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READ & DOWNLOAD Fay By Larry Brown î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Í She's had no education hardly any shelter and you can't call what her father's been trying to give her since she grew up love So at the ripe age of seventeen Fay Jones leaves homeShe lights out alone wearing her only dress and rotting sneakers carrying a She's had no education hardly any shelter and you can't call what her father's been trying to give her since she grew up love So at the ripe age of seventeen Fay Jones leaves homeShe lights out alone wearing her only dress and rotting sneakers carrying a purse with a half pack of cigarettes and two dollar bills Even in 1985 Mississippi two dollars won't go far on the road She's headed for the bright lights and big times and even she knows she needs help getting there But help's n. Lot's of reviews going around comparing Larry Brown with William Faulkner If you've never read any of William Faulkner's books then know that Larry Brown's writing is just like Faulkner's If you have read some of Faulkner's books then let me just go ahead and say I lied in my first comment but there are similarities in these two fellowsBoth gentlemen were born in the same area of Mississippi both died in Mississippi Faulkner 1897 to 1962 Brown 1951 to 2004Neither of these men obtained a college degree Both men pursued descriptive writingBoth wrote about the southern people of the United States Mostly the poor southern people flawed downtrodden everyman protagonists And they both knew these people incredibly well They lived with them Fay is a very good looking 17 year old runaway She had good reason to run away but no plan other than to head south Fay has two dollars She learns that she likes the taste of beer and enjoys making love She learns how to fry chicken and how to shoot a gun BANG

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Ot hard to come by when you look like FayThere's a highway patrolman who gives her a lift with a detour to his own place There are truck drivers who pull over to pick her up no uestions asked There's a crop duster pilot with money for a night or two on the town And finally there's a strip joint bouncer who deals on the sideAt the end of this suspenseful compulsively readable novel there are five dead bodies stacked up in Fay's wake Fay herself is sighted for the last time in New. I knew I was going to love Fay right from the beginning when she's running away from her family and breaks into a church to escape from a menacing dog She goes into the kitchen area finds food in the refrigerator has a nice meal then puts everything back where she found it washed her dishes wiped off the table and put a dollar in the collection plate She's only 17 raised in the sticks uneducated and naive and very very good looking But it would be a mistake to underestimate Fay; she can take care of herself oh yes she can It would also be a mistake to fall in love with Fay as a couple of very tough men find out to their sorrowLarry Brown is the kind of writer that lets you taste every good ice cold beer lets you savor every puff of a cigarette whether you smoke or not gets you into the heart and soul of poor wretched characters just trying to get through the day or night It is an incredible novel for all these reasons but Fay is an unforgettable character I am still reeling from the ending I never saw it coming and it happened so uickly I had to read it 3 times to believe it Right on Fay right on

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Fay By Larry BroOrleans She'll make it whatever making it means because Fay's got what it takes beauty a certain kind of innocent appeal and the instinct for survivalSet mostly in the seedy beach bars strip joints and massage parlors of Biloxi Mississippi back before the casinos took over Fay is a novel that only Larry Brown the reigning king of Grit Lit could have written As the New York Times Book Review once put it he's a writer absolutely confident of his own voice He knows how to tell a sto. I am a major fan of Cormac McCarthy the master of Southern Gothic and after discovering Kentucky's Chris Offutt I decided that I finally needed to read Larry Brown grit lit author extraordinaire from wait for it Oxford Mississippi home of William Faulkner In Fay a 17 year old girl flees from her family where she suffered neglect abuse and poverty and decides to cross the state of Mississippi in order to get to the coastal town of Biloxi and make a new life for herself At the start of her journey Fay has two dollars and a pack of cigarettes to her name so she has to rely on the kindness of strangers and not all of them have pure intentions when they encounter a naive young girl who knows almost nothing about the world at the side of the road But while Fay certainly lacks experience and an education she is clever and resourceful so there are uite some men who will soon find out that they are mistaken when they think they can take advantage of or dominate her At the end three men and one woman are deadBrown shines when he describes the rough reality of those who are generally referred to as white trash Young poor women who were exploited and then abandoned; alcoholic mothers trapped in abusive relationships; bouncers and barkeepers in sleazy stripclubs; and again and again alcoholics as well as men and women who have stopped expecting anything from their lives Although this book clearly isn't a comment on current politics it was first published in 2010 I couldn't help but wonder whether many of these characters living by a dog eat dog mentality with no social security no health care no child services in sight and no mandatory schooling would be part of Trump's infamous base The fascinating center of the text is clearly Fay who tries to navigate a world that is unknown to her and as the events that start to unfold during her journey slowly pick up speed the text gets seriously addictive this tome is a fast read It also shows that Brown worked as a firefighter one of the characters is a highway cop who is again and again called to gruesome accidents where people have died and that he himself drank a lot and spent uite some time listening to guys hanging out in creepy bars the characters in this novel feel unsettlingly real Kudos to Heyne for being the first publisher to put out a German translation of the book 17 years after its initial publication I'm looking forward to reading Larry Brown