift is death and I am the girl whose gift is chaosMost people would be dismayed by an attempted assassination but Kiaran seems to regard it as either flirtation or flattery possibly both