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DOC Ë READER Finding Jayda FREE ½ REFLECTIONSLISBURNLTD × Jayda Parrish was a St Louis girl through and through raised on gooey butter cake and Ted Drewes frozen custard She came from humble working class beginnings and was employed in a fuse factory in a lower class part of town despite her natural talents thatEr own death Her escape works but with unforeseen results A series of life threatening situations and near death challenges befall her as she flees her old life The police now hot on her trail Along the way Jayda encounters an array of colorful and unforgettable characters that transform her view of life and her expectations of happiness During her journey Jayda finds a wonderful man and learns about true lov I thought this book was amazing It was such an emotional rollercoaster ride All I wanted the whole time was a happy ending for Jayda It was a long book but it never got boring There was always a new twist waiting right around the corner I would definitely recommend this book to everyone

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Jayda Parrish was a St Louis girl through and through raised on gooey butter cake and Ted Drewes frozen custard She came from humble working class beginnings and was employed in a fuse factory in a lower class part of town despite her natural talents that could have afforded her a much better future Fed up with her life she plans a calculated escape from her abusive alcoholic boyfriend which includes faking h Finding Jayda by Samantha Johns Jayda Parrish a middle class young woman from St Louis decides to finally leave her alcoholicabusive boyfriend to start a new life She is desperate to flee and even fakes her own death Her life is about to change The police are slowly tracking her down but she does meet some nice people along the way As she tries to figure out what to do with her life where to settle down she finds herself falling in love Will her life ever be normal Will she be able to put her past behind herA fast past romanticsuspense Filled with secrets twist and turns I loved Jayda and I found myself anticipating the events in her life and wanting her to achieve true happiness Most of the characters were likable some were not so desirable But overall I was left fulfilled by the time I finished Finding Jayda

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Finding JaydaE while facing the fight of her life to hang on to it all Jayda’s character develops as one twist and turn confronts her after another in a fast paced all encompassing love story of deepest proportions She finds strengths she didn’t know she possessed and learns to love profoundly than she ever could have imagined possible A romantic suspense story that includes mystery ancient myths and long held secrets Review for BareNakedWords I really don’t have any idea how to start this and out of all the books I’ve read and reviewed ‘Finding Jayda’ is definitely the only one I have found hard to write I have wracked my brain trying to think what to write without giving away any spoilers But its blood hard This book has so much that happens within is pages that it’s hard not to reveal anything even by mistakeWhat I will say is that Samantha has really delivered a magnificent story full of suspense survival love and friendshipIf you think that it’s a clichéd story of a woman running away from an abusive boyfriend to live happily ever well you’d be completely wrong ‘Finding Jayda’ is so much complexed and compelling than that; with so many twists and unexpected turns you are taken on a rollercoaster ride of journey with Jayda and all the characters within the bookI was absolutely hooked as soon as I started reading this It occupied all my time my thoughts and had me staying up all night I just had to keep going There was no safe place to stop and take a breather; it was that all encompassingJayda Parrish is tired of living in fear with her abusivealcoholic boyfriend and so decides to plan her escape Faking her own death and making it look like her boyfriend murdered her she runs Using a new name and making up a back story she boards a bus in an attempt to start a new life But it isn’t as simple as that The police are hot on her trail with the leading officer refusing to close the case and determined to find herShe also didn’t expect to fall in love But she does“I don’t understand it but i feel almost like i belong with you and like i always have That seems a little crazy but it’s true” JaydaThe only uestion is can she really move on and live a much happier life Will the police catch up with her and if they do what will happenI absolutely loved Jayda and thought she was such a strong and determined character I was begging for things to work out for her and that she’d get the happy life she deserved My heart ached for her but admired her bravery through everything she encounteredAlthough Jayda is the main character in this book and it is her story all the other characters play just as big a part I found myself liking a lot of them and their loyalty to helping Jayda in her new life But there were also characters that I hated and wanted them to get their comeuppanceThis is a standalone book so there is no cliff hanger or waiting around for a second book; and although it does have a happy ending you can’t help but want to carry on with Jayda’s story as well as the other characters in the bookIt’s a long book but by hell it leaves you reeling sated and pleasedYou have to read this story Honestly you will definitely not be disappointed with it